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MIT student blogger Chris M. '12

Photo Scavenger Hunt by Chris M. '12

Let's give this a shot.

By this time I’m sure most of you are finally enjoying summer. (Let’s have a contest, who got out the latest for summer vacation? post your final day of school in the comments, graduation day doesn’t count unless it was also the last day of school) My summer last year was laid-back, carefree, and a whole lot of fun. This year my summer is shaping up to be quite the opposite (except still a whole lot of fun). I’ve got at least three entries started about my adventures so far, but really there’s just too much to try and blog about. So while I’m working on resizing my 3 TB worth of photos to put in my blog and writing my entries, I thought it might be interesting to play a little game:


So, grab your cameras everyone because here’s your (MIT themed) list. Points are of course awarded for both awesomeness of photo, and originality. Open to everyone, do it by yourself, do it with others, but most importantly have fun:

-The most creative use of objects to spell MIT
-A beaver.
-The nerdiest/coolest thing you can find
-The largest variety of energy drinks
-A magnetic monopole
-A large amount of caffeine
-A company or organization founded by an MIT alum
-A picture of a big accomplishment in a video game.
-An awesome lab
-A picture you feel best embodies the phrase “FAIL”
-A brass rat in the wild!
-A new (still shrink wrapped) copy of: Iron Man, 21, Goodwill Hunting, and the Back to the Future trilogy (just because it’s my favorite)
-One photo that upon looking at it demonstrates the clear superiority of MIT amongst other institutions of higher learning.

Don’t hurt yourself, and send pictures to me with the subject line “Photo Scavenger Hunt”, this is important for my filter and my sanity. I’ll give you a week from today to mail them in, and I’ll post the results next Friday. Get snapping!

*I have no way of validating this claim

24 responses to “Photo Scavenger Hunt”

  1. umm… well as for your contest about who gets out the latest, my last day – physics final – is not until wednesday, June 24th. I live in the wonderful world of New York State! (and can’t wait to get out…)

  2. Kassandra says:

    The last day of school in my school district is Thursday, June 25th. But then, school doesn’t start again until about one week into September…

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Next Year!? grin

    A three hour Regents exam a week after classes end does not count as your last day. Fail.

  4. Liz says:

    June 25th – last day!

    good luck everyone finding that monopole…haha!

  5. Julio ('14?) says:

    July 14 for me and I return August 24 :(
    Short summer vacations FTL D:

  6. Nuhguuxt says:

    Excellent work, Nice Design

  7. Eamon says:

    May 21!
    Yeah, Montana!

  8. Liz '13 says:

    Yay for doing absolutely nothing in school for a month and a half after APs! A good time to catch up on movies your teachers like.

    By the way, how does a picture of MIT & –ø made out of pancakes sound?

  9. Jean '13 says:

    Let’s compete for who got out of school the earliest. April 29. HA!

  10. melvin '13 says:

    seniors at my school are done after their APs

  11. I finished on May 27…but I think I have lost this contest..I’ll get started on the scavenger hunt lol

  12. Anonymous says:

    even with APs our classes and our finals are not done for almost a month and a half after. it sucks.

  13. @ anonymous – it does when you have courses up until then

  14. Reena '13 says:

    this sounds like so much fun. i’m on it (:

  15. Frank says:

    Im in China right now. Apparently schools here don’t end until 30th June!

  16. Anonymous says:

    lol i like the comments above!

  17. Anonymous says:

    And here on Mauritius(that’s a country..), school don’t end until 15th NOVEMBERR.

  18. Oasis '11 says:

    monopole’s totally the easiest. just take a picture of a lethargic tadpole smile

  19. Garrett '13 says:

    Today I passed by a club in Shenzhen, China called the “Win Bar” *also “Arc De Triomphe”*. I think a picture of someone getting kicked out of the Win Bar would best embody the word “fail”.

  20. Kevin R '11 says:

    Wow, this is very MIT style. Idk that last one is a little cocky, but it is entertaining.

    Working at an MIT startup right now – they do exist!

    kudos on the blogging / adventures!

  21. Frank3193 says:

    I’m the same Chinaman from above.
    Garret: Like your idea of seeing getting kicked out as a failure.
    Luckily I’m in Beijing lest you might be taking a picture of me getting kicked out. HAHA! joking~

    Anyways.. Since you are in China I think you can get a really good “Vid game” picture. Simply go to any internet cafe ÔºàÁΩëÂêßÔºâ look for a guy playing one of those music/dance games, most Chinese are freaks at that game.

  22. oasis ’11 – haha I like the lethargic tadpole idea for the monopole..but it has to be a magnetic monopole, so you’d probably have to strap a magnet onto it lol

  23. Anonymous says:

    lol I stopped at ‘magnetic monopole’