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MIT student blogger Chris S. '11

MIT by Chris S. '11

YO Early Admits 2014!

Alright so my laptop is alive again! :P Sorry for the lateness! ><”

Here are the Valentine’s Day pictures that I got!

The first entry comes from Jess W., from frigid North Dakota! (wow ND – look at all that snow in the back!)

The second entry is from Emily C., from San Jose! (where it’s probably sunny now? – and yes, gummy chocos are pretty awesome, and your isef shirt is too :P)

What’s better, a Gummy Choco tube or a MIT tube? (The choice is obvious)

And we have Lindsay S., from Scottsdale, AZ. Have you run out of frames to frame your MIT certificates yet? ;)

Then we have a Californian trio of Esmeralda R., Michelle C., and Helen W., representing San Diego, San Diego, and Goleta, CA. Michelle and Helen, are you guys holding beaver plushies? :P

Thank you all! :D Welcome to MIT and see you all at CPW! ^_____^V

(where are all the 2014 guys? :p)


Want to be famous?

Want to be famous like Shannon was before she even became a blogger?

SEND ME your name, location, along with your best pose with the tube, the early admit card, the early admit poster, your brita water pitcher, your neighbor’s cat…WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH THE MIT STUFF and I’ll post them on the blogs! :)

My email’s up on the banner :D

For inspirational examples, see:
the 2013 kids!
the class of 2012!

You have till 23:59:59, Valentine’s Day, Samoa Time Zone.



Non Sequitur, November 3, 2009

59 responses to “MIT”

  1. Who? O, it’s only MIT….breah thetop 100 schools yet?
    MIT has thelowest standards of all the top ten schools, if it even belongs there….

    por soniris lapere?

  2. @caltech-whatever

    I think that you don’t understand the topmost standards or are looking at some lowest standards ! Please do refer to the best standards and you will find MIT there.

    Before saying anything:
    Do check:

    The Standard of MIT Inventions and Breakthroughs
    MIT Blogs
    MIT Tech News
    MIT Professors
    MIT Students

    and then your standard to compare ~!
    What do you think, putting spams in the admissions blog is a your standard?

    Look at the greatness of MIT people, they even don’t bother to delete your entry !

  3. Ammar '14 says:

    @previous Anonymous
    You don’t get a tube if you’re abroad? it’s reasonableunderstandable, but still a bit disappointing I guess.

    Nice playground, they should try projectile motion next.

  4. genius ('18) says:

    MIT Preschool? LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just the Fact the 2 kids in the middle will stay stationary.

  6. Armin says:

    The playground , lol

    And thank you Anonymouse one x 2 wink you’re concept is true and lol of course

  7. Armin says:

    @ caltechmathking

    after some reorganization, you are


  8. I will certainly when I get mine!

    @caltechmathking : We never learn, do we? I won’t even tell you to stop this time. You disappoint me.

  9. Justin says:

    @caltechmathking: If you think that degrading something makes yours better, your philosophy is seriously flawed.

    MIT preschool would have been awesome. =)

  10. Jay '14 says:

    Actually, the two kids in the middle won’t be stationary. Everyone knows how little kids can’t sit still very long!

  11. Jay '14 says:

    btw, did you see the Doonesbury comic where the MIT guy is hitting on the girl? Its pretty good too.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s a pity that I didn’t get a tube because I live abroad :( Those of you living in the U.S., I truly envy you, haha!

    @Caltechmathking: I don’t think you are a Techer- You should stop embarrassing Caltech. No offense, but if you are truly a Caltech student, what are you doing goofing off here in MIT blogs?

  13. Rishabh says:

    loved the preschool concept

  14. Aditi says:

    Awwww I love the playground cartoon.
    Wherever did you find that?

  15. cott says:


    I also want to get accepted into MIT too!!! :(((
    But I don’t think I will ever be….now i m juz waiting for the rejection letter to drop into my mailbox on March someday,,…..

  16. This just serves to show how closely knit M.I.T students are. This is how they are able to keep themselves together through the tough years of university. I love this spirit, and can even feel it fill me up right here in Lebanon, half-way around the globe (8739.6 km away, to be precise).

    Note to the caltech guy that keeps posting everywhere: it gets old after a while, the “Woohoo, I love Caltech and I hate MIT”, just move on, we get it.

  17. T Roll says:

    I wish they had this cool tube in my year.

  18. Nasser says:

    Cool cartoon.
    Caltechmathking just wants some attention. Just ignore him.

  19. anon says:

    dangiiiit, this just depresses me knowing I’m not going to get in. :/

  20. Morteza says:

    Second this time!!
    Thank for nice images.

  21. Morteza says:

    Does anyone know why MIT choose Theobromine? Why chocolate?

  22. Caio ('14?) says:

    ANOTHER Caltech math guy?

    BTW, Amazing pictures! :D

  23. genius ('18) says:

    I second Nasser. MIT>Caltech. WE have better things to discuss on this blog, and angry reprisals only hog space.

    It’s odd that it appears that I’ve aldready commented on this, but I don’t remember seeing the photos with the tube…although I do remember seeing the preschool one. I can’t wait till I get MY tube!

    Speaking of the tube, I have to admit the last one is the most creative and the second to last is the most amusing. What do you think????

  24. genius ('18) says:

    Oops! There was some problem with the recaptcha…

  25. Hi! Whoot MIT students ^_^. Very cool lol. Really though, where are all the guys :S ?

    Choco gummy tube ftw!! Just kidding. But i really could go for some chocolate right about now *sigh*. One more thing, are these all the pictures you got or were there more?

    recaptcha: “tattoos are”

  26. Han'14 says:

    @Morteza: Valentine day’s chocolate, I guess.

  27. jamesmgg says:

    Awesome pics. smile

    If you get admitted Regular Decision do you also get the tube thingy? I’m just kinda curious. raspberry

  28. Jess W says:

    Tee hee, I’m on the interweb! And yes, I do know that it is indeed the internet I’m just making a joke. I feel like such a celebrity smile

  29. oasis '11 says:

    ^ jess, will you know whether you are the only ND admit after the regular decisions come out?

    i just found it really interesting cuz i think MIT usually have students from every state in each class EXCEPT the dakotas (i think it was SD rather than ND in recent years though).

    it would be really cool if every state was represented in MIT 2014 :D

    (oh yeah commenting for this blog is screwed up (it happens sometimes) that’s why everyone is double posting, haha)

  30. Morteza says:

    @Han: I mean another thing. The molecule you see on those brown cards is Theobromine which is mainly found in chocolates. My question is that why MIT draw this molecule on those cards?

  31. navin says:

    are those tubes given to regular admits too? :/

  32. Emily C. says:

    Hey, I see me!
    Haha it’s funny that you mention the sun — ironically the rain is POURING outside right now and there are supposed to be thunderstorms later on in the evening!

  33. Han'14 says:

    @Morteza:That was Valentine day’s card…and Theobromine represents Valentine day’s chocolate…the molecule structure…100% MIT…

  34. navin says:

    are those tubes sent to international admits too???
    if not MIT doesnt love ’em ;P

  35. navin says:

    are those tubes sent to international admits too???
    if not MIT doesnt love ’em ;P

  36. I applied Early Action and got deferred. Do you need all the financial aid info to be eligible for admission on March 14?

  37. I applied Early Action and got deferred. Do you need all the financial aid info to be eligible for admission on March 14?

  38. anonymous says:

    Sorry, but the TUBES are only for Early Admits. Since international students can’t apply early, they like all the other regular admits wouldn’t receive a tube.

  39. navin says:

    thanks for answering
    but i really liked those tubes
    would love to have one but cant have :(

  40. Niloo says:

    Does any one know about the admission notification date? How long do I have to be waiting?!

  41. Morteza says:

    @Navin: Even if you are EA, you won’t get the tube because you reside out of the US.

    @Niloo: the exact date is still uncertain. It’s probably between mid to late March.

  42. navin says:

    @Morteza: i suppose so
    and internationals cant apply for EA

  43. Morteza says:

    @Navin: Can I ask about your nationality? Your name is similar to a Persian name.

  44. navin says:

    Indians and Persians have long history i suppose

  45. navin says:

    are you from Iran
    and are you an international applicant too???

  46. Divyansh says:

    This goes out to the Indian community in MIT(and all others who know what it is)
    Happy Holi!!!

  47. navin says:

    same to you bro

  48. Morteza says:

    @Navin: Yes.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chris,

    Are the dates set for Campus Preview Weekend 2010? If I am accepted RD I definitely want to attend Preview Weekend especially after looking at what events were planned in previous years. Is there any chance the MIT Blackjack Team will be speaking again this year?


  50. Chris, I’m in the RD pool as well and I’d recommend googling CPW 2010 the dates are already set for it.

    Does anyone know who the unnamed person responding to my emails to [email protected] is? It makes me laugh every time I receive a response and it is only signed as “MIT Admissions.” Almost as if admissions is trying to be mysterious with us… hehe.

  51. Jess W says:

    @oasis: I already know one other person that was admitted from ND and I’m pretty sure he’s planning on going so I know I’m not the only one smile Just a fun fact, two years ago there were two people from my school that got in and went so while we North Dakotans are underrepresented we most certainly are represented at least a little.

  52. oasis '11 says:

    Yeah CPW is April 8-11, 2010.

    Check out the site here!

    There’s just a handful of events up yet because the submission of events deadline hasn’t passed yet for the student groups. In the next week or so you should see the CPW site explode with activities smile

    (as a side note, I highly recommend coming to CPW. it is very different being ON CAMPUS to a school that you got into and making your enrollment decision after that than just making the decision on paper without visiting the school. yes, CPW is a big party and we don’t party like that all the time, but I think it still definitely is still very, very “MIT”. if you have financial difficulties, make sure to contact admissions. admissions has flown in many students for CPW before.)

  53. Aseem '14? says:

    wait? flew in students for CPW? so theres a chance i can get flown in from Karachi, Pakistan?lol

  54. joey says:

    I want to be at MIT too just like the other guys do
    what do i have to do to be admitted? :((

  55. Ruslan says:

    Yeah,,, The first time i heared about MIT from “Good Will Hunting”… And wanted to be admitted to…
    I’m international student from Kazakhstan and my chances are less than 5% but never mind, that’s not the reason to be pissimitic(error)

  56. Anon says:

    Emily C, not to sound like a creeper, but you are very pretty. smile

  57. Anon says:

    Jess W, also.
    Actually everyone is.
    … >.>