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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Questions & Coca-Cola Check-in by Matt McGann '00

Last-minute questions, and Coca-Cola Scholars check-in.

With CPW less than a day away, I’d like to use the comments for this entry for:

  1. Asking any last minute CPW questions you have (you can also do this in Mollie’s latest entry).
  2. Students who have to miss CPW for the Coca-Cola Scholars weekend in Atlanta (I hope that MIT ’10s who are there get a chance to connect!).

15 responses to “Questions & Coca-Cola Check-in”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I won’t be able to go to CPW :(


    Because I was rejected!

    Yes, I’m a little bit bitter. I felt that I really deserved to get into MIT.

    Oh well, it’s all good.

    MIT made a mistake. It happens.

    I was accepted to Yale under their Single-Choice Early Action program. Harvard and Stanford offered me admission for regular decision too.

    MIT made a mistake. It happens.

  2. What is your #1, most important, can’t-miss-for-the-world CPW activity? (other than the fruity activity which I fully intend to attend wink


  3. christine says:

    prannay – there’re a few students on campus right now trying to put together a “virtual cpw” just for people like you, who can’t make cpw for whatever reason. watch for news about that =)

    and quentin — i say the bouncy ball drop. which i missed by about 2 minutes last year and *still* regret.

  4. Molly Pounds says:

    Hey guys,

    Had to cancel CPW last min due to tests, projects, AP prep, etc. AHHHH!!!!


    I sent my admission acceptance letter into day. OMG I am now a part of the MIT class of 2010… WOW is all I can say, It’s still sinking in =)

    Everyone else have FUN at CPW!!!!!

  5. william yee says:

    Where should I go to check in if I arrive at MIT around 8:00pm? Any difference?


  6. Prannay says:

    Hey Matt!

    I can’t come for CPW due to a exam. But can u people please put up a live photo section online or deffered live video feeds of various events(only popular ones if need be). Please I beg u to do something as I don’t want to miss any of the action.

    Please Please !! consider it atleast!

  7. madmatt says:

    Q- It depends. For some people, it’s the Academic Fair; for some, the Goldfish Party; for some, the dorm tours. For you? Maybe the bouncy ball drop? I don’t know, I’ll give it some thought.

    William-Arriving at 8pm tonight shouldn’t be a problem. CPW HQ is open until midnight. So, your procedure should be the same as everyone else’s.

    Prannay-We’ll see what we can do. Rock that exam! =)

  8. gm says:

    Mr. McGann, where do I go if I was assigned a host but have not heard from her?

  9. Fernando says:

    I have to miss CPW for prom… day making me miss out on 3 MIT days.

  10. madmatt says:

    gm, when you check in tomorrow, we’ll be able to unite you and your host. Not a problem.

    Fernando, have a great prom! Anyone else going to prom this weekend?

  11. dj says:

    haha anonymous, posts like that make me laugh

    Are you sure MIT was the one to make a mistake?

    Actually, it doesn’t matter; the school you choose will give you a great education nonetheless.

  12. Stephanie says:

    the people working on the virtual CPW are my heroes!!! i’m so sad that i couldn’t come out for CPW, especially travel costs being so high…

  13. Anna says:

    Where will I find the virtual CPW?

    Just a curious mom…