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MIT student blogger Rachel F. '12

Photodiary by Rachel F. '12

now with 0% instagram, 22% my cat

Weird and/or neat things I saw around campus this week, brought to you through the unsatisfying yet convenient medium of cell phone pictures:

As I was leaving East Campus for class, a squirrel with a full, lustrous, white beard waddled across my path and stared me down for a full minute. Either the ounce of fluff in its jaws was somehow dulling its survival instincts, or it was wondering if I was made of the same material. I didn’t stick around to find out.

Upon reaching said class, our teacher entrusted us to level set and record using a massive set of equipment.

While walking home from the student center, I saw a strange glow emanating from Lobby 7, as if the bridge of Khazad-dûm had been bathed in the flames of a purple Balrog. It was actually just a hack.

As previously mentioned, I’m doing my thesis with the Media Lab, an extraordinarily spacious and light-filled building constructed using the maximum percentage of glass that the city of Cambridge could legally allow.

  1. the lobby, overtaken by an art installation
  2. open common space spanning 3rd to 5th floors, containing a wooden dinosaur model and a TV made up of 16 other TVs
  3. Opera of the Future group; the enormous hanging chandelier is actually an instrument
  4. the satirically named kitchenette outside my lab

My defeated thesis proposal about to be turned in.

Reese what are you doing that is not how cat feet work

That’s better.

I’m in a cooking group on my hall dedicated to meat. I also think I have a food addiction; I just want to eat multiple meals every day. Here are some snaps of this week’s foodstuff preparation.

Sometimes, MIT isn’t all as terrible as they say.

12 responses to “Photodiary”

  1. anonymous says:

    Your thesis proposal looks really interesting (from the corner of it that we can read). What exactly are you going to be doing/have you done, if you’re allowed to talk about it? Is it an extension of a UROP you’ve had or is it a project you came up with?

  2. Craig says:

    ….not how cat feet work. smile

  3. Nilanjan says:

    This may seem to be an out of place question but how many of you hate Justin Bieber?

  4. Guilherme L Wanderley says:

    DAT last pic… :O Awesome.

  5. tim says:

    I love justin bieber DON’T BE HATIN.. he is hilarious. you just have to look at him from the right point of view.

  6. Harleen Dhillon says:

    Reese is the cutest pet ever!

  7. Kun Cao says:

    Who said MIT was terrible? raspberry

  8. Alex says:

    Don’t know why I read these blogs, always end up hungry when I’m finished. lol

  9. Zekeriya Abacioglu says:

    That last pic blinded me!

  10. Nick says:

    (this is a sidenote, but) The thing you did with your avatar (changing on mouseovers) is cool. Were you able to just modify the site so that the script would run each time one of your pages was loaded? Or did you have to inject it somehow?

    Also, do any of the other bloggers have a dynamic avatar?

  11. rfong'12 says:

    Nick: tags are stripped out of any meta information (bio, email, etc) appearing across all my pages that I could potentially insert the script in. so I just stick it in the top of every post, it’s kind of lame. you can probably tell if you look at its location in the rendered page.