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MIT student blogger Chris S. '11

MIT = The American Dream by Chris S. '11

As usual...we procrastinate like mad before finals.

My 5.60 Final is tomorrow at 9:00. In just about 18 hours, I will be DONE with my seventh semester at MIT!

(I am currently trying to study for it but it’s not working very well >____< But it’s ok. Judging by the amount of spam and youtube videos that are coming into my inbox, I think I’m in plenty good company :P)

Anyways, one of my favorite youtube comedians is GloZell, who honestly deserves her own talk show:

Watch her discuss MIT at Fire and Ice! haha

“You can become anything you want to be…we talking a bus driver, a secretary, two kids in MIT…can’t beat that…that’s the American Dream!” :)

ps. I am going to be a doctor! yayyyy :D

10 responses to “MIT = The American Dream”

  1. Ovid says:

    Hang on while I run a Magnetic Induction Tomograph (MIT) on my Mysterious Incredible Terminator (MIT).

    Early congrats on doctorship.

  2. aw.
    despite being frustrated at studying for finals, that video reminded me a little bit how amazing it is that I’m here.
    also congrats!

  3. Paul says:

    Ah, college finals…wait, I’m still in high school. Ha…wait again, I’m taking college classes…crap. I guess I should study for tomorrow too. But oh! the games that need playing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    :D Awh!
    Good luck on your finals!
    I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job!

  5. Good luck on your finals! xD
    Don’t worry too much, you’ll do fine.
    My high school doesn’t do finals before the winter break, but I have a unit test for Calculus and Chemistry AP this week so I know how you feel!
    Don’t forget to decompress after the finals are over! Having fun is important too you know. raspberry

  6. Satish says:

    hey… congrats for all that..
    buddy i wanna know about the admission in mit… can u connect me with any of your friends from chemical field please. i am from india and i really need some help. regards.

  7. Anonymous says:

    congrats! where’d you get accepted??

  8. Joey Olmos says:

    I’m Joey, towards the end of the second Glozell video raspberry

  9. OH GOOD GOD I think I just died laughing!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing the videos of the super talented lady!!!
    I now have a new way of spending break.