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MIT student blogger Celena C. '12

Like Never Before by Celena C. '12

Kevin Rustagi '11 talks about the MIT LMC and then some.

Hey you guys! I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Rustagi ’11 and interviewing him at the Guitar Center about his club: the MIT LMC (Live Music Connection). To be brief, the MIT LMC is basically a club that brings together various MIT bands through concerts, shows, and various other events. They have a (FREE!) CD out that’s available on their website, as well as iTunes. Kevin gave me a copy of the CD, titled Like Never Before, and I’m really loving tracks 4 (Levi Schmidt – I Don’t Mind (Live)) . In addition to talking about MIT LMC, Kevin also gives his advice on admissions as well as serenades you guys with a little jingle he made up. Check it out!


You can also check out their music here with this nifty player:
<a href="">The Way by The MIT Live Music Connection</a>

3 responses to “Like Never Before”

  1. Essam says:

    That was great! Thanks Celena :D!

  2. CALEB CANICE says:

    please i will like to know more about the admission process as i am an international student from NIGERIA

  3. Ruslan'15 says:

    My version of lyrics to the song that Kevin Rustagi played in video..

    Prospective student’s song
    I applied to MIT and I hope it will accept me
    Cause in High school I did my best even through forgot about the rest

    Hey dear MIT I know you do, will accept me
    And it’s a gift to study there,
    I will never drop it in the air!!

    Thank you dear MIT, Now I’m part of this community,
    And I will study not only the technology but
    Also will enjoy the LMC….. YEah!