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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Quick update by Matt McGann '00

A short entry, a quick link, and I become Seth Cohen.

In honor of my trip to the OC, Ben made this for me:

And the link of the day: The Art of Problem Solving (more on this next entry)

A longer update soon…

22 responses to “Quick update”

  1. Robb Carr says:

    The art of problem solving is pretty intresting, the classes are not really appealing, as I already have equivalent knowledge of them all. However in the forums I found…a link to a free course on complex analysis…a link to a course on linear algebra (Which I almost immediately replaced when I found the video lectures on MIT OCW, with problem sets and everything) and one or two other things. So that makes it worthwile. Have not had a chance to start the complex analysis course yet…a bit busy but I am looking forward to it. However I am really enjoying EPGY, which you mentioned on the phone, and in a post. Just a few days ago I recieved my Number Theory course and its alot of fun. I have the hope that it will fill in some gaps in my self taught knowledge. Am currently looking at starting the next level of Calculus through them as well when I finish my current course in a month or so.

  2. Robb Carr says:

    Current course referring to my Calculus course that is, not current EPGY course.

  3. MJ Kamalov says:

    cool smile

    art of problem solving ….

    well, it looks better on the (that same forum)

  4. Robb Carr says:

    Rushil, in a blog entry…just a few entrys back something similar was asked, here is the quote.

    Mr. McGann wrote:


    Dan wrote, “I’m a senior taking EPGY Multivariable Calculus this year. Will I have to take multivariable again in MIT if I get accepted?”

    I’m a big fan of EPGY; I hope you’re enjoying multivariable calculus. Assuming what you learn is equivalent to MIT’s multivariable calculus, and you receive transfer credit or show your knowledge through an Advanced Standing Exam during your Orientation, then you won’t need to take the class here, and will advance to the next level


    Hope that clears up your question.

    -Robb Carr

  5. Hmm, Robb seems to have missed the largest reason for people to participate in (and I suggest all who are interested do engage themselves there): the forums are the largest gathering of mathematically-inclined problem solvers in the world. There are plenty of IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad: the highest level one can achieve in high school math competitions) level studnets there, as well as the whole spectrum of other levels. And the problems are all-encompassing, able to entice people from all levels of expertise. It is simply the best choice when it comes to finding like-minded mathematical talent and exposing oneself to a world that cant be found in most local areas.

  6. Rushil Goel says:

    Since the topic of EPGY has been started, I want to ask whether MIT considers the University Level courses of EPGY equivalent to creditable college level courses asked in the MIT Application? i.e. can I get credit fo EPGY courses and will they figure in the Admission decision?

  7. Shikhar says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’d like to know whether there are any other summer programs at MIT other than RSI.

  8. Shikhar says:

    Oh no, Unfortunately there is no EC near my area and so my interview has been waived off.

    Matt will this pose any threat to my application.

    I mean I’d love to give an interview if MIT can arrange one for me because I dont want to lose out on any opportunity to demonstrate my passion for MIT.

  9. Shikhar says:


    The interview is not waived for everyone in India. But if the EC is at more than 2hrs drive away then it is usually waived.

    People in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and many other places have an interview

  10. Jeff Li says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have taken the AMC 12 exam in 10th grade, but I do not remember my exact score. I do have an AMC Certificate of Achievement that is only given to those who scored 90 or above. How should I fill out the AMC/AIME section (Part 2, section 6) on my application?


  11. Rushil Goel says:

    My interview too had been waived off. (I assume Indian interview are veing vwaved due to some reason – Shikar , are you Indian?) I had contacted MIT Interviews be email nearly 3 weeks ago but still haven’t recived any respons. Is it impossible for applicants in India to take an interview?? Please help! I too am really interested in the interview!

  12. Rob Carr says:

    No, I definetly enjoy that aspect as well Cinjon I have a SERIOUS lack of people to discuss mathematics with…it gets a bit annoying at times. I am working on all these mathematical projects and have all these ideas I just wish I had someone to converse with about them. I just kind of assumed that was a given and did not mention it in my post. Again like I said, the forums are definetly the good part. I am debating posting a conjecture I have formulated recently regarding the composition (That might not be the correct word as that implies factors…which obviously is meaningless in this case) of primes. I want to investigate it a bit more…and work a bit more with a potential proof…sorry off on a tangent here. But yes the community is definetly a wonderful one I am enjoying going through problems people post and working on/ solving them however I have not had a chance to begin to integrate (No pun intended) myself into the community… a bit busy as of late. I will also definetly be attending Mr. McGanns “MIT Admissions Math Jam” as it is worded on the site.

    -Robb Carr

    -Robb Carr

  13. Robb Carr says:

    Oops! signed my post twice…sorry about that.

  14. Robb Carr says:

    On a side note something I did not mention earlier in regards to the site…I am not a huge fan of the “Learn all these neat little tricks and apply them” mentality I prefer to figure alot of things out myself, I am a very curious person. While the forum is still definetly intresting that is a bit of a turnoff for me. It also appears to have more of a focus on knowledge for the sake of competition, or I want to get into X college so im learning y z and n; rather than learning for the sake of learning or for the sake of curiosity and a love for the subject. This certainlly has a place, and I am definetly not implying that all people on the forum are like that it just seems to be a focus. It’s entirely possible my views on the community could change as I learn more about it, but thats my general impression. Again I am not devaluing it or saying it is not a wonderful community, merely making observations.

    -Robb Carr

  15. Rushil Goel says:

    Of course. But even my request for an interview in Delhi (which I have no problem with) has not been responded to yet by MIT! Where do you live, Shikhar?

  16. Mahsa says:


    I have a question.

    In my country(iran) SAT exam or ACT have not

    taken,What should I do??

  17. Sukrit says:

    Omnibus Question:

    My main essay is 566 words long, and my two short ones each 136. How much need I shorten these essays, given that reviewers find them both interesting?


    P.S. I may have double-posted. If so, I apologize.

  18. Chill says:

    Thats terribly disturbing

  19. Robb Carr says:

    What is terribly disgusting?

  20. Robb Carr says:

    Oh! Sorry, I read that completely wrong (1280*1024 and my text size is set small

  21. Sukrit,

    The essays needn’t necessarily be exactly 500 words or under. Let’s just take it that it should be around there, +/- 100 words or 50 words perhaps?

    Either Ben or Matt once wrote about it, I think. Gotta browse through his old entries, but I don’t have the time to link it right now… nonetheless, he mentioned that it doesn’t *have* to be </=500 words, just be around there. Of course, if you write 1000 words (here I paraphrase, coz I can roughly remember this), then it is very telling about how well you can write a succint an concise essay.

    Hope it helps.

  22. sanaz says:

    Does AMC (australian medical council )have taken in Iran?