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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

MIT Regular Action Deadline & Taking Questions by Matt McGann '00

Advice for RA applicants; I'll answer questions Thursday.

Please remember that January 1 is the submission deadline for students applying for regular action admission to MIT. This means that you should you should click the final “submit” button of your online application on or before January 1. If you are applying on paper, have the Post Office postmark and mail your materials on or before January 1.

However, I strongly discourage procrastination. The closer you send in your application to the deadline, the longer it will take our records office to process and for it to appear on your Application Tracking. Our records office is fully staffed over the holidays and is, even as I write, busily processing all of the application pieces that have been submitted.

Also, please note that you do not need to express mail or overnight your application.

I especially encourage students who live outside the United States to submit their applications as soon as possible.

I encourage you not to wait until the very last moment to submit your application. If your application is ready to go, click that button, or stamp that mail!

I hope these blogs have been very helpful to you as the regular action deadline approaches. Check out the archive if you haven’t already, including questions & answers.

For questions we haven’t yet answered, please leave your query in the comments of this entry. On Thursday, I’ll be going through the questions posted in this entry’s comments and answering them, before taking a quick vacation to celebrate the new year (and then starting the regular action process soon after). So, even if you’ve posted your question in a different entry’s comments, I hope you’ll post it again here so I can collect the questions altogether.

Happy Boxing Day!

100 responses to “MIT Regular Action Deadline & Taking Questions”

  1. ola says:

    I was wondering whether the “creation” for the optional essay has to be something to do with engineering or could I send in a project I have worked on in my graphic design classes, such as a poster design for a spring musical along with a designer’s statement? Or should I just forgo the optional essay since I plan to send in a CD containing several works from my art portfolio.

  2. Jun says:

    I am terribly sorry that I am even asking this…
    But purely by my fault, My “secondary school report” coudln’t be mailed until end of the winter break…(after the deadline)

    But I do have everything else…
    Is there anything I can do ?

  3. If you get into the Accel. Calc course, what do you do for your second semester? Is that an open space for an elective?

  4. bill says:

    “December – Last month to take standardized tests for Regular Action application; January tests may be accepted on a case-by-case basis”

    I have already taken the regular SAT, and need to take the subject tests. I signed up to take the Math and Chemistry subject tests in December. Unfortunently, I got sick the day of the test and could not take it. Who do i need to contact if i am a “case” that needs to take the test in January?

  5. R.M. says:

    Happy New Year, Matt! I love reading your site’s blogs!

    My daughter was deferred, and we were wondering if there’s any other thing we could do to increase her chances come regular decision time?

    1. You have received her scores on 2 of her subject tests (Math II-770; Biology-690). She took the US History on Dec. 2 and she got a 750. Should we send you the official result on that one, too? Or should we just send the results for the January test after she retakes Biology (or take Physics)?

    2. As mentioned above, she’s planning to retake the Biology this January. (By the way, she self-studed for the Biology test, which she’ll be doing again – she took the Pre-AP Biology back in her sophomore year). Will that still be included in her application, since the results will not come out until February? Will retaking it help her in the application process?

    3. I was suggesting to her that since she draws really well, she might want to send some of her drawings in. It will show another side of her that is not evident anywhere in her application file as of now. Or will this be a just a waste of time on both sides?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are there any Early Action applicants who were deferred on a “Regular Decision Definite-Accepted” list, if there even exists such a “list”? If so, approximately how many would you say are on this list?

  7. Kevin says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve read all the other FAQ’s and I can’t seem to find an answer to my exact question.

    Over the course of applying to MIT I’ve met several people who have expressed interest in “helping me out” if at all possible. I usually politely decline saying, “Thanks but no thanks.” thinking that the AdCom already has enough paper to wade through.

    Now that I’ve been deferred I’m wondering whether I should call up those “contacts.” The contacts are two older MIT alumni who I know rather well, and, through my girlfriend’s family, somebody who’s apparently high up in the MIT Museum staff.

    While I plan on sending an e-mail (or letter via snail mail, if that’s preferred) giving you guys an “update” as you’ve mentioned before, is it worth while to see what these people can do for me? I know MIT doesn’t do an alumni sponsorship plan like some other schools do (*cough* UW-St. Louis), but hey, I’ll do anything to improve my chances.

    Thanks again for all your efforts, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    — Kevin from MA

  8. Hi Matt,

    Just one more question. Would it matter if our essay on an extracurricular activity for the pleasure of it isn’t about the first activity in the list of 5 ? Would it be okay to write about something that isn’t even on the list of 5, because I have numerous interests and I’m already having a hard time deciding which to put in the list of 5?

    Thank you =D hopefully this is my last question

  9. Paul says:

    Season’s greetings Mr. Matt McGann!

    Our school is already done with the third quarter of the school year 2006-2007. Could I send my secondary school transcript again which reports grades up to the third quarter of my senior year, most especially when it would exhibit an improvement in my grades? The transcript will be available by the end of January or start of February. Mailing it would take just a few days to reach the MIT Admissions Office.

    Thank you sir.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Matt! According to both MyMIT and, my SAT I test scores have been sent, but not my subject test scores (I took those in November and self-reported them in my application). I think I’m going to have to have another official report sent with the subject tests on it, but unless I order a rush report I don’t think it’ll get sent by the deadline. Do I need to do this or will you accept score reports after the deadline?

    I did look through some old question/answer entries, but I might have missed this one, so I’m sorry if it’s already been answered.


  11. Hey Matt

    I´m an international applicant from Mexico and had a couple of questions.

    1.- How important is the Math SAT subject test? I mean if someone *cough* me *cough* was to get a 650 on MathIIc on his best sitting, could his chances be so grievously harmed that only a stupendous application could save him? Or is the scenario not so apocaliptic?

    2.-I seem to have a problem. I had my interview eons ago and my EC said he would upload the interview more than 2-3 weeks ago, yet it hasn’t appeared in MyMIT. Should I contact him first, or could it be a problem on your side of the server?

  12. ABHISHEK says:

    hi matt.
    i m a student from india
    i wanna ask u one thing. WHY THE HELL DO U REQUIRE MIN 90 SCORE IN TOEFL(ibt).can a person below this score cant communicate in english or what.the toefl exam can be american student can also get score less than 90.
    PLEASE DO SOMETHING REGARDING IT.plz dont make 90 as a comulsory score.

  13. Kristina says:

    Hey Matt, happy boxing day to you too =)

    My synchronized skating team is going to sectionals and nationals this year and I was hoping to send in the placements of my team as more supplemental material. Is there any particular way you’d like those to be sent in, or could I just email the placements to you?

  14. IAP Questions:

    Is it mandatory to be at school during IAP? (Can one come back to MIT in the middle of January?)

    If you take an IAP for-credit class and fail, is it No Record (for all years, for just Freshman)?

  15. Gene says:

    Season’s greetings sir!

    I’d just like to ask if MIT sends its freshman applicants notices of missing documents.
    I ask this particularly because I’m not sure if my guidance counselor was able to put a copy of my transcript, and I was not able to confirm such because we already went on the Christmas break and school starts again only AFTER January 1.

    Would it be OK if i send another copy of my transcript (once I get one, which would be after the RD postmark deadline) that would also contain my updated grades? I plan to send this along with my mid-year report, as Paul (^above^) and I are I think from the same school. :D

    Thank you sir!

  16. Amanda says:

    For a visual art submission, do samples of work have to ocme in the for of 35 mm slides or may I send pictures?

  17. Jon says:

    I will be graduating from UIUC in May ’07 with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Math. I would love to study Physics at MIT, but I have only completed 4 basic physics courses at UIUC and I am enrolled in 2 more this spring. I think this may be inadequate for admission to the graduate program in physics, but MIT does not consider applications for a second bachelor’s degree. My other relevant accomplishments include:

    1st place in the USA in TEAMS in spring 2003
    1st place in a local physics contest in spring 2003
    SAT2 Physics 800 Math2 800
    A+ in all 4 undergraduate physics courses I took.
    GRE general math 800.
    UIUC GPA 3.7/4
    High school GPA 3.7/[weird system where 5 is often possible]

    I won those contests and aced the SATIIs shortly after the deadline to apply to MIT, and before that I thought I had a slim chance of getting in to MIT because of my high school GPA, so I did not apply to MIT as an undergrad even though I would love to study there.

    Do I have any chance of getting in to the Physics M.S. program at MIT with so few undergrad physics classes? Would delaying my matriculation from UIUC to take preparatory physics classes improve my application? (How would I pay for it?) I am a huge fan of MIT OpenCourseWare and that’s how I intend to spend the summer.

  18. Sarab says:

    Nice to see you up and blogging again Matt. So, when do we EA deffered chaps get the boot?
    (Don’t send the Health Service after me; am not suicidal.)
    Sheesh, you’d think people recognised sarcasm…( A friend of mine tried to get me into counselling when he read my posts, he looked shocked when I told him it was sarcasm.

  19. Melissa '11 says:

    What happens to EA accepted’s from here? (When to expect materials/what materials to expect, will students contact us, etc…?)


  20. Rohithewall says:

    hey guys, just trying to get a look at the profile of people applying rd for fall 07.
    math 1: 760
    Cr: 760
    writing: 770
    math 2:800

    please post

  21. DB says:

    ello, Matt,

    I’m an international applicant.

    I have an unweighted CGPA of 3.41 but I am in the top 10 of my school. My co-curriculum is one the best the school has ever had.
    For my SAT 2, Physics 710, Math 2 730, Chemistry 790
    TOEFL CBT 253.
    I wrecked my SAT 1…CR 520, Math 710, Writing 530.
    I have a friend who got admitted without submitting SAT 1, opting for TOEFL + SAT 2
    But I submitted all.
    Can the admission office drop my SAT 1 scores and only take into consideration my TOEFL and SAT 2 scores?
    Do I have a chance to be among the 100+ international students who gets admitted?

  22. Ashley says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m reapplying this year for the Class of 2011. Do I have to resend my SAT scores? Can I possibly request the admissions office to consider my previous year’s scores instead? Thank you in advance.

  23. lost&found says:

    Dear Mr. Matt McGann,

    I am an international student. I submitted my application yesterday. I have one question:

    I didn’t write my class rank. As the 7th in my class, I am in the top 4% in my class. Do you think e-mailing this information to the admissions office would help? My high school doesn’t report our ranks to colleges; therefore the admissions office wouldn’t have any other means of knowing it from the application.

    Thank you.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Looks like there are more than a few questions for you to get through here, but I’ll throw mine in anyway; I’ve written and rewritten the optional essay for my application and I just can’t get it to a state where I’m happy with it. I’m very pleased with what I’ve got down in the first (non-optional) essay, so is it going to be better for my application to leave out the optional essay completely and have no chance of it harming my application or to include something I’m not entirely happy with on the possibility that it might help?

  25. hey matt,
    i had a few questions regarding the application process.
    1. i will be taking part in the maths and informatics Olympiads next year(my final year – grade 12). in case i do qualify, i will be notified only after the final date of application has passed( 1st January). so will there be any way of letting u folks know of the results so that it would help my application?
    2. if i have a rock band does that count?
    3. i have made hundreds of websites and have been working as a freelance web designer for a number of years now ( designed some websites for a couple of big clients too).Does MIT look at that?
    4. are my achievements before high school considered?

    basically what I’ve done includes web designing, digital imaging, programming, quizzing, SAT 2300, Olympiads, done 2 research based projects, president of the computer club, rock band, drama and some basketball. the problem is, does MIT look at all these achievements in a sense that it doesn’t promote one single interest?(jack of all arts master of none, u know what i mean). also, this has in a way affected my studies so my grades of 9th and 11th grade have gone down( in the middle of the class at the moment, though my school is one of the most competitive in my country). if i work sufficiently hard in grade 12 does that improve my chances of getting into MIT or some other ivy league school?

  26. theresa says:

    is it okay if I send in a music supplement and a creative writing supplement? or is that too much? on the part of the application that asks what I do for fun, I talked about creative writing, and made a reference to a piece I wrote — I was going to send in that piece, in addition to a music dvd if that’s not too much.

  27. yohini says:

    Hey i am an international student,

    The problem is i have applied for MIT but i didnt get the confirmation in my MIT application yet. And, since i have a long name, collegeboard could not accomadate it completely, so my score reports will arrive missing part of my 1st name, whereas my application has my full name. Do you think i should wirte to admissions about this?
    Also, i am planning to take some additional exams in feb, can i update the admission committee about the results in feb?

  28. Bhushan says:

    deadline is Jan 1 but if we do something odd which would help our aplication after deadline and we post will it be added in our file

  29. fernando says:

    *Dan Contreras
    hi, im from mexico too
    my EC took some time to upload mine too (maybe is the same person) so i contacted him and he took care.

    p.s. contact me if you use messenger to chat or something

  30. Anon says:

    Dear Matt, I read in Ben’s blog that students who have completed only one semester at another university and officially unenroll at the end of the first semester can apply to MIT as a freshman. However, if a student continues with the second semester but unenroll midway through the semester, ie does not finish the semester, will he or she be eligible to apply as a freshman?

  31. yohini says:

    hey matt,
    me again… my online tracking in my MIT is not workig.. i have already sent my whole application by post, and i have no confirmation or whatsoever whether MIT received it. And i hav already sent my SAT2 & toefl scores, but their receipt is not there at my MIT a/c. I am very much worried… I got 750 for Maths 1, 740 for Chemistry, but people say that i should do SAT 2 maths, do you think i should do it? Please update me, i am very much confused.

  32. bhushan says:

    this is somewhat me

    SAT2 Phy 580
    M1 620
    M2 660

    Having two researches, cool teachers evaluation, new ideas and lots of supplemental material.

    are there any chances

  33. Viksit says:

    Hey Matt,

    I am an international student from India. I graduated from high school in 2004. Had some serious family responsibilties and chose to drop formal studies to be by my family.
    What additional information or other materials should I send in, to help you people understand my case better?

    I would also want to send in some abstracts of the work [Independent Projects] I have been doing during these gap years. Can I send in more than 1(preferably 3)?Its hard to chose between them. I love them all. And I would want you to look at all three? I am still working on two of these trying to better them. Can I send them after I have submitted my application? Maybe around January 20?

    I have read this for quite some time now that you do consider each applicant in context. I hope you take into account that somebody applying from inner suburbs of India may not have any access to information nor any kind of advice on how to go about the whole application to that effect, except for the Internet. :(

    And, my Principal thinks that if she signs the feewaiver, she will have to incur the 60$ application fee. How do I clarify it to her? ( She says she once had done it for a student at another school, and was ‘harassed’ by the university. She says she was asked to submit her Income tax returns and a whole lot of other things later.)  I know it is really strange but what do I do?

    Please help.


  34. adel says:

    I came to U.S. on September of 2005. I can’t take two subject test because I have really hard time with vocabulary. What should I do? Should I take one in sience in Jan. if I can? I already took MAth I and Math II.

  35. Chan says:

    Hello. I’m an international applicant and every piece of my application filled by other parties has passed through my hands – in fact, I’ve been consulted on the content of some. I know specifically that my integrity has been *highly* rated on all of those forms … but has my ability to inspect these documents infringed on that integrity? One teacher even emailed me the form to print out…

    PS: I didn’t ask to see the forms. I’ll be mailing them all on Friday, as a convenience to the people who filled the forms; they trust me a lot.

    Is an extra recommendation from a less friendly source advised? [I already asked for it. Do you accept e-mailed recommendations?]

  36. Mike says:

    Hey bhushan,

    Theres always a chance =). Be optimistic! You might want to check out the admissions statistics of last year:

    Of course, test scores are only one part of the decision, and a number can’t fully define a person.


  37. Anonymous says:

    Hey Matt,

    Just a quick question: exactly what role does an alumni relation play in the admissions process? If my grandfather went to MIT, how (if at all) would it factor into my admissions decision? Thanks, and hope you had a great Christmas!

  38. Kim says:

    This is similar to someone else’s interview question…

    I had my interview a while ago but I don’t know if my EC sent anything in yet. According to my myMIT account, he hasn’t. But anyway, my question is, is it better to email my EC about my interview report first, or should I fill out that form thing on myMIT instead?

    Thanks for the help, man. Your blog is great!

  39. Meara says:

    So here’s a question: I wrote this awesome essay for my common app schools and University of Chicago. I think it’s a lot better than the essay I wrote answering the MIT prompt, and gives a bit more insight. As a deferree, should I submit it to the admissions office? It’s not like I won a Nobel prize between my EA app and now, but it’s a pretty good essay.

    Would the admissions committee’s reaction be more along the lines of, “What an interesting essay!” or “Curses, another 600 words to get through!”? Obviously this is difficult since you haven’t read my essay, but as a general rule…?

    Also, if I want to email something to the admissions office, where should I send it to make sure it gets to the right place? Can I send a Word document as an attachment, or should I copy/paste the text into the email? Is there any way to submit extra materials online through MyMIT if my application has already been submitted?


  40. Anonymous says:

    If we get into a certain house freshman year, can we keep the same housing all four years? Same room all four years? How likely are you to get into the house of your choice?

    Especially for MacGregor =)

    If you don’t take the FEE or don’t have APs, are you required to take CI-HW or can you just take CI-H’s?

  41. Anonymous says:

    What’s the difference between the 2 required CI-M and the 2 required REST classes? Can one fulfill the other?

    The requirements page says that 3-4 HASS must go deep into your HASS concentration. What is this? Is it similar to a minor?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I am an International Student. My SATII scores are very poor Math1 610 and Physics 590. However, all the other parts of application are very strong. Do you think that poor SATII scores are going to be a deal breaker?

    I was told that Admissions staff looks at SATII scores and than based on the scores they make a pile of people with “Rejected” or “Accepted”. From that “Accepted” pile, than they go down to evaluating essays and recommendation letters to make a refined selection.

    Also, I was wondering how do you determine if someone is top5% or 20%? Are these percentages refered to your academic standing in classroom?
    “Percentage of Those Ranked who were: in Top 5%, in Top 5-10%, in Top 10-20%, below top 20%”

    All this rumours are confusing and making me worried about applying to MIT.

  43. Anonymous says:

    the internet of china was down. the earthshock have destroyed the cables which are under the ocean.

  44. Dan says:

    I have the same question as Tom (about January SATs). I was thinking about noting in my update letter to admissions that I’m taking it and you guys could consider the scores if you want or just ignore them otherwise. What do you think Matt?

  45. ns says:

    hey my 8th oct toefl scores have nt yet reached MIT,the toefl authorities say that they hav posted the materials….wat shud i do?

  46. Hi Matt,

    Here’s a question you can answer to persuade my dad that I can check the financial aid box in my app without worries:

    If MIT does not care if an applicant will need financial aid, then why is it that financial aid applications are due February 15th? That is about a month or so before decisions come out.

    Please help! My dad refuses to apply for financial aid because he’s really suspicious that it’ll hurt my chances.

  47. Tom says:

    Hi Matt, like some others (and Bill above), I have a question about January SAT scores. All your previous answers in the archives seem to indicate that January SAT scores will be taken into account; however, the admissions documentation seems to emphasize the fact that they’re accepted on a “case-by-case” basis. Can you please elaborate on cases that aren’t acceptable? (In particular, will you consider simple retakes?) Thanks!

  48. Dear Mr. McGann

    I was wondering if I have to have my SAT and TOEFL scores re-submitted this year, since I also applied last year?

    Thank you in advance
    Michael B. Berthelsen

  49. Carl Larson says:

    Does MIT accept rush reporting for SAT scores? My mom just requested them on Friday (December 22)when she realized she hadn’t done it earlier. The College Board said they were processed yesterday (Dec 26th) but that they could not garuntee a school would accept them and we needed to check with MIT if ‘rush reporting’ is accepted. Help!!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Does MIT look at an applicants scores for the individual sections of the ACT, or do they only see the overall composite score? I didn’t do too well overall, but math was my strongest section. Will they be able to see that?

  51. sarah says:

    hey matt,

    i’m an international applicant studying the British system of A-levels, and I was wondering if i can get exempted out of a couple of classes if i get A grades in my subjects (which are Math, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Further Math), or would it still be necessary to take AP exams?

    thanks, and keep up the great work

  52. sarah says:

    hey matt,

    i’m an international applicant studying in the british system of A-levels, and i was wondering if my A grades at A-level will exempt me from some classes at MIT. my subjects are math, physics, chemistry, economics, and further (advanced) math.

    thanks and keep up the good work

  53. P.S. Just to clear things up, I already sent in an auxiliary recommendation from one of my bosses.


    — Kevin

  54. To Matt:

    Would AdCom ever do external research on an applicant (i.e. Google his or her name, look at his or her Xanga or user profile at a website) ? Is there a policy that prevents or allows or condones or discourages this ?


  55. to matt says:

    Sorry if you’ve seen this already, Matt, I’m just overanxious that you answer my questions!

    1) I don’t think my interview went well. We didn’t mesh well, and I just ended up talking about several of my extracurricular activities superficially. I was about to start talking about my science fair experiences when she told me my topic was irrelevant to the real world, so I didn’t argue with her.

    Would a note about my interview in my application help? Or would this note be too biased, and that admissions would prefer it if I just trusted the interviewer?

    2) from this,, :

    “There is one red flag, which is that she stopped gymnastics this year. Apparently, her school dropped the program; this should be footnoted on her résumé so she does not appear to be a quitter.”

    “However, he seems to be a serial joiner. A red flag is the Ping-Pong club, given the fact that he has little community service.”

    These quotations are from a “college admissions expert.” Please help me clarify =) Would quitting some activities in senior year (because of exams and school, etc.) be detrimental to chances of getting in? How about participating in different activities throughout high school, because I was “soul-searching”? My guess is that I could talk about it in my essay?

    3) This one is a weird question: would involvement in an intimate relationship have any effect on an application (increase/decrease chances)?

    Thanks =) These blogs make MIT’s admissions process the best.

  56. Adam S. says:

    I put this question in your last post, so I’ll re-post it here.

    I was deferred. Now that I look back, I think that I sent in *way* too much extra stuff. I sent in a CD with some programs, lots of extra information, a few additional teacher reqs, etc. I’m starting to regret sending so much, because now I have one or two more things I’d like to share, but I’m worried that I’m already pushing the patience of the admissions officers.

    With that in mind, I have a few questions.

    1. Is the reviewing process started over from scratch, or are the notes taken on each applicant from EA reused?

    2. I sent in a CD with perhaps 5 or 6 programs on it. I would like to scrap that, and just write a summary with a few screen shots instead. I don’t want the admissions officer to have to spend time looking at the CD *and* reading the summary. Since the summary is just compressing the contents of the CD to an easier-to-use form, is it possible for me to completely remove the CD from my application?

    3. I’ve done some things that are particularly interesting to me lately. In comparison, the things that I sent before were rather dull, actually. I’m planning on sending in a page of information on the new things.. but I’ve sent so much other information that I’m a bit worried that the new information will be smothered. I know I can’t actually remove the old information from my application, but is there any way that I can ensure that the new information will be considered more closely? Since it will be more recent, will this be done automatically?

    Thank you very much for your help!

  57. bhushan says:

    if it takes little long for grade report and transcript will it do till Jan 15

  58. Mike says:

    “Are there any Early Action applicants who were deferred on a “Regular Decision Definite-Accepted” list, if there even exists such a “list”? If so, approximately how many would you say are on this list?” -Anonymous

    Hey Anonymous, I’m going to venture a guess (based on lurking on the MIT Admissions Blogs) and say that this list doesn’t exist. Supposedly, deferred students are given full consideration during regular decision.

    Now, my question:
    I, too, am a deferred applicant. I want to send in a supplementary recommendation, but I don’t think it will be ready by January 1st. Would it be okay for the admissions office to receive my recommendation after January 1st? Thanks.

    Good luck everyone!

  59. ana says:

    hey, I’m from Mexico too…
    the EC thing can take time. you can send an email to your EC asking him/her if they already sent the form out, so you can know… i had a terrible problem with that because they gave me an address in mexico and i live in madrid and i had to email my EC in mexico to ask him what to do (very nice man, btw) and he gave me a name of a man that was definitely not nice as he refused to make an interview with me (he said the undergrad major i was seeking did not exist at MIT. i won’t continue with that. got in touch with mit, told them, and had someone else instead) and then i had the inverview and my EC called me up the day he sent the form… so i guess you can always ask about it..

  60. Sammy says:

    Ugh… hope I’m not too late to be asking this question, I haven’t had access to the internet recently. I also hope this is the right place to ask.

    Anyway, my guidance counselor recently informed me that she did NOT obtain the grades from my former high-school form my grade transcript. I just managed to obtain them myself – with difficulty, considering the school was closed for the holidays.

    I study under a British system (in Egypt, no less), but it’s still necessary to send my results for grades 9 and 10, right? Also, I’m wondering just how to send the results as I believe the counselor has already submitted her official report – should I mail them, or enclose them in a P.D.F. with my online application? What information should I include to ensure they are processed correctly if mailed?

    Much appreciated.

  61. Anonymous says:

    For the Mid-Year Grade Report, the MIT website states that only students in U.S. Schools are responsible for this doccument.

    Do you want a report card from students in other school systems? (The on-line application tracking shows that this section is incomplete without it. Do you waive this requirement for international students?)

  62. Jeff says:

    Hi Matt,

    I took the AMC and the AIME in the past, and I think I did pretty well, but I don’t know my exact scores. The only people who would know are teachers at school, and it is currently december vacation so I wouldn’t be able to ask them until after the deadline. Do you think it would be ok if I estimated my scores for those tests, or should I just leave that section of the application blank?

  63. Anonymous says:

    hey matt..
    again…i have only submitted my ICSE marksheet..(class 10)..that apart i intend to send the grades from my pre-boards but that will only be around the end of jan/beginning of feb…and i will b taking my SAT IIs in jan…so…is everything coming in too late?..???

  64. Dave says:


    Thanks so much for taking questions. In order to give the office a more thorough impression of me I’ve asked that a couple of additional people write me a letter of recommendation. I LOVE the MyMIT tracking system (it is easily the best of any college I’ve dealt with) but it does not have any way for me to find out if my additional recommendations have been processed. Is there a logical channel I can go through to find out exactly which pieces of material have found their way into my file? Thanks!

  65. Anonymous says:

    hi matt
    here goes…

    *standardized test*
    1) i had my annual sports meet in december and was very busy with that(i am the head girl of my school)..and so it would have been impractical of me to take my SAT subject tests then because i did not have time to prepare..also the syllabus had not been completed in my school…

    i)the january test date is towards thye end of jan…which is when i’m taking the subject tests…is that too late?
    does that mean the rest of my application would have been reviewed by then–and the jan scores would be somewhat of a make-or-break???
    .or will my apllication only be evaluated after my scores are recieved?

    ii)am i a “case” for jan scores to be considered?

    2)although i’ve taken my SAT1 and sent the scores…can i also send in my TOEFL scores?then,will you choose the better of the two?


    3)do you accept e-mailed recommendations?
    my principal who left a few years ago knows me way better than the current principal of my school…but he’s in dubai…i’m in india…can i have him e-mail a recommendation?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

    4)where should he e-mail it?

    *supplementary material*

    5)can i send in my poems,stories and …outlines for novels?…how?where?in what format?and how much/how many?

    6)i have sent my ICSE scores(class 10..)….now in jan..i will have my pre-board exams…can i mail those grades to you?
    should i just e-mail it..or mail a copy attested by my principal?
    if i e-mail it…so it reaches you faster…will there be a problem about authenticity?

  66. Anonymous says:


    As an international student I’d also like to know what to do about the Mid-Year Report. Should I just ignore it?

  67. Anonymous says:

    ooooooops…i clicked on post b4 i finished…
    >>>breathing relly slowly and trying to calm down<
    i think thats all..hwre to i mention that my january scores are to be expected?and that i’m sending TOEFL scores as well as SAT! scores?

    and would you prefer muffins,cookies or chocolates?…and where do i send them?what flavour?……smilesmileraspberry…sorry kidding…smilesmile:)

    thanx again…just really really really nervous…
    international applicant,india

    same as the ‘anonymous’ above:)

  68. Anonymous says:

    where do we mention that january scores are to be expected?and that i’m sending TOEFL as well as SAT1 scores?

  69. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way that I can tell if my community college transcript has been received by MIT?

  70. Mike says:

    Hi Matt:

    Thanks as always for the reminder and forum for questions. I’m a homeschool student excited to be applying RA and I have a few things I’d like to confirm regarding the application and how it applies to my situation:

    (1) In Section 4 of Part 2 of the online application, you ask “Are you graduating from secondary school early or without a diploma?”. As a homeschooler, I won’t enter college with an offical high school diploma, yet it’s not because I left early or didn’t graduate. How should I respond to this question?

    (2) In Section 6 of Part 2, you ask for Self-Reported Coursework yet clearly state “To be completed by students in U.S. school systems only”. Does this include me as a US homeschooler?

    (3) Although I have taken courses through a local community college and have sent you a copy of my transcript from that school, I do not have anyone who would be logical to fill out the ‘Secondary School Report and Transcript’ application component. Most of the information requested in that paperwork doesn’t really apply to my situation. Should I just omit this form?

    (4) Similarly to #3, I’m not sure how best to handle the ‘Mid-Year Grade Report’ component?

    Thanks in advance for the insight. I know I fall “outside the norm” that the application was designed for and I just want to be sure that I provide you with all the information that is helpful.

  71. Sabina says:

    Hey Matt,
    I’m an international student.2 yrs outside U.S. and 2 Yrs. in U.S.So how are my applications judged, is it tougher for me becoz i’ll be compared to both international and U.S. applicants.
    Also, I can’t get any materials such as rec. letters and original transcripts from my country but I’ve my copy of a letter from my principal,not a recommendation letter though, and my transcripts , is it ok if i send the copies instead.
    I’ve already applied and send everything from U.S. will they contact me if they need stuffs from my previous school or will they just throw my application away, i’m really worried.
    One more….I’m taking TOEFL on January becoz i wasn’t able to give them on Dec. when i called the admission officer, she told me its ok if i send my TOEFL scores on January, but after reading the blogs here i realized that i haven’t done anything for “Case By Case”,whatever that is. i have no clue what i’m supposed to do , could you please clarify it for me.

  72. Anonymous says:

    I have taken some dual enrollment classes at a community college and have requested that an offical transcript of my work be sent to you. Unfortunatly, the office closed before my semester grades were posted and won’t re-open until the first week of January. This means that my transcript will be postmarked several days after the 1/1 deadline. Is this OK or do I need to indicate it somewhere on my application so you know to be looking? If so, where?

  73. Sabina says:

    hey Matt,
    sorry for a wrong question(off topic) in a wrong time. but i’s going through yrs homepage and i saw that you like bollywood movies. Do you understand Hindi? Sorry again.

  74. sum1 says:

    hi, i can`t submit my application part 2 it says i’m over the word’s limit, i dont really want to chop them what sould i do?

  75. Ritwik '11 says:

    Hi Matt,

    First of all, thank you very much for all the hard work you put in and the time you give to review all of our applications.

    I have already submitted my application and all scores etc. have been received by MIT (as it says on MyMIT account).

    I just wanted to ask, how much weightage is given to our SAT II scores in Math and science? Cause I’m applying from Canada and I hadn’t learned many of the materials we were tested on. Therefore I couldn’t get the most competitive scores. Will MIT consider this as a part of the “context” ?

  76. sum1 says:

    “hi, i can`t submit my application part 2 it says i’m over the word’s limit, i dont really want to chop them what sould i do?”

    nevermin i chopped them, thx

  77. Tara says:

    Hey Matt,

    Sorry to add to the many questions, but I have a couple myself. I sent in my ACT and SAT scores on the same date (early December), however, only my SAT scores have been processed. Also, my teach evaluations were both sent out on the same date, but only Evaluation B was processed (Evaluation A was not). Help?! Thanks!!!


  78. Amjad says:

    hi Matt,
    i’m an international student from jordan i just wanted to say that i rank #6 in a 35-student class in my 11th grade is that a good rank or what? my GPA is still Excellent though.
    one more thing i don’t know if you remember me but i’m that international student you met at the arts garden in indianapolis i told you i got 86 in TOEFL and you told me to retake it smile….. i did and i got 102 smile
    i guess that’s good indeed. for the record, i got 790 physics and 730 math but i am still afraid because i’m not taking an international high school system.

  79. Well Matt, it has been so long since u last answered questions that I really forgot what i had to ask. frist of all, i got 720 in maths IIc, physics 790 and chemistry 800. well, maths’ is not exactly what u call impressive because of the low percentile but still my friend’z interviewer said it sucked. Now I’ll agree that to get in as an international student is tough, really tough but that doesnt mean 710 in maths IIc is rubbish. or does it? Interviewer said our apps are not gonna be considered implying that 720 or 710 was a deal breaker. For my friend, it was a heart breaker too. So i wanna know if any of this stuff what he said is real, and yeah one more thing that I’d like to quote: admissions depend on 80-90 percent on academics. Well Matt you gotta explain that honestly, if thats the case then all the nerds should be in but we hear people telling a perfect SAT scorer was denied so how do u justify that with the statement the interviewer gave. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  80. Amjad says:

    i meant what if another jordanian student who is taking IB applys to MIT. i don’t know why do i feel he would shatter my chances. is that right?
    thanks so much:)

  81. Hopeful says:

    Hello Matt-
    I am an international applicant. I have a 600 on the SAT 1 math but a 730 on the SAT 2 math level 1. Can you please tell me which one will be considered in the admissions process? Also, my TOEFL results will come out on 18th Jan. Will it be too late for MIT to consider it?

  82. Hopeful says:

    Hello Matt-
    I am an international applicant. I have a 600 on the SAT 1 math but a 730 on the SAT 2 math level 1. Can you please tell me which one will be considered in the admissions process? Also, my TOEFL results will come out on 18th Jan. Will it be too late for MIT to consider it?

  83. Hopeful says:

    Oh, by the way, I took the TOEFL on Dec 15th. And sorry for the double-post.
    same as above

  84. bhushan says:

    do u distinguish b/w TOEFL(iBT)
    90+ 100+ 110+

  85. bhushan says:

    if i send only 10th and 12th report without transcript will it do

  86. Hi Matt,

    I’m an International Applicant from India.

    My old school in Mumbai where I attended grades 9-10 required me to send their transcript separately. So, I sent my regular application materials from my current school (Sec. School Report, Recommendations etc…) and sent only the Grade 9-10 transcript and ICSE Marksheet in a separate envelope.

    Application tracking does not indicate whether u’ve received both envelopes… it only indicates “Secondary School Report and Transcript” which I’m sure is my Grade 11-12 one…

    Please advise!!!


  87. Hello,

    My SAT scores were sent to MIT by the College Board in June this year. I submitted Part 1 of my application online on Dec 11, but the My.MIT tracking page still shows no scores received.

    I’m wondering whether this is because of the technical glitch you mentioned earlier or because my fee waiver application hasn’t reached you yet. In any case, I’ve sent a photocopy of my score report with my application materials, which I mailed yesterday.

    Should I order another official score report for MIT? And should I order rush reporting or the regular kind? It would be wonderful if you could locate the June 2006 report and add it to my file, if your system has it.


  88. one more question!

    do the majority or minority of accepted applicants have the AP 5 or IB 7 credit ? Is that the standard of students that get into MIT (students at the first year credit level) ? Yes, there will be a range, some students will have the credit and some will not, but is it a majority of accepted applicants that are at the first-year level?

    Thanks for answering all our questions. They make the application process so transparent and helpful and less stressful.

  89. tom says:

    Hi Matt
    What if my toefl scores won’t be available until the first week of Feb ?
    I had my toefl on Dec 8th, but computers in test center broke down. Now my toefl is scheduled on 19th of January. I know that many students in my country have this problem.

  90. Yazeed says:

    Hi Matt,
    I submitted my application weeks ago. However, a fairly interesting project that is on a national level has just evolved and I am involved as a founder.
    Is there a way I can add this to my application or just for the committee to review? (Since I feel it stresses some more stuff about me within its context).

    Moreover, generalizing the question, if one applicant earns some extraordinary awards, work on some impressive projects, or generally be involved in something that is very interesting, is it possible to report that to the admission committee? Is it usually more beneficial to the committee to make its decision?


  91. Anonymous says:

    When’s the portal going to be up?

  92. Keone says:

    Hi Matt!

    Thanks for taking all of our questions. I have three quick ones (at least, I think they’re quick):

    1. For scholastic distinctions, should we overflow into the additional information section if there are more than seven items? Or is this like the extracurriculars question, where you only want what we consider to be the most important ones?

    2. On the self-reported course work, I thought I remembered seeing something about how we should leave the grade section blank if the grade wasn’t out yet (or if we hadn’t taken the class). Is this correct? Should we list all classes for senior year, and leave the ones with no grades yet blank? [Sorry if this has been asked before–I’m sure it must have been but I couldn’t find it.]

    3. Would it be appropriate to explain in the additional information section that I didn’t apply early anywhere, and why? (My school has a policy that makes early action unofficially binding in an effort to encourage colleges to accept our students. In my case, due to financial concerns I didn’t want to commit to one place.) I know you guys don’t overanalyze the whole early action thing the way some colleges do, but I just don’t want my lack of an early application to be perceived as a lack of interest.

    Thanks for your help! (And thanks again for the cheesecake at RSI!)


  93. Muneeb says:

    hi i gave my Sat1 twice and i got a 700 both times. i am an international applicant. i got a 790 on a MATHSL2 SAT2. I was wondering if a high sat2 can compensate for a medicore sat1.
    also i gave my toefl on the 15th this month. ever since i have been trying to update mit as a receipient but the toefl site keeps crashing. would it be alright if the scores are a bit late. i have been trying everyday but to no avail. ps my CR and writing scores are up to par.

  94. RD Applicant says:

    I had my interview on 12/9 (it was originally scheduled for an earlier date, but my interviewer had to postpone it), but the box next to “Interview” on my tracking page is still unchecked. I know my interviewer was planning to submit his comments within one or two days of the interviewer. Should I be concerned about this delay in tracking? Thanks!

  95. RD Applicant says:

    Also, as another person asked earlier, if my school never officially informed me of my AIME scores, would it hurt if I just indicated that I qualified for the AIME but do not know what my official score was? And are AMC/AIME scores ever used against applicants? Is there a certain “target score” on either exam?

  96. RD Applicant says:

    Sorry for the separate posts…but I just thought of another question. I was recently informed that I won the Siemens Award for Advanced Placement in my state. The Siemens Award for AP is a nationally recognized award, so does this make the award a national one or a state one? (Assuming that national awards should take precedence over state ones in the awards section of the application, if the Siemens Award for AP counts as a state award, would it be better for me to replace it with the AP Scholar w/ Distinction award, which is definitely a national award but is not nearly as selective?)

  97. Muneeb says:

    hi yeah i got another question. i have been developing databases since my sophomore year. these involve research and development but obviously i cant write a lot about it in the 500 word optional essay. i was wondering if i could send in an additional paper via mail that is the abstract that says how exactly i did the project and a sample of the original work

  98. kanika says:

    hiya all
    im from india but plz dnt get da usual impression ppl tend to have bou indian students…i mean nerdyish…well im a regular applicant n i jus wanted to ask y dsnt my application status show that my evaluations have been received even though they were deliverd a long time ago…n part 2 of my application is also nt bein accepted cuz it says i have some eror in da score entries ,,i have taken toefl but my acores arent available as yet n ill be takin da subject tests on the jan date so i really dnt have ne scores to list on my application so i left the fields blank n my applications nt bein accepted …wat shit is dat..ill be screwewd up fer life if this continued hpnin er da nxt 24 hrs or so also …sumbody plz help me out of tis prob….
    besties to all

  99. Yossarian says:

    Just wondering, but how can we find out if supplemental material have been recieved by the office of admissions?

  100. Anonymous says:

    If I took college classes from a local university do I need to have the university send MIT an official transcript or is it okay if I just report the grades I received on my Self-Reported course work form?