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MIT student blogger Chris S. '11

Musings on Colorful Balls (CPW Guest Blog!) by Chris S. '11

from Ramya '14!

from Ramya ’14!

You might think that CPW stands for Campus Preview Weekend, but you’re wrong.

CPW really means “4 days of Pure aWesomeness.” (The C didn’t want to join the little acronym party, because its still hanging around campus. It’ll probably never detach itself from the Pure aWesomeness that is MIT…As I would do right now if I had the chance to – high school seems rather, um, boring in comparison [understatement alert])

Before I write about my experience at CPW, I have a disclaimer to make: There is only one picture on this post. I usually only read blogs if they have pictures on them. This tendency results from my inability to focus on large chunks of text unless said chunks of text are arranged into some sort of visually appealing shape, like a circle or better yet, a hexagon (do you know what I mean? Appealing text chunks should be called textagons!!).

So anyways, I kind-of sort-of dropped my camera down the stairwell at New House 3 on Saturday. The good news is that this mishap didn’t affect the camera at all – it still works perfectly, and no pictures were erased. So what could possibly be the bad news? Well, the bad news is that throughout the entire weekend at CPW, I took all of, like, fifteen pictures. Yup, kind of pathetic; cue the well-founded exclamations of “WHAT?!??!!?” and “wow, just wow…”

I guess I was more focused on being there “in the present” than viewing MIT from behind a lens (that’s my excuse). Basically I wanted to get the most fun out of my stay per unit time. Hey, from what I’ve heard, there’s always orientation, right?

Because of my inability to take pictures, this post will only have one picture, selected from the 14 possible ones I could have picked (one was blurry):

Look at all my new friends!!1

As a substitute for all of the other million pictures I could have taken, I’ll use this one picture to describe the majority of my CPW experience. Yes, one picture to describe the awesomeness that was CPW.

I can soooo do this – read on.

Each one of those balls represents a new person I met, or a single colorful facet of the prism that is the CPW experience. Well, that explains my smiling face. The slightly frazzled hair and right hand reluctant to make contact with the balls represents how much I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff going on – Because CPW was full of wonderful things, from liquid nitrogen ice cream (thanks Random Hall!) to UROP tours (GAMBIT RAWKS) to free bubble tea (thanks ATS!) to tie-dyeing (thanks McCormick!) to delicious brunch (thanks Next House!) to a spiffy hack at the Media Lab (way too cool!) to the “Meet the Bloggers” event (Hello Yan!!! I ended up not dyeing my hair…) to many more events that I wish I had attended.

There was simply not enough time, just as there was simply not enough time to say hello to each of the colored balls in Simmon’s (ex-)meditation room (I found this pretty silver one, and kind of wanted to keep it as a pet).

Sure, I don’t think CPW was an accurate representation of life at MIT, just the same way that the one picture of me marinating in colored balls wasn’t an accurate representation of my CPW (I only went in there once, I swear). It’s just one picture, just one snapshot. CPW gave me a snapshot (and taste! read: FREE FOOD) of the culture at MIT, in all its unfettered glory (after all, I didn’t see any of those infamous psets the entire time).

During CPW, I met amazing, accomplished, and talented people from all around the country and the world. I made new friends. I tried new things. I had more fun than I thought was possible in four days. And throughout it all I came to realize that, “hey, I really like MIT, I feel like I belong. The people here are not intimidating. They are easy to approach and know how to have a good time. It’s worth it.” I finally realized that getting into MIT was for real, and not an accident. I didn’t want to leave.

Also during CPW I realized that when I come to MIT this fall I need to bring a pair of heavy duty galoshes. Having rain-soaked sponges for shoes is not very comfortable.

CPW was incredible, exhilarating, and exhausting. I can’t wait until fall.

Ramya out.

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15 responses to “Musings on Colorful Balls (CPW Guest Blog!)”

  1. Joanna says:

    CPW seems like the most amazing time in the world. I can’t wait until it’s my turn :D
    First (;

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the picture.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone capture the song sung by the guy wearing a pilots costume during the closing ceremony – he was absolutely fantastic!

    He was part of the acappella group with the guy wearing the flint stone costume – mitlogarythms?

    Please post a link if you have it – i bought the cd they were selling but it does not have the song I want!

  4. niki says:


  5. oasis '11 says:

    ^ it didn’t exactly break, but let’s say it was somewhat dysfunctional on Friday raspberry

  6. Nasser '18 says:

    Great post Ramya, I had a blast when I attended CPW last year with my sister.The fun has only begun.

  7. hia says:

    did anyone record the hip hop dance during the welcome…i really loved it and would love to see it again

  8. Adam '14 says:

    I really wish I had gone in the ball pit after I toured Simmons raspberry. Oh well, I’ve got four years to do it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gambit enthusiasts – this event may be of interest to you.

    Focus Testing at GAMBIT, April 16th 4 – 6 PM

  10. Hema says:

    One picture says it all….the amount of fun you would have had at the CPW. We are very proud of you, Ramya.

  11. hima says:

    u’r blog is so cool.. had fun just reading it so i can imagine how much fun it would have been to experience that.. by the way you look cute in that pic.. have fun!

  12. Hey Ramya!

    u’re blog is soooo cool!!
    you discribed your days at MIT soooo exactly, makes me feel like I was right there next to you at the orientation.
    really loved it, and am sooooo proud of you!!!!!

  13. Hi Ramja!

    You´re blog is so cool!
    You discribed so good, i tought i was right next to you. CPW sounds fun!

  14. Hi Ramja!

    You´re blog is so cool!
    You discribed so good, i tought i was right next to you. CPW sounds fun!