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MIT student blogger Maggie L. '12

Pics or it didn’t happen? by Maggie L. '12

It happened!

As I mentioned last week, MIT is a place for talkin’. Looking at the photos from the speech competition, it’s clear that we were fully invested in our stories.

The contestants, from top to bottom, left to right: Kate Rudolph, “Tetrahedron Packing” // Will Drevo, “A Man Named King” // Jeff Lin, “B” // Samuel Markson, “A Physicist’s Elevator Pitch for the Real World” // Charles Huang, “Ice Cream Battleground” // Josh Wancura, “The Gas Gauge” // Anisha Gururaj, “Gems of Humanity” // Maggie Lloyd, “Julia Child” // Sam Shames, “Proving You Can Dream” // Andrew Wang, “The Three S’s” // Halla Moore, “Perseverance” // Priyanka Chatterjee, “From Generation to Generation” // Bruno Faviero, “Vision” // Bruna Moscol, “Our Essence” // Jennifer Wang, “Two Poems by Taylor Mali”



It was incredible to hear how 15 different MIT students interpreted the “Proving Them Wrong” theme, and I got a request to share more videos from the competition. I tracked down the other speech-makers from the top 3, so, without further ado, here are the videos for Anisha (3rd place overall) and Bruna’s (2nd place overall, 1st place audience choice) speeches:


Photos and videos courtesy of Tony Eng!

6 responses to “Pics or it didn’t happen?”

  1. a says:

    hey! are you really a liberal arts major? that would be so cool lol xD

  2. DylanM says:

    Ted Talks 2.0

  3. Mag says:

    No, I’m course 10B: chemical-biological engineering, but I am a theater minor! Sorry, don’t know where you got that I’m a liberal arts major.

  4. makarand says:

    great!!! just shows MIT does everythig…

  5. Erin K '16 says:

    Priyanka! :D I love her! <3

  6. M.SB. says:

    brb, changing the world