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MIT student blogger Rachel F. '12

Rachel was at SF Pride by Rachel F. '12

with Facebook

Hundreds of Facebookers united behind one banner and under several signs last Sunday, coming out to downtown San Francisco to support the annual Pride Parade! We weren’t the only techies out there this weekend — on the bus there, I ran into a flock of Google interns wearing this super adorable shirt:

But for the most part, our view of the rest of the parade was shadowed by the giant rainbow poop being towed along on the Whole Foods float.

Much, much later, we got a closer look and realized it was actually a cupcake.

Practically all of the interns managed to roll out of bed early enough for the parade, which when you think about it is really impressive. I mean, I don’t even bother registering for classes that start before 11AM.

Some thoughtful HR people had procured stickers and stamps for us to spam irreverently. We proceeded to arrange them in every possible tasteful configuration, and then some. Tons of bystanders came up to us and were like, “OMG, I was just on Facebook!” which, despite getting old quickly, was pretty cool.

As for the rest, I’ll let pictures speak in place of my usual verbosity.



7 responses to “Rachel was at SF Pride”

  1. Ei says:

    When you go to another country in an F1 visa, do you need to apply for another visa

  2. anon says:

    That’s pretty awesome. I love the signs. smile

    Out of curiosity, has there been a lot of talk around Facebook about Google+ or is it sort of just in the background?

  3. hi, There’s no connection in posting my comments on the topic above. just wanted to ask me if you could help me for the admission to MIT. looking forward.

  4. ''11 says:

    Awesome! Loved the Google droids.

  5. Sohaib says:

    Nice pictures, The androids and those signs look pretty cool.
    We techies always have to make our presence be known.

  6. wow
    how long did you guys stay in san fran? its cool to see “techies” out in the world. im unfortunately too similar to sterotypical techie. o well. lol

  7. Noel says:

    This is awesome. I was there too (not in the FB crowd mind you) and it was a sight to behold. What happened to all the signs afterwards though?