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MIT student blogger Celena C. '12

Just a little hack… by Celena C. '12

You never know what you'll see on your way to class

Just a quick little footage of a hack I found this morning in Lobby 7. Sorry for the bad quality, I just took out my Blackberry and shot it!

11 responses to “Just a little hack…”

  1. Robert says:

    Hahaha, that would definitely cheer me up in the morning.

  2. Faisal '14 says:

    If only I had something like this in my university . . . These are the things that make MIT even more appealing to me.

  3. Snively says:

    That sucker got ripped down so fast, by 11:00 it was toast.

  4. “The word hack at MIT usually refers to a clever, benign, and “ethical” prank or practical joke, which is both challenging for the perpetrators and amusing to the MIT community (and sometimes even the rest of the world!). Note that this has nothing to do with computer (or phone) hacking (which we call “cracking”).”
    Nice! At first, I didn’t understand what you MITians call ‘hack’. Then I found the IHTFP (Interesting Hacks To Fascinate People)website!!! Very Amusing!!!! Meet you at MIT soon!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Word on the street says West Campus was responsible for this one…

  6. Ruslan'15 says:

    Hope to meet you… And have some fun))

  7. @Ruslan’15 Meet you there soon too!!!!

  8. Anthony says:

    Why does that person “HTFP”? lol I’m applying as a transfer, but I hope I never feel like “IHTFP” if I get into MIT :—–
    AUTHOR: anonymous ’14
    DATE: 09/16/2010 04:15:09 AM
    @yetanotherhopeful’15 and Anthony–actually, ihtfp has many meanings! it means i hate this fucking place as well as i have truly found paradise. so don’t be discouraged.

  9. BenP says:

    That’s a neat little hack. What does this have to do with ethical admissions though?

  10. @anonymous’14 Thanks for the info

  11. Snively says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me.