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More from Ahia by Mollie B. '06

I even manage to do MIT-related stuff when I'm 750 miles away.

Well, this is my last day in Ahia (try saying it with me — “Uh-hi-uh” — Adam always makes fun of my *nonexistent* accent after I’ve been at home for a few days), since my fam is hopping on a plane to LA early tomorrow morning. My little brother (well, not so little anymore) is a sophomore trombone in the high school marching band, and they’re marching in the Rose Parade on January 2. Watch for the Pickerington band! And maybe watch for me and Adam in the stands.

Surprisingly, I’ve gotten to do some MIT-related stuff while at home, and I’m not just talking about the education I always somehow end up giving my hairdressers when I’m getting my hair cut. (“No, we’re not all dorks… actually, I’m a cheerleader! Yeah, we have a football team. No, I’ve never seen anyone wearing a pocket protector.”)

Last night was the annual MIT Club of Central Ohio holiday get-together, where current students can meet prospective students and talk about MIT and (in our case) Ohio State football. I had two very delicious Rice Krispie treats and a frosted star cookie, and got to speak to the entire group about my UROP (and thanks to you guys, I think I might have given a somewhat intelligible explanation). My cheerleading friend Michelle ’09 was also there, which I think makes central Ohio the most MIT-cheerleader-dense part of the country (except maybe Miami, FL?).

So to all the people I met last night — hi again! Don’t forget to comment. And for everybody who has one of these get-togethers in their area in the next few days, go! It’s super-fun. And the cookies are awesome.

Questions and things of that nature:
1. I don’t think Timur really has wireless in his shower. (Although I did end up talking from the shower the other night. I got the keyboard a little bit wet.)

2. s asked where Adam gets his money to buy me diamonds. Draper Labs. Seriously, he makes more money UROPing for Draper than his mom makes at her actual job. I totally have a foam #1 finger for Draper Labs. And yes, pearls are my favorite jewelry — but he already got me pearls for my birthday!

3. thekeri asked why, if I could go back, I would only major in biology. Yeah, it’s just because I realized somewhere toward the end of sophomore year that I’m really interested in biology generally rather than neurobiology specifically. I don’t have any specific problems with the BCS department or anything. At any rate, it’s probably a good thing I did a double-major, because I have so much information crammed into my brain.

4. I will remind everyone that I can be reached by email at mollieb at mit dot edu (although I suppose it’s usually more expedient to leave a comment on my blog — I can be bad about responding to email sometimes).

5. As for “why the bathtub” — how cool is internet in the bathtub? You can be playing in a bubble bath and talking on AIM at the same time! Personally, I think Rhiannon’s friend’s system sounds amazing too.

7 responses to “More from Ahia”

  1. Actually, I’ve never met the kid. It’s one of those “friend of a friend” situations, but whatever. In the grand scheme of my eventual world takeover, it really doesn’t matter.

  2. Bryan says:

    I think I’m going to the Rose Bowl parade, myself. Maybe we’ll bump into each other!

  3. s says:

    O-Hi-Yuh all smile)

    *tries again*

    Ah-Haaai Ya with a karate chop

    *tries again*

    O-Ho-Ho (it’s too late for X-mas)

    *tries again*

    Uhhhuh Uhhuh (Seen Little Rascals?)

    *Gives up*

    Nope. can’t seem to get the that accent right. I think you ought to upload a MIDI file.


  4. Jennifer says:

    hey! I live right by the parade route and we’re camping out that night. wow, the band must be really good! aha! i hope to see you.

  5. Shikhar says:

    Maan, is that thing about draper labs really true. If yes then well the dude is one lucky man.

  6. Timur Sahin says:

    We didn’t have cookies at my gettogether. :(. Although it was still fun. :D.

    And I take your reply to be a challenge. Touche.

    Ah-hah, madam.

  7. Kim says:

    Hey Mollie! It was great to meet you at the holiday get-together! I’m excited to come to MIT next year!