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MIT student blogger Chris S. '11

Share Your CPW With Us! by Chris S. '11

I can haz guest blogs?


“Coming from Stanford [before MIT’s CPW], I actually bought a Stanford pen because I really liked the campus but staying here over CPW I now regret that I even bothered to spend money on that, haha. I really like it here despite the weather. MIT rules!!”

-actual ’14 testimonial, quoted verbatim from a letter left to her host before she departed MIT today. :)

I just woke up, oddly feeling nostalgic about CPW (this happens every year).

Starting from meeting a couple dozen of you at the iHouse International Feast on Thursday, it had been a rollercoaster ride of a weekend since then. Holla to the MA, NY, CT, NH, MD, RI, NJ, CA, MI, IL, IN, MO, TX, FL, SC, NC, VA, PA, OR, WA, Korea, and Switzerland prefrosh that I met this weekend!! :) (this is why I like to ask you where ya’ll are from :P one of the best things about CPW is meeting you all who come from diverse corners of the world and seeing how much energy and talent you bring to the campus!).

Just like what President Hockfield said at the Closing Festival, you are were selected from less than 10% of the applicant pool, and all have your own very special accomplishments to be proud of!

There is an old tradition where current bloggers open up our blogs to you all post-CPW, to share what you’ve experienced this CPW from YOUR point of view.

Therefore, I would be open to blogs from all of you! Send me your best CPW blog – text, pictures, video…whatever you want! at my email address on the banner (ask-oasis [at] mit [dot] edu) – and I’ll post them as guest blogs! Don’t worry too much about format – I can help you HTMLize the text and the links, and resize your pictures so they’re web compatible. :)

This was your weekend, and we’re curious how it went for you! :D

As for us, today is officially CPW Recovery Day, otherwise known as *cough*gettingallthepiledupworkdoneafteranentireweekendofhavingtoomuchfun*cough* :P

As usual, let any of us know if we can help you in any way to make the decision process smoother between now and May 1! ^_____^


Congrats Next Act 2010! This song is perpetually stuck in my mind. :)

16 responses to “Share Your CPW With Us!”

  1. first!!!
    cant resist, its the second time!

  2. Spent doing homework and keeping in touch with all my buddies who went to CPW. I won’t find out if I’m in MIT til late May =.

    Hope it was great, guys! See you this August, hopefully! :D

  3. Kate'14 says:

    I brought my camera in hopes of taking lots of pictures to remember the awesomeness but it turned out that the best things could not be captured on film (either because they were intangible or hush hush).

  4. Anonymous says:

    so so so much fun!!!!! I want to go back asap. my high school seems so lame now that I’m back home!!! :(( I can’t wait to see everyone in the fall! does anyone know when the dorm videos and stuff come?????

  5. Mary '14 says:

    Re Kate ’14

    Same here. I ended up only taking around 45 pictures over the three days because I figured I’d have the chance to see pretty much everything and everyone again once we’re actually at MIT and wanted to just enjoy the experience smile

  6. genius ('18) says:

    Looking forward to read those guest blogs!

    recaptcha: filial concorde

  7. Sophie '14 says:

    I’m in study hall back at my high school right now, and people keep asking me how MIT was. I’ve found I can’t even express in words how great it was.

    I came to MIT expecting to find a campus full of intimidating math nerds. Instead I met the most interesting, involved, hilarious, down-to-earth people ever! I know it’s going to be a ridiculously busy, hard four years, but I still can’t wait to go to school there.

    recaptcha: malaprop years

  8. STuang'14 says:

    The Next Act was so sick!!!!

    CPW was a blast!!!!

  9. Tyler' 14 says:

    Everything was great. I’m from Chicago so I’m use to the rain we got Friday. The only thing I regret was my group not being picked to the Tangerine Tour. We’ll I’ll be back for all the other hacking tours during orienation.

  10. Jen '14 says:

    I didn’t do any homework either. correction: I didn’t take any pictures either, but my fingers automatically typed the previous sentence!

    and I met Chris and kind of helped people cook! :DDDDDD iHouse international feast

    Anyone get a picture of Saturday night’s EC coffeemate explosion?

    (it told me to resubmit now)

  11. VAL '14 says:

    Dude… CPW was amazing.

    Judging by the schedule, I knew it would be fun-filled and exciting, but it still far-exceeded my high expectations.

    I love how current students ran most events… they did a great job. It was so helpful to talk to them about all aspects of MIT life.

    Yay MIT!! :D

  12. lava says:

    val, thank you for the “thank you”! i was happy to find it hanging from the door on sunday. ~lauren

  13. Evan '14 says:

    Goodness, I can’t believe it’s over and I have to go back to high school right now…everyone has been asking me how it was, but I don’t think I could fully express in words how much of a fun time I’ve had.

    See you all in the fall!

  14. Carter '14 says:

    MIT CPW was awesome!!! Quidditch + massive amounts of free food (including the “OM NOM NOMELET”) + chainmail + amazing (and creepy) wall murals + furniture where no furniture has any right to be (read: underside of a arch) + enough computing power to break Portugal’s internet + an actual implementation of xkcd comic #350 + a certain citrusy expedition = one of the best weekend’s I’ve ever had. Stanford’s Admit Weekend has very, very big shoes to fill…

  15. Jochi Pochi says:

    @ Carter’14
    an actual implementation of xkcd comic #350 ?!?!!? seriously? I want to know more about this, show pictures please!! *Puppy eyes*

  16. You guys sound like you had so much fun!! Keep posting and maybe put some pictures up (of people who don’t have to worry about permission-to-be-on-the-web-in-photos issues). Is there anything on YouTube or anything like that?

    I spent all Friday and Saturday enjoying an awesome trip to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, keeping the universal spirit of creativity and exploration/innovation going. smile So, as I promised in a prior post, with you in spirit. Built my first (very simple) robot, lol!

    Have decided to stay on Harvard’s waitlist out of curiosity to see if I get in, but will be going to Vandy freshman year in any case. Less stressful, more professor-student interaction, etc.; looks to be a good experience overall. Will see you soon, MIT! At least for a visit… ^_^

    PS I’m reading a book some of you might enjoy. It’s called, “The Existential Pleasures of Engineering”.