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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

Something is coming.. by Jess K. '10

Snively and I are working on something awesome.

Snively and I are working on something awesome. Look out for the release around the end of April:

30 responses to “Something is coming..”

  1. navin says:

    something looks awesome here

  2. SS3 Gaara says:

    That looks cool…

  3. cgog says:

    diet coke and mentos show?? thats soo cool..we did that in ap chemistry last year, and instead of mentos we use pure aspartame and the explosion was massive!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice. I believe the tubes are for loading the mentos and the threads are the release system?

    haha, recaptcha = “too immodest”

  5. Morteza says:

    Good. Can someone explain this experiment to me or at least say its name. I didn’t see anything like this before.

  6. Upnorth says:

    Oh! are you guys trying to get the timing of the explosions just right so you can have something similar to a fountain show?

    Recaptcha: “the outdoors”

  7. Niloo says:

    Do not try this at home smile)

  8. Snively says:

    Nobody likes a downer. Take it to collegeconfidential, this is a place for being positive and not being obnoxious.

  9. Eric says:

    Hah, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I could watch any sort of explosion/eruption/projectile launching 100s of times without it getting boring. I’m excited to see this. ^_^

  10. Anon says:

    lol, I like the labcoat, but where are the goggles??

  11. Snively says:

    You won’t be disapointed.

  12. Kevin M. says:

    Jess & Snively, this is awesome and should pi day come out fruitful, I’ll have to demand a repeat performance! Well coordinated shows of diet coke + mentos can be really fun and it’s the trick of perfect timing that can make everything all the more exciting.

    Please see the below photo, it’s of the set EepyBird did when I went to Maker Faire Austin 2008. Well, it’s while they were setting up anyway.

  13. fox says:

    folks, i’m thirsty, aim that coke on me!

  14. Logan says:

    Reminds me of high school freshman year. Massive amouints of leftover, flat Diet Coke

  15. Piper '12 says:

    @Snively – NOOOOO we have enough of them at CC. Everyone get off CC >[email protected] – NOOOOO we have enough of them at CC. Everyone get off CC >.<

    *continues the triage*

  16. I did that last Friday and my father (sadly) drank the diet coke with mentos….
    He had an horrible stomachache!!!!

  17. Bx says:

    after seeing this thing in dozens of lame TV shows, and seeing it again with 2000 frames per second( doesn’t seems cool.
    What happened to originality?

  18. Seems bit of fun. Try table salt instead of mentos, cheaper and it have more surface.

    Simply, there will be a cool eruption.
    Scientifically, its a physical reaction between coke and mentos which realeses vast amount of carbon dioxide.
    Carbon dioxide escapes from coke beacuse the mentos is very pitted and scarred outside.
    You can’t easily see these pits by naked eye.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This girl is sexyyyyyyyyy.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Plus, I don’t know if she already got one/boyfriend!

  21. D says:

    Oh no! more waiting! But that looks cool. Love the labcoat.

  22. C2 says:

    I got to see this =O. I mean, It is MIT, and I am expecting something supper massive because it takes 2 months for preparation!!


    What girl? The soda? O_o

    PS: Is that Snively in the lab coat? He looks like the guy from Myth Busters…

  23. Zeki('14?) says:

    @Leilani (’15?)
    He could lose his stomach and life!You’ve to be very careful with coke and mentos or salt as Baransel ’14? mentioned.

    Bx was unpolite but he was a bit right about coke and mentos shows.(I hope he wasn’t all right!)

    @Snively and Jess
    I candidly hope that you will show us something pretty awesome at the end of April.After all you’re MIT students!!!

  24. @Snively and Piper ’12: It’s really incredible how short and intellectually inadequate you feel if you spend a lot of time on College Confidential…not that the site doesn’t have its uses, but I will admit that my most recent visit/browse left me feeling quite depressed… raspberry Oh well, no room in my personal philosophy for pessimism. Whoohoo, Pi Day is almost upon us!!! Best wishes to everyone smile

    PS That experiment is going to be awesome! Hey, out of curiousity, do you think it’s possible to make any kind of small engine using carbonated liquid and an aspartame injection system (for example, for a little race car model, but more long-lived than a plain bottle-rocket car)? Or would it be too messy, or fizzle out (no pun intended) to fast??

    Hmm ReCaptcha: “continued pathway” An omen for my college search? :O

  25. AARGH grammar-Nazi: I meant “too fast”, not “to fast” for the record!

  26. @Anonymous: If you were talking about Snively and the labcoat, lol…If you were talking about Jess and her blogger picture, you do know you sounded like a bit of a third derivative, right? If you were talking about me and my funny speech/typing habits, I will poke your eyeballs with my mind. No offense, just saying… ^_^

    ReCaptcha: law madonnas, lol!

  27. @ Zeki(’14?)
    It was an horrible accident!!! i was playing and someone knocked (i don¬¥t know if that is the correct verb, english isn’t my native language) the door, when i came back, my parents were really angry with me, i cried a lot. In my defense i can tell that the bottle had written “Do not drink this” (of course in spanish grin ), but i’m pretty sad….

  28. @Zeki 14
    Drinking coke with mentos is not the only way to get hurt from them smile
    From what I see in that picture, it seems its more likely to raining coke is more likely

  29. Zeki('14?) says:

    @Leilani (’15?)

    -to knock the door is correct and I’m not native speaker too lol smile
    Really sorry about that.I hope these kind of examples can help people to understand how much home can be dangerous.

  30. Utkarsh says:

    so should i be expecting a flying coke bottle to arrive from massachusetts in late april?