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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

MIT Regular Action Deadline by Matt McGann '00

With the deadline approaching and the Office of Admissions closed for the holidays, I'll try to field some questions here.

With the deadline approaching and the Office of Admissions closed for the holidays, I’ll try to field some questions here.

Please remember that January 1 is the submission deadline for students applying for regular action admission to MIT. This means that you should you should click the final “submit” button of your online application on or before January 1. If you are applying on paper, have the Post Office postmark and mail your materials on or before January 1.

However, I strongly discourage procrastination. The closer you send in your application to the deadline, the longer it will take our records office to process and for it to appear on your Application Tracking. Our records office is fully staffed over the holidays and is busily processing all of the application pieces that have been submitted.

Also, please note that you do not need to express mail or overnight your application.

I especially encourage students who live outside the United States to submit their applications as soon as possible.

I encourage you not to wait until the very last moment to submit your application. If your application is ready to go, click that button, or stamp that mail!

I hope these blogs have been very helpful to you as the regular action deadline approaches. Check out the archive if you haven’t already, where many questions have already been answered.

For questions we haven’t yet answered, please leave your query in the comments of this entry. From time-to-time over the coming days I’ll check back and answer the questions that I can (please limit your questions to application questions at this time). I am on vacation celebrating the new year, so please be patient with me (thanks!).

Happy holidays!

100 responses to “MIT Regular Action Deadline”

  1. Matt:

    As an international student I have to translate the evaluations of my teachers, It is quite expensive, so is it ok if I translate it? I work with dubbing, so I’m really used to it.

  2. Matt '00 says:

    Here’s a first set of answers…

    @Anonymous at 11:47pm: We are happy to accept fee waiver requests in different forms. Form 2, the ETS/College Board form, is one we are very familiar with; we can also accept a letter detailing your circumstances or a number of other methods of fee waiver request.

    @Ronak: Please be patient as you wait for Application Tracking.

    @Fateh: Yes, the evaluations and transcripts must be sent through the mail. Make sure everything has your name and an identifying piece of information such as your date of birth.

    @’13 Hopefull: If you are hoping to mail all of the evaluations and transcripts together in one package to save on postage, then mailing on January 5 should be fine, and paying extra for rush delivery should not be necessary. Be sure to submit your online Part1 and Part 2 by January 1.

    @Garima: I would include a link somewhere in your Part2; the “anything else” text box seems like a good place.

    @wlue: I don’t know how the Music Department would answer, but I’d guess there might be a little flexibility with the January 1 deadline, and that the “contrasting styles” requirement might not be completely strict. But I don’t know for sure.

    @Kunaal: You can email admissions at mit dot edu with that change after January 4th.

    @Chris: If you call admissions after January 4th, we might be able to tell you about those extra materials.

    @akhila: Please be patient with the Application Tracking. I will let you know when it is up-to-date. Regular Action results should be available in mid-March.

    @Al: Please stay in touch with the Educational Council office. They will be in touch with you as soon as possible; please be patient.

    @Sharath: I don’t yet know how many students have applied this year; I will update you when I can.

    @Captcha: First of all, there’s no need to swear, even if you’re stressed ans censoring yourself. To answer your question, you will be fine; we will receive your scores in plenty of time to be useful. There’s no need to fax your scores at this time.

    @Suman: Please be patient with the Application Tracking.

    @Marina: We prefer recommendations to be translated by outsiders; sometimes an English teacher can be good. If you must translate it yourself, please let us know that you have done so. Thanks!

  3. Arthur says:

    is it a must to conduct the interview if there is a interviewer in your city? As i have miss the deadline to conduct the interview. WIll this affect my chance of admited deeply?

  4. CAPTCHA says:

    @ Matt @ Me
    Yeah, sorry about that. I was just kinda mad at myself for being so careless…..

    Many thanks!

    Oh, and one more thing. Does the MyMIT site automatically close up the Part 2 after 12am on Dec 31? And which time offset do you guys use? UTC-5?

    Not planning to shave it that close, but just needed to make sure….

  5. Fouad says:

    Guys, I sent my application a long time ago by mail, but then it got lost. So a few days ago I just faxed it over and it all went well.

    I am an International Applicant though (UK), so I am not sure weather it makes a difference, but if you guys dont trust the postal service, or your application form has still not come up on MyMIT then try to fax it over, its much more secure.

    Well, hope this helps!

  6. Ehsan says:

    @ Matt

    We dont have a GPA or class rank system here in Canada. What do I do? What do you define as an impressive project? Maybe examples of former MIT applicants.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Daniel says:


    I want to sumbit photos with my application. I want to minor in photography. Should I send those on a CD or send printed copies of the photos to admissions? Also, I did not take the science subject test, only math, literature and world history. How should I indicate this on the application?

    Daniel smile

  8. I am locked out of my MIT account. The application has to be submitted by January 1, 2009. I still have to complete mine. I tried calling the number (617) 253-3400 but got a message saying that the office is closed for the holidays.
    Do you know how I can get my MIT account reactivated?
    Thanks and Happy New Year.

  9. Virkam

    I had the same problem. I went to the option of changing my password and it let me do it. Give it a try.


  10. Eyas says:

    I submitted my application early on, probably somewhere in the beginning of December or late November. Yet now, when I see everyone submitting it in the last minute to ‘perfect’ it, I somehow get the feeling I could have ‘kept it’ longer, hehe.

    Still, though, when I do read my application and submitted essays, I’m fully satisfied.

    Best of luck to everyone in RA!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey Matt!

    As an MIT hopeful, I’ve been reading your the blogs on this site for a while. I really appreciate the transparency of the MIT admissions process.

    I have a question about sat scores, though (I know, I know). I know that the 25/75 percentile marks are 740/800, but this information still worries me, because I have read that half of MIT students scores a perfect 800 on the SAT math portion. I got a 750 on the math portion of the SAT, and I am worried that this will make me less competitive.

    When determining the academic quality of each applicant, would a 750 give one student a low “score” than one with an 800?

    I can hardly stay awake during the SAT, and I really don’t want to take it again, but I want to do everything in my power to maximize my chances at MIT.

  12. Mina Adel says:

    Thanks a lot for the reminder.
    My application is about done but I just keep the page open, hoping for some new idea to just pop up and I can’t seem to bring myself to press the submit button… *Wishes this whole thing goes well*
    First ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Finally FIRST

    good stuff

    Question, if we requested a fee wavier
    how many forms to we have fill out ex. both these links or just one?



  14. Narce says:

    But everyone, don’t rush to click submit if you think there’s still something you can tweak in your application! I submitted my EA app on Nov. 1st, so they won’t consider you any less than the other applications just because you waited until the last day to perfect your app!

  15. Shashank says:

    Hey Matt,
    I’ve tried submitting my app online, but after the payment section, I’m getting this error, even though I typed all the credit card info right. I’ve tried several times, still same error…

  16. Bilal says:

    I finished sending my 2 days ago….smile
    Just got to submit the music supplement which I will send by the end of today….
    Best of luck to all RA applicants.

  17. Snively says:

    A 750 is fine. It looks exactly like an 800 to the admissions office, don’t sweat it. I promise.

  18. Ronak says:

    My Guidance Counselor has sent all my paper work but its not checked off when can expect it to show up.

  19. Bilal says:

    Should have been mine..or my app…should read the what i write before posting it….

  20. Divya says:

    Hey Matt!

    I sent my transcript from high school without attaching it to the Secondary School Report (my school told me they would not let me do so). Now I am worried if the transcript would be discarded because I did not send it with the proper papers. Am I right to be freaking out?

  21. Shashank says:

    Oh, again, the error was this:
    “There was an issue submitting your payment. Your application Part 1 has not been submitted. Click Return to Payment screen to re-enter your credit card information. If you continue to have problems, please contact the Admissions office to report the issue.”

  22. Divya says:

    @ Shashank
    Is your Part 1 submitted?? (check if you have filled out everything and all that)

  23. Kimberly says:

    I was wondering, is the 500 word limit strict?.or can we go over a little?…

  24. mikey says:

    i’m an international student and i didn’t do so great in the SATs…how much would that hurt my chances of acceptance?..and how does all the other stuff wiegh in?…

  25. Fateh says:

    We have to send the teacher’s reference, the guidance counsellor’s form and the school report by mail don’t we? Now, if I’m sending the rest of the form online, then am i supposed to quote something on the mailed pakage to help the admissions faculty link up my electronic and mailed application?

  26. '13 Hopefull says:

    Thanks for this blog. I’m sure it will help out a lot of people these coming days. I had a question about sending in my evaluation forms. One of my evaluators could not hand me the evaluation B form she was doing for me before my winter break began. The break runs from Dec. 20 to Jan. 4. Since see is a teacher it will be difficult for me to see her and pick up the evaluation form before January 5th. Is it all right if I mail in that evaluation form on the 5th? I could rush deliver it if need be.
    Also, I have the remaining forms (evaluation A, transcript, and secondary school report) with me and can send them before the January 1st deadline. However, if I can send in the Evaluation B form on the 5th, would it be better to send all my forms, including the Evaluation B form on the 5th together, or separately?
    Sorry for the confusing questions. Also thanks a lot for taking the time the answer the questions of those succumbed to procrastination.

  27. Bilal says:

    I dont think so as long as your name and address is on the envelope i think it should be fine…

  28. Suril says:


    Ha bhai, e dhyanbaar jatu rahyu hatu! :p

  29. Shashank says:

    @ Divya

    I can’t submit Part 1 until after the payment section. That is where I am getting the error. But other than that, I have filled out everything and I even did the Data validation. The error only says something’s wrong with the CC info, but there is no way that can happen since I just copied it from the CC.

  30. Fateh says:

    How did you post your transcipts and teachers recommendations? You must have posted them too, did you use your name and address?
    Is there anyway to send everything online? That would be great, because it’s not only more convenient but also it’ll save me the 20-30$ i have to spend as courier charges (I’m in India)

  31. Mono says:

    I sent out my docs by registered post and I’m worried: what if it doesn’t reach???
    Everyone who applied earlier assured me it will, but I’m freaking out. Registered mail is SUPPOSED to reach, but with India Post, you can never say. When can we know whether it reaches or not?

  32. Fateh says:

    I mean, you did use only your name and address on the envelope right? MIT didn’t provide you with anything else that you had to quote instead?

  33. Garima says:

    If we want to send you a link to our blog, where do we put that?

  34. Tree says:

    Um, I have a slight problem. My essay is 850 words. If I cut down anything, it’ll massacre it

  35. '13 says:



  36. Divya says:

    @ Shashank
    If you are applying from a country other than US or Canada, then it might not be taking the credit card because it does not recognize it.

    @ Tree
    I know. I had that too so I know what you mean. You can just try writing one again raspberry, I can’t think of anything else. btw, which essay are you writing- A or B?

  37. Steph '13 says:

    If you’re using the standard MIT Evaluation forms you don’t need to worry. All the info you had to fill out will link it to your online application. If you’re not, make sure your name and date of birth are on it.

    @’13 Hopeful
    It’s fine if you post them on the fifth. For early action it took just under three weeks to finish processing all the mail, and regular usually has twice as many applicants. Speaking from personal experience, MIT is very understanding about this sort of thing. Somehow my Evaluation B got lost in the mail and I resent it about three weeks after the deadline. Don’t sweat it.

  38. Dennis Kao says:

    Good post : ] !
    It’s helpful! Thanks, Matt!

    I’m a 11th grade exchange student in the U.S. this school year. I’m from Taiwan :] And my app year is 2010.

    I have few questions below:

    1) If I take ACT test in early 2009, can I just send the grade from the test center in America while I am applying?
    (PS. There isn’t any ACT test hold in Taiwan.
    And I would like to take ACT but not TOEFL.)

    2) Can I ask my teacher during this exchange student year? How does this process work?

    3) Classes in Taiwan are generally AP level in the U.S. But they don’t show that on my transcript, what should I do?

    4) Do I have to provide my grade report this year to MIT? I’m curious because my homeschool won’t admit this school year. It means I need to repeat my 11th grade in Taiwan.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog by the way :]
    It makes me know tons of things of MIT.
    And I believe that my MIT dream will come true!

  39. Dennis Kao says:

    The second question is asking for writing evaluations for me.
    Sorry raspberry

  40. Suril says:

    Yes, I won’t let the better year to come before MIT gets my app! :p

    Right here, while you comment or ‘Post a Response’.
    Put that in the URL box.

  41. wlue says:

    Hi Matt. Long time reader, first time poster. smile Seeing that I can’t directly email the office about this, I’ll post here.

    I’m an RA Canadian applicant for ’13, and I was wondering if the January 1st deadline for the music portfolio is a strict deadline? As I understand, admissions information is still being sorted, so would it make a significant difference to email it a few days later? I’d like a bit more time to re-record a few of my tracks for length, as it is running at about 14 minutes, and seeing that some unforeseen last-minute plans were made, it would not be possible for me to do this before the deadline.

    I was also wondering if “two pieces of contrasting styles” was also a strict requirement. As a drummer, I’ve got one solo performance, and one play-along performance. Ideally, I’d like to fit in a short (1:30) big band drum feature, but if this can’t be done, then I will omit it.

    For reference, all paper materials (transcripts, letters, and supplements) were all mailed two weeks ago, and I will be submitting Part 2 very soon.


  42. Richard '13 says:

    Hey Guys!

    Just wanted to wish the best of luck you you all.
    Word of advice. Don’t stress over your app. If you’re finished with it and feel strong about it.. SUBMIT! =D
    And if you have already sent it and think of something, why dwell on it? It’s out of your hands. Just, as I remember a blog I read during EA said, focus on your school work and having fun (i.e. keep doing whatever it is you talked about in your first essay question)
    As for seeing the tracking list get “X”d out, don’t worry on that one. For me, it took FOREVER for it to post that my stuff was in. If you sent it, it’s in, don’t trip.

    Well the best of luck to all RA’s!

  43. Anonymous says:

    @ Daniel
    You have to take the science subject test.

    @ Anonymous
    You have no disadvantage whatsoever for having a 750. None at all. Really.

    @ Kimberly
    No, it isn’t. Your readers would probably appreciate if you stay below 600, though.

    @ Dennis
    Sending the score from America is fine, just make sure all the information (name, etc.) you fill out on your test is accurate.
    Your American teachers can (and probably should) write your letters of reccommendation. If you can, e-mailing them from Taiwan when it becomes time to submit your application and having them mail/fax the letters (and forms) in might be a good idea.
    The self reported coursework form should help you clarify your courses (your 3rd question).
    MIT would want to know your grades from this school year – they’re the most important ones.

  44. Garima says:

    I meant sending it with the application. How do we do that?

  45. sepideh says:

    dear Matt sorry for the nuisance I’m causing in between your holiday but i really am anxious about this case(i am an international student residing in Iran):
    I couldn’t submit my application fee, due to the financial problems between Iran and the world banks I didn’t have any credit card which would be acceptable for this case. so i called the intl office of mit and they said to me to submit it with a fee waiver and send an e-mail about the situation to the intl office’s e-mail address requesting a fee waiver. i did so and even called the office again and they said everything would be alright. however every time i control mymit account i see that everything is received and processed except my fee waiver. i hope there isn’t any problem.
    @all those people worrying about sat scores:
    i live in a country where you can’t take sat exams my family went under a lot of trouble to send me to turkey just to take those exams but we couldn’t. please be happy just that you can have all the requirements, i really could do whatever they wanted just to take those exams. i have been waived from the sat requirement, but i truly am uncomfortable. so please be thankful and don’t sweat things like that.

  46. Suman Barua says:


    Hey, I am from India too. I used Speed Post and it reached in a 7 days. By the way, did you get a track id? you can go to and enter the id there. the usps(united states postal service) handles the post ones it reaches the US. hence, you can check if it is delivered!
    By the way, please use ONLY Speed Post for all your college mailings. It costs around 500 but its completely worth it!

    @Tree and @Kimberly

    Well,I had contacted the Admissions office and here I quote the reply
    “The 500-word limit is a guideline, not a strict cut-off. Simply use
    good judgment – your readers won’t mind if your essay is 550 words, but 1,000 words will likely
    be a different story. Remember that your essay is not a writing test. It’s the place in the
    application where we look for your voice – who you are, what drives you, what’s important to
    you, what makes you tick. Be honest, be open, be real – connect with us.That’s all that matters”


    As it clearly says in MIT website pages, on an average, 15% of the student who take the interview, get in and 5% of the ones who dont get in! Hence, it is always preferred to take the interview as it gives a clearer picture of ‘you’ to MIT and also, MIT to you!

    PS:76 days to goo
    eeeeep raspberry

  47. Anonymous says:

    @ Tree
    Try having someone else read over it (someone qualified), and tell you what information they think isn’t necessary to the overall meaning of the essay. I have a friend who had the same problem, and we managed to cut out a lot of details that just didn’t need to be there. It’s often hard to see what the “excess information” is from your point of view, so that’s why another pair of eyes could be really helpful. Try to cut 250-ish words.

    @ fellow ’13
    *suspenseful voice*
    The secret… is…
    Use the qV x B.
    *wide glaring eyes*

  48. Paul says:

    @Garima: The right place is probably the “is there anything else about you you would like us to know?” question (#14). Or you could talk about it in the “what do you do for fun?” question.

  49. Kunaal says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the post! I was getting really paranoid (runs in circles in panic!) as my School Counselor sent out my package somewhere in the first week of November and it still doesn’t show up on the portal.

    Also, I made a mistake on Part 1 of my App (Erroneously entered my choice of major as Comp. Science and Electrical Engg. instead of Mechanical Engg.) Is there ANY way I could change that?

    Hope you have a great vacation (and that answering our bombardment of questions doesn’t temper it any way!) and a fantastic 2009 ahead! (:
    (and hoping *fingers crossed* that 2009 brings a nice, big, fat package from MIT for me!)

    Paranoid-ly Yours,
    Kunaal (:

  50. Oooh. Blog. says:

    @ person above me:
    Well said, well said. raspberry

  51. I am submitting my application now!

  52. Colton says:

    From a deferred Early Action applicant to the Regular Action applicants:

    Good luck on your applications! Just remember to remain calm and try not to be one of the midnight submitters. Try to avoid stress as it will make your application much better. Take some breaks and just walk around your room, chat with friends, play a musical instrument, or other stress-relieving activities you enjoy. When you return to the application, you will be refreshed and ready to continue.

    Also, don’t be afraid if the application has you probing your inner psyche. You will probably learn something about yourself while doing the application. For example, until the MIT application, I never realized that I gained a taste for improving on the saxophone because of me breaking a saxophone back in fourth grade.

    Good luck on your applications!

  53. Tree says:

    I’m doing essay B.

    @Suman Barua:
    My essay is all about my voice. That’s why it’s so long. The essay is as close to describing me in less than 900 words.It’s got what I love and stuff to do with my world, what makes me tick, and tiny things that make me who I am. I really want to just leave it because then I’ll be sad over the fact that I didn’t put something in.

    @Posted by: on December 29, 2008 01:30 PM
    I did show it to about five people. One who doesn’t know me that well. All of them said “It’s you.” or “Hey I didn’t know that about you”.

    I can’t rewrite it. Not now. Plus, I actually like my essay.

  54. Deferred :( says:

    Hi Matt, a couple of questions:

    I applied Early Action and was deferred. Looking back, I suspect that the essays may have reflected poorly, especially after I spent much time revising them for other schools. I read on Chris’ blog that he was able to submit a new essay for Regular Action after he got his deferral. How may we do the same thing? Do the admissions officers treat this as another supplementary essay, or will they disregard the one it is intended to replace?

    Also, who exactly reads and answers the emails sent to [email protected]?

  55. Suman Barua says:

    lol. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! Mine was 790 words before. You know what, get hol of the person whom u think knows u the MOST in the world(preferably a friend)…and discuss out everything!Whatever you do, you have to portray yourself and you cannot sacrifice on that! So, discuss the points which least portrays you and try to reduce extra words and join in points! Well, try your best. You dont have to rewrite it if it is so good,just try to cut points wholly(even though you treat it as you baby, cus I did raspberry)
    good Luck!

  56. sepideh says:

    i had the same problem and i just shifted from b to a. i thought i had never experienced something as the end of the world but i got one. and it got a lot more better essay it really described me better than subject b.

  57. Suman Barua says:

    Hey maitree rite? u from bombay too? even you went to Kavas Petigara? How did it go? Isnt he damn cool?
    PS:find me in orkut or something

  58. Kunaal, you won’t declare your major until after your first year at MIT (I believe). What you filled out on Part 1 of your application only gives the admissions officers an idea of what looks good to you. There really is no need to change it.

  59. Dhvanit says:

    You can put the link in the free response area in the appP2. Here’s what Matt says about it..

    Su bhai tame kevi advise aapo cho.. barabar toh aapo wink

  60. Anonymous says:

    Hey , Thanks for the helpful post.
    I am an international student from Syria , and they dont offer SAT Tests here , they closed up the testing center 2 years ago , i asked for anyother tests available , there isnt any , only the TOEFL , would it be ok ?? and if it is would that be a disadvantage ? thank you

  61. sarah says:

    sarah : another question , how can i do a fee waiver if i am an international student ? and applying for Fin Aid

  62. There are no SAT exams until May for non-american students.There’s a test in May and after it in June.
    I’m applying for Financial Aid too.
    I have not taken SAT test before.Can I do anything? Or can May SAT exams be acceptable? Or is admission possible without taking SAT exams?

  63. When is the deadline for our interviewers to upload the interview reports? My interview was on 8th December but my checklist still shows the interview as not processed. I’ve emailed my EC and submitted the ‘conducted interview’ form too… I’m getting anxious!

  64. Colton says:

    @ ’13:
    The secret is to calm down and be yourself.

  65. CAPTCHA says:

    Oh, oh, one more question. I plan to send a .w3x file. (For those of you who know what that is, it’s not what you think it is.)

    The problem is it’s only about 250kb in size. Should I use a floppy disk? DO you guys still have a floppy disk drive?

    If I burn it to a CD, I’ll be utilizing less than 0.1% of the disk, and I’m a stickler for efficiency……

  66. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Thanks for the blog. It reminded me that I should really press that submit button with all my entries finished.
    Just one questions though about Music Supplement:
    Do I have to state and let you know that I am sending a music supplement to [email protected] on through my application ( part 2)? or do I just send it to the e-mail and you will know with my name and birthdate on the resume I send??

    Thank you, I appreciate your hepl and happy holidays to you too!

  67. Kunaal says:

    @Steph (is the username remotely inspired by the Flobots Song?) (:
    Thanks for replying!
    I know that part- but Part 2 of your application asks WHY I’m interested in the major I say I’m interested in- and I can’t really be writing for something I’m not passionate about! And I don’t want the 2 parts to contradict each other! :(

  68. Anon says:

    Hi Matt,

    How do I report my new SAT Subject Test scores for this past December if I’ve already sent in my application? Thanks.

  69. Blaze says:

    I sent my Evaluantion A, B, and Secondary School report, and it got recieved last tuesday (Registered post), but it still hasn’t showed up in my My.MIT dashboard. Should I be worried?

  70. mrc says:


    I only recently found out that MIT uses their own teacher evaluation and secondary school report forms. I gave my teachers and counselor the common application form instead, and now that it’s vacation, I can’t rectify that error. Since MIT does not use the common application, I’m sure if they will get those forms either.

    Will the admissions officers mind too much if they only receive a letter? Is there anything else I can do at this point without interrupting my teachers’ vacation?


  71. Bilal says:

    No i dont think there is any way to send the teacher recos and all online.(I too spent the 20$-30$)

    @everyone else
    how may of youl are from India??
    from what I can gather there are loads..and looking at previous year stats MIT accept only 10-12 from here…:(
    …only 10-12..

  72. Chris says:

    I was deferred from Early, but a question occurred to me that (I hope) shouldn’t matter. MyMIT confirms the receipt of the standard application pieces (two evaluations, school report, etc). Is there any way to ease my paranoia and confirm the receipt of other materials (extra transcripts, letters of rec, etc)? Thanks.


    “Also, I made a mistake on Part 1 of my App (Erroneously entered my choice of major as Comp. Science and Electrical Engg. instead of Mechanical Engg.) Is there ANY way I could change that?

    I would assume that as long as you talk about Mechanical Engineering in 3b on Part 2, it won’t matter. I know Matt said to people who chose the wrong essay button that the admissions readers are human beings and would understand.

  73. akhila says:

    hye matt,

    I sent all the school forms ten days back. When can I expect them to be completely processed and to appear on the my mit tracking ? I am from India. Also when will we know the regular action results ? I hope its all going to be soon. I hope I’ll make it. All the best to all the RA applicants.

  74. Al says:

    hey, long time lurker here. i have an interview question i’m hoping you might answer for me, since no one’s responding to my e-mails. i contacted my interview before the deadline, but she said she was going out of country. the interview people reassigned me an ec but all of the contact info was outdated/invalid so i couldn’t reach him at all. i tried to e-mail back right away regarding this dilemma, but there was no response and now the interview report deadline is coming up. will my interview likely be waived in this situation? thanks.

  75. Kasey says:

    I’ve been trying to get into the online app since yesterday without success. I can’t speak to anyone in admissions until after the deadline, and the Tech Support that the MIT operator directed me to was unable to solve the problem. What can I do?


  76. Anonymous says:

    @ Chris: THANKS! (:

    @Everyone else- let’s help the Admissions’ People enjoy their holdays- and try and answer questions we know about amongst ourselves! (:

    @ Akhila <- PRECISE time when the result’s out!
    Results out in 76 days! (: (AAH! I can fell the rush already! Haha!)

    It usually takes around two weeks after the stuff has been received- though mine hasn’t been uploaded on the portal either- I guess it’s just a busy time! Let’s hope it gets up soon- I’m getting pretty worried too! smile

    Best of luck with your application! Hope to be jogging on the Mass. Ave. bridge with you guys next year! Cheers! (:

  77. Kunaal says:

    ^^^That Anonymous above was me, BTW! (:

  78. '13 says:



    THANK YOU!!!

  79. Anonymous says:

    @ Tree
    Specifically tell whomever you ask that you need to cut stuff, and ask them what they think can go. It’ll take some work on their part too – it’s usually not easy, and from what you’ve said I’m guessing your case really won’t be. You need someone who can take the time to think hard about your essay and what parts of it aren’t useful to the admissions committee. Preferably someone who knows you, but not super super well, whom you trust and who is a good writer.

    @ Kasey
    You know how the PDF forms are downloadable on the site? Well, you can get the questions from those. Try writing/editing everything in word docs for now, keep trying the site, and as soon as you can get in, paste your stuff.
    If it still doesn’t work by the deadline, I’m betting they won’t penalize you. Alternatively, you can just fill out the PDF forms and mail in your app.

    @ Sepideh
    I feel for you. I really, really do. You’ve done the best you can, though, and I’m sure admissions will realize that, so maybe that’s one thought you can rest comfortably on. Best of luck.

    @ mrc
    Hm, I have heard that they’re more flexible with deadlines for teachers than for students, so for now maybe send the letters, and then have your teachers fax in the forms as soon as possible after break?

    @ Guarav
    Don’t worry. And don’t bother your interviewer too much. It takes awhile for things to show up, often weeks.

    You probably have to take that up with the music dept.?

    @ No SAT’s in January
    I’d talk to the admissions people asap and see if you can get the exams waived, which probably will be possible if you really haven’t been able to take them earlier (like last year). May is definitely too late. In the meantime, have the rest of your app ready and set to go.

    @ Anonymous from Syria
    If you can’t get the exams, there’s nothing else you can do, and you probably won’t be penalized. They’re understanding people. I’d definitely take the TOEFL though.

  80. Anonymous says:

    @ ’13
    I really thought you were just trolling, so that was a joke. (qV x B = force, of the magnetic variety). If you sincerely want advice, then I’ll give you some, but please quit the all caps smile In Internet manners, it’s yelling.

    @ Blaze
    Absolutely not. It takes a few weeks. Rest and enjoy the holidays smile

    @ Anonymous (music)
    The latter.

    @ Anon (subject tests)
    Just have the tests sent from College Board, make sure your name is exactly the same on their score report as the previous scores you sent to MIT (i.e. if you wrote Joe Smith on your SAT and Joe Michael Smith on your SAT II, I’m pretty sure it goes as two different reports, even with the same birthdate).

  81. dept. says:

    What if someone had originally decided to put Material Science + Engineering in part 1 of the application but at the last minute switched it to Chemical Engineering? I know that this selection is not binding in any way, but when it comes to the short answer in part 2 of the application, which department appeals to you and why, could the person speak about Material Science + Engineering? Or are you binded to what you had in part 1?

  82. Colton says:

    @ ’13:
    It is not as much of a need as it is a want. Nobody needs to go to college, we want to go to college to try and get better jobs. MIT looks at personality and if you aren’t for MIT, you aren’t for MIT. Be yourself as I’m sure the admissions officers can easily pick out those who falsely inflate their accomplishments on their applications.

    MIT doesn’t look for the perfect student and I know this is true. One rejected student I know has a 4.0+ GPA, 2400 SAT score, and etc. He pushed his academic accomplishments on his application and showed little personality from what I hear. I am a deferred student and have a 3.7-3.8 GPA with 2020 SAT score. I am not perfect, but I presented myself on the application. I mentioned things like my passion for music or podcasting and tried not to inflate any academic achievements.

    Once again, calm down and be yourself. If MIT is right for you, you’ll be accepted. Just don’t lie about yourself and your chances will increase.

  83. @Bilal
    I am from India too. True that 10-15 Indians go to the MIT every year, but its a lot for a single country. What do you say?

    Can we know how many have applied this year?

  84. Anonymous says:

    @ dept
    Write about what you are most passionate about in Part 2, and as Matt said, e-mail admissions after Jan. 4 to change your part 1.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Oh and Tree, it’s great that your essay is completely you and your voice, but maybe they don’t have to know *everything* about you, you know? Just the most important stuff. For example, I wanted to tell MIT about how I say “good morning” to people even at midnight because my personal life philosophy says every time is morning, or how I cried when Saturday Night Live’s parody of Sarah Palin said “And I think [global warming] is just God hugging us closer,” even though I laughed at all the other jokes they made.
    But I ended up focusing on the bigger things, and that worked out well for me.
    Leave some new things for them to discover about you when you’re an MIT student raspberry

  86. Where do I submit additional information for my resume? I want to send in a research paper I wrote. I could only find ways to submit art or music submission. I need to send a math paper.

  87. Anonymous says:

    @ Keshnav
    You can write about the research paper in one of the optional essays (questions 13 and 14). If you want to send the whole paper, mailing it to admissions labeled “Undergraduate application materials” or attaching it to an e-mail with that subject line and your full name and date of birth is probably your best bet.
    I think it’s only very rarely that these papers are read over by faculty, so chances are they’ll be more interested in a quick summary, especially what got you into your research, and why it was exciting to you, than in the paper itself.

  88. Kasey says:


    Also, exactly what must be in by the deadline?
    Can I submit an app before the deadline, then get scores, reccomnendations, an essay and other supplments in later?
    I’m homeschooled. I read the pages on this, but maybe I missed some things; how do I do recommendations or teacher evaluations and such?


  89. wlue says:

    matt wrote:
    > @wlue: I don’t know how the Music Department would answer, but I’d guess there might be a little flexibility with the January 1 deadline, and that the “contrasting styles” requirement might not be completely strict. But I don’t know for sure.

    I’m not worried about the “contrasting styles” requirement, but rather if I’m able to submit a third (short) recording.

    I see that you don’t really have contact with the Music Department at this time, but I trust that the January 1st deadline isn’t too strict, given that since it is an email attachment, it shouldn’t be too hard to sort (compared to actual paper mail. that must be a nightmare). I will be submitting the Music Portfolio a few days after Jan 1st.

    Thanks Matt!

  90. Anonymous says:

    I’ve finished my application but I still haven’t sent it and keep double checking everything.

    I’m really hoping my evaluations and school forms aren’t lost in the mail at all. I’m panicking about it cuz I didn’t make copies and sent them from the UK >.I’ve finished my application but I still haven’t sent it and keep double checking everything.

    I’m really hoping my evaluations and school forms aren’t lost in the mail at all. I’m panicking about it cuz I didn’t make copies and sent them from the UK >.<

  91. CAPTCHA says:


    I forgot to send my Oct SAT I score reports to MIT. Did so just 5 minutes ago. Since they say that delivery will be around 1 – 2 weeks, which is way past the deadline, should I consider my application well and truly f***ed?

    I guess faxing a copy of my score reports won’t help either, eh?

    Oh, and, uh, thanks in advance!

  92. Matt '00 says:

    Here’s a second batch of answers…

    @Arthur: The interview is not a required part of the application. For those who can do it, though, I strongly recommend it. You may wish to contact your EC to see if there is a possibility of a late interview.

    @Captcha: MyMIT will not automatically close up at midnight on January 1, but you should submit your application by then.

    @Ehsan: We are very familiar with Canadian schools and transcripts, don’t worry.

    @Daniel: I would send your photographs as an Art Portfolio, described here. Also, a Science subject test is required.

    @Vikram: Your account has been unlocked.

    @Anonymous at 11:17am: I wouldn’t worry about your scores.

    @Shashank: I have forwarded this comment on to the folks who can help.

    @Divya: No need to freak out, that’s fine.

    @Kimberly: The 500 word limit is not a strict limit.

    @Mono: Please watch your Application Tracking in late January.

    @Tree: I would recommend cutting down your essay; it’s your call whether to submit it as it currently is, though.

    @Dennis K: 1) Yes, you can direct your ACT scores now for MIT; we can hold them. 2) Yes, you can have teachers write you recommendation letters this year; I recommend asking at the end of the school year. 3) Having recently returned from visits to schools in Taiwan, the office is very familiar with schools in Taiwan. 4) Please provide all of your marks when you apply to MIT.

    @sepideh: Don’t worry about the Fee Waiver checkbox; you’re fine.

    @Deferred: You are welcome to add anything that you may like; my best advice is here. And our wonderful staff — the same folks who talk to you and answer your questions when you call on the phone — handle the emails.

    @Anonymous at 2:30pm: Yes, the TOEFL would be helpful. If you don’t have SAT IIs offered, please let us know why in the application.

    @sarah: You can include a letter detailing your circumstances requesting the waiver.

    @No SATs: If you do have not completed the required tests, it is unlikely you will be considered for admission this year unless there are very special circumstances.

    @Gaurav: Don’t worry, you’re all set.

    @Captcha at 2:37pm: It is unlikely we will be able to evaluate a .w3x file. I would consider detailing its contents in an additional essay.

    @Anonymous at 2:41pm: You don’t need to let us know in the application; the Music Department folks will be in communication with us.

    @Anon at 2:57pm: If you have sent the scores to MIT, we will receive them, and there would be nothing else you need to do.

    @Blaze: No, there’s no need to worry. Please be patient with the Application Tracking (every day since Tuesday has been a holiday).

    @mrc/Mike: No worries, we routinely get Coomon App recommendation letters and forms.

    @Kasey: I don’t know about your problem; I can’t find a Kasey who is locked out of our system. Feel free to email me with details and I’ll see what I can do.

    @Dept: You don’t need to change it, plenty of people have different answers in Parts 1 and 2, and you’re in no way bound to either answer (all MIT students declare whichever major they like at the end of the freshman year). However, if you really want to change it, you can email admissions to request the change after January 4.

    @Keshav: You can feel free to send it in via postal mail, or talk about in in your application Part 2.

    @Kasey: Your application Parts 1 & 2 should be sent in by January 1; we are more lenient with application forms from your school and teachers. Most homeschoolers have recommendations from people outside the home.

    I hope this is helpful!

  93. Deferred says:

    If we send in a letter and an extra essay, when should that be sent by. My EC said that by the end of January would be fine. Is this true?

  94. bibodha says:

    My account was locked because of wrong passwords (caps lock on) so now i can’t submit my application! any help?

  95. Anonymous says:


    Dont worry…As long as they receive your scores in Jan its fine…

  96. Suman Barua says:

    Hey Matt! I am from India. Mailed up the Evaluation stuff in Nov. according to US Postal service, it got delivered on 12th December! Its been more that 2 weeks.So, is everything all right? ‘cus I want everything to be in proper order!
    PS:76 days to go!!! Eeeeeeep!!

  97. Anyone from pakistan reading these blogs and applying this year please reveal yourself smile.

  98. Nish says:

    I am a U.S. permanent resident and am applying for freshman undergraduate admission. Unfortunately, I was not aware until only recently that I needed to send in a copy of my green card. I am away from home right now, and I won’t have access to it until the 2nd or 3rd. Is it at all possible for me to send it 1 or 2 days late and still have the application processed successfully? I would greatly appreciate a response. I am incredibly worried that all my work would be for naught.

  99. Quick question from an EA deferred student,

    Do all of our supplementary materials have to be post marked by January 1st?

    Also, my semester grades won’t be available until January 20th. Is it okay to send in the Mid-year grade report after the deadline?

    A response would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, good luck to any EA deferred students!

  100. Kasey says:

    Parts 1 & 2. Ok.

    My situation is that I don’t have an account yet, but I was unable to register for one.

    I think there may be someone working on it at
    admissionsatmitdotedu RE: TechSupport.

    I don’t know your email address, so if you need further details, how do I contact you?