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MIT student blogger Snively '11

OMG OMG OMG! by Snively '11


In case you forget when decisions come out:

For Some:

For Others:

And Then Some:

22 responses to “OMG OMG OMG!”

  1. I go with Jimmy Eat World smile Hoping for the best!!! It’s just just under 5 hours and then we’ll all know……. smile

  2. Everyone is so EXCITED!! smile

  3. Val'14? says:

    Haha…good thing the guy in the middle didn’t wear wigs. Thanks Snively.

  4. ahhhhh'14?? says:

    This is my favorite version of the second video (much more professional)

  5. Anyone else wake up with a knot in their stomachs?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I laughed so hard at the songs smile

  7. tree says:

    Hopefuls, remember IHTFP, of which you’ll probably be saying a year after you got in, so, like many people said, don’t take too much sweat stake in this.
    Thanks Snively

  8. craze says:

    anyone here from nepal????????

  9. Kevin M. says:

    Anshu, thanks for the chatroom, met lots of great people there. And to Matt, fun post, nothing like the big day, huh?

  10. We’re freaking out about decisions in here, if any of you’d like to join us:

  11. Sonakay says:

    Anshu i love that chat room
    God, so close…

  12. navin says:

    no way that we forget the time wink

  13. andJarodsaid says:

    i love how we’re first to this guys (directed at anshu & sonakay)

  14. Piper '12 says:

    I personally like this version of the first video ^.^

  15. Kierra says:

    That cello version of the Final Countdown was the best way to start this day. Thanks smile

  16. me says:

    10 Hours and there are a lot of people are going to be posting crap about MIT…. I gladly won’t be one of them smile Despite being rejected I will still be happy and go on with life… I just do hope I get admitted… smile

  17. Caltech '13 says:

    Ah it was a year ago wasn’t it. Well it’s okay, life will go on.

  18. I got a feeling that since it’s Pi Day, and they said that the results will be out today, at 1.59PM, I’m gonna guess that it will be at the 26th second as well. Being pi = 3.1415926….. Haha!

  19. Brad says:

    That pi song stopped being significant after like the first line lol

  20. Akash'14? says:


  21. martin '14 says:

    @snively: thanks for being such an awesome blogger!!!