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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

OMG SNOW by Jess K. '10


(To be serious for a moment here – I really love comments and emails, as long as they in some way have to do with MIT. If you’re an ’11, I’d love to talk to you about whatever, because you’re now affiliated with MIT, and that makes you totally awesome. But if you’re still waiting for a decision, or you haven’t even applied, I’d prefer if you stuck to comments or emailed me questions only regarding MIT. I’m sorry, it just makes me uncomfortable to be Facebook friends with so many people I don’t know. This doesn’t mean you’re not totally awesome too! But if we get to be best friends and you don’t end up getting accepted, it’s not going to end well. And I don’t want that! It’s not you, it’s me. Thanks, dudes. Now back to the regularly scheduled entry. Not really regularly, because I just thought of this and now I’m late for class. Anyway..)

part two, which took place two days ago (part one being when Bryan lied)
ME: (looks out the window) LOOK, NEHA! IT’S SNOWING!

NEHA: Actually, I think it’s just flurrying.

ME: …

Apparently, when it doesn’t stick, it’s not snow, it’s “flurry”. When I was little and McDonalds came out with the McFlurry I thought they just invented a funny word; I never thought it was actually a totally misleading weather pattern. SURPRISE! It’s snow, but not REALLY!

Today, though..

And now there’s actually MORE of it. More pictures will be up later after class/I finish making a snowman. (Also, I promise I’ll answer your questions next entry – this one doesn’t really count since I’m doing it from an Athena cluster during my break. Really. So keep asking away!)

[ETA, about 5:30 or whenever I got out of class today] The snow has melted, and taken with it, all my hopes and dreams (of making snowmen). Sigh..

26 responses to “OMG SNOW”

  1. Daniel says:

    Yay snow!!!!! Flurries are good too. And McFlurries as well.

  2. Snively says:

    No worries, there aren’t two “types” of snow. Only people that have become caloused to the awesomeness of the white stuff believe this. Where I live, if there is a hint of anything white floating in the air we all go crazy. Half inch of snow? Cancel school, I kid you not. The city goes crazy, kinda like you! I’ll be going just as crazy next year, assuming there is snow (I’d like to go crazy over something other than Psets)

  3. Monika says:

    No snow here, this year- its horribly warm in germany!
    but:Have a nice break wink

  4. Keri says:




    (This was SO necessary.)

    Yes, I danced around in flip-flops. This occurred on Hanna ’10’s ledge outside of her window. It was nice, save for the paralyzing fear of falling one whole story to the ground. ^_^

  5. Solomon says:

    What really is the difference between flurry and snow.

  6. Kristin '11 says:

    Haha, I have the same situation as Snively. Except we Texans even freak out with ice! Even the threat of ice…OMG EVERYONE WILL DIE MUST CANCEL SCHOOL.

  7. Mike says:

    haha I’m in Pennsylvania, and we had freezing rain/ice on Friday… we still had school, and three teachers got into car accidents! Yesterday we got redemption when it only flurried but we still got a 2 hour delay

  8. Sam says:

    Let’s get some snow.

  9. Lucas says:

    It must be a cold day in hell when the city of Seattle gets more snow by January 23 than the city of Boston. You guys have obviously had a mild winter, but on two occasions, Seattle has been shut down by a mixture of snow/ice because they don’t have any snow plows to get rid of the massive 2 inches we get.

    I sure can’t wait to get to Boston and (hopefully) have snow, but not be paralyzed!

  10. milena says:

    Wow it took pretty long for you to get snow!! But I know if I was you i’d be out there playing with it (well, it looked like there wasn’t much to play with, but you know what I mean…) Coming from an island where it’s freakin summer all the time, I’d be as ecstatic as you are!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yay, snow! I was so excited when it started snowing last night. But it’s all melted now.

    And to Solomon, a flurry is basically just a really light snow shower, no accumulation, only lasts for a little while, etc. Usually melts in a few hours.

  12. Aaron says:

    Well at least around here in New England, flurrying means it isn’t worth our while really to acknowledge (the same as a light london fog maybe?) But what do I know.

    I think things have to be in extremes here, because as Bryan O (I think) posted, we’ll eat ice cream any time of the year. In fact, ice cream is much better in winter because it’s so cold you can eat it nice and slowly and enjoy it.

    Um yea I got off topic.

  13. Adam S. says:


    “It must be a cold day in hell when the city of Seattle gets more snow by January 23 than the city of Boston.”

    Are you implying that Seattle is hell? grin

    I’m surprised Massachusetts hasn’t gotten substantial snow yet. It seems like it’s been a very mild winter for all of us, though. We’ve got about 2 inches right now in Wisconsin, which is a bit less than normal around this time of year.

    Well, I hope you see some real snow before it gets too warm!

  14. Zaira '11 says:

    Snow? What is THAT? Just kidding. I am just a Texan trying to imagine her first real snow storm. That should be nice.

    So “flurry” is a real word? I would like an M&M MitFlurry to go please.

  15. Zephyr says:

    If it snows 4 feet here in Colorado, and 5 of the buses have accidents. We still have school.

  16. Colin says:

    Congratulations Kim !!!

  17. Colin says:

    PS I want a McFlurry. :(

  18. bon bon says:

    snow is amazing! I am proud to admit I made an amazing 8 inch tall snow/ice man last week. Yea to texas over-reaction to cold. Only two days of school last week! Superb:)

  19. Josh V says:

    Seattle hell? Impossible. (And contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t rain as much here as everyone thinks. We only get that reputation because it is cloudy/drizzly often. BUT when it is sunny and 70 in the summer it is perfect)

    But anyways…snow. Seattle definitely has gotten no more than what would be average (or even less than average) for you east coast people. It’s true don’t have many snow plows or whatever, which means:

    2 inches of snow = SNOW DAY!

    I’ve had like 5…and they have all been during the times when i needed them the most (like right before apps were due, before my math test, etc). It’s warming up now though…

    Oh and since I go to a private school, I don’t have to make any of them up at the end of the year!

  20. Monica says:

    ahhh snowflakes, the wonders of life…

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  22. Carla says:

    I got “flurry” today!!! but for me it’s snow anyway!!! it’s the first time i’ve ever seen it and i am just simply too exited!!!! however i am hoping i will get some real snow here soon! Europe doesn’t seem to get too cold lately :(

  23. amrita says:


    appreciating your life through drawn together