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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

My Long-Overdue CPW Recap by Ben Jones

Better late than never!

So I did pretty much everything I said I was going to do at CPW, but I was fairly negligent in documenting my adventures in photos. Alas.

Well, I’ll show you what I have…

The early hours of Thursday found me at the registration desk, shown here with Anthony. This was a special moment for me, because this time last year Anthony was simply one of my favorite ’09 prefrosh and now he’s a full-blown MIT student, workin’ the CPW reg desk. Very cool.

It wouldn’t be a good entry without a picture of Jojo and Diane, who rocked the reg desk next to us for many hours.

After 11 hours at the reg desk, I headed over to Thursday night’s opening ceremony. The bloggers kicked it off with the “top ten(ish) reasons to choose MIT.” Here’s what you guys looked like from the stage (can you find yourself?).

Then Marilee spoke for awhile about how and why we chose you.

Following the badass “Massachusetts Institute of Techno” hack, I got someone to snap this pic of me with Mollie and Jessie.

The infamous festival followed the CPW Welcome. Jenny and I were so tired that we mostly just sat in the bleachers and watched the various events unfold. I snapped this pic of the salsa dancers sometime around 11PM.

Laura demonstrates how fun it is to work the registration desk at midnight.

McGreggor strikes the hot model pose and prepares to beam Laura with his laser eyes. I left soon thereafter and went to bed.

After another morning of registration desk duties, I headed over to Friday afternoon’s academic / athletics / arts fairs, where I found Mollie (decked out in full cheerleader garb) hanging out with Timur (MIT ’10).

After the fairs, I hit Lobby 7 to see Resonance perform. They sounded amazing, and Borski (above) showed off his graceful dance moves. [video]

Steph (’06) is super happy that her sister Katie (’10) has decided to come to MIT.

Later that night, I got to meet many of you at the Meet The Bloggers Party. I finally got to meet Colin (MIT ’10) whose application I read back in the fall. (Thanks TheKeri for taking the picture!)

Nance and Marilee were popular attendees.

I don’t know what I was thinking on Saturday, but I forgot to take pictures until the closing ceremony. This is what you guys looked like from stage…

Later that night was the Battle Of The Bands. We had a fantastic time playing for you guys; I think Tim crowd-surfing was a personal CPW highlight. The Hong Kong Regulars (above) performed after us. [video]

I snapped a picture with Shaye Storm, the Master of Ceremonies for BOTB. Seriously, Shaye and his ZBT brothers (Bryan is one) are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Here’s a pic of me with my friend Valery (’08) from the Meet The Bloggers Party. I saved it for last because introducing his Virtual CPW Project is a great way to conclude this entry, especially for those admits who were not able to attend. Click here to check it out!

29 responses to “My Long-Overdue CPW Recap”

  1. I am blushing at that picture!:-X

    Great post!

  2. You take the least flattering pictures. Just thought I’d let you know that. smile

  3. Yay! Thanks for posting the picture of Katie and me! And wow, thanks for posting the pics of resonance and the video showing me singing!

    All very exciting!

  4. Anthony says:

    Ah, yes, I don’t think I ended up using that highlighter…. wink

  5. Laura says:

    Oh, Ben and his camera.

    None are safe…

  6. Kieth says:


    I have a general question about admissions for next year.

    Do competitive colleges automatically reject an applicant if their SAT/ACT are not up to the expectations of the school? I have a 1720 SAT and almost 25 ACT. I know that I can still bring these scores up, but will I be rejected, just based off this? (I am not a recruit or a minority)

    I know that this may seem bad, but would people in my situation stand a chance at such colleges?

    please email me if you can at: [email protected]


  7. thekeri says:

    The Meet the Bloggers Party, from my perspective:

    Colin and I: *walk in*

    Ben: *assaults us* “You HAVE to take a picture of me and Colin. Anyone have a sheet of paper?”

    Colin: “Um, okay?”

    Paper: HI XTINA

    Me: “How do you WORK this thing?!”


    I should so become a screenwriter someday. ^_^

  8. Timur Sahin says:

    Blegh. I’m all unshaven and messy. :D.

    Seeing “Timur ’10” brings a reaaaally big smile to my face. wink.

  9. l0ngL says:

    Hey Ben!

    While I was at CPW, I thought of something that may be helpful for the prefrosh. You know how on the CPW page, there is a list of all the events happening each day? I think it would be nice if the CPW page also provides some sort of forum, where the prefrosh who want to attend the same event(s) can talk to each other beforehand. For example, if I wanted to explore Boston, I would post a message asking who else would be interested so that we could go together.

    It’s just something I thought of.

  10. Colin says:

    You should be jealous, Jess.

    HOLY GOD I FEEL LIKE A CELEBRITY. Even though that picture of me is pretty awful. Can I come to Cambridge NOW?

  11. Timur, you’re *always* unshaven! (heh)

    And Colin, I think Bryan Nance gets the prize for bizarrest photo pose. You look positively *normal*!

    Congrats everyone, looks as if it was a really great time.

  12. thekeri says:

    Sorry, Colin – we all know that cameras and I just don’t get along. We’re lucky it came out in the first place, with my spectacular track record. (“What does this button do?!”)

    Not to mention you were, as I mentioned earlier, assaulted by Ben.

    We missed you, Jess. But you knew that already, right?

  13. Jess says:


    colin + keri + jess = the awesome

    Ohhh, man. I’m so jealous I missed CPW :(

  14. Andrew says:

    Ohhh, CPW looked like so much fun! Thanks for posting awesome pics and showing all the “little” high school juniors what it’s like. :D

  15. Jess says:

    Shut up, Colin, you’re hot.

    YES and I missed you too :(

  16. Jess says:

    by the way, Ben, I came by later on the Tuesday after with Anthony to try and meet you, but you weren’t there :( I came up on the last day of CPW and stayed until then. I would’ve stayed longer, but I got sick. bah!

  17. thekeri says:

    Colin IS hot. He must have my children. So there.

    I love how we’re creating this strange, broken comment thread. Shall we move this to one of our journals, perhaps?

  18. Ben says:

    NOOOOO, don’t move, my blog needs attention. :-(

    And Keri – it *was* you behind that camera! I will edit the entry to reflect this.

  19. i loved cpw! i wish i had taken more pictures…

  20. Christina says:



    He doesn’t want children. [It’s why I broke off the engagement.]

    (I’m kidding about the last part, but he really doesn’t want children.)

  21. JKim says:

    Okay, I’m switching to my superhero identity in order to limit confusion.

    Colly, I hope you realize that 9 out of the last 11 comments had something to do with you. Always the attention hog raspberry

  22. Xtina says:

    Okay, I’m switching to mine too. ^__^

  23. Christina says:


  24. thekeri says:

    Collective emo tear?

    And JKim’s right, you know – all this attention on one Colin. How does he do it?

  25. Colin says:

    Haha, I can’t believe I stopped checking this thread. I’m FLATTERED. Now all three of you have to fight to the death, and the winner will be my trophy wife.

  26. Christina says:


    (Colin, tell them how I’ll win. It’s okay; they can know be privvy to be fierceness.)

  27. Sam says:

    Hey… closing ceremony… person with the flaming green jacket that stands out a lot… chilling with her parents.. being really cool.. that’s me. heh

  28. thekeri says:

    I don’t know, Christina – for a really tiny black girl, I’ve been told that I can do quite a bit of damage.

    And I owned Street Fighter II last night. Best game ever.

  29. Christina says:

    Colin, tell her!!!

    (Hahaha, I don’t think Colin’s coming back.)