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MIT student blogger Cristen C. '10

Spring Break! by Cristen C. '10

*frantically waves arms in the air*

It’s always exciting to get not just a three-day weekend, but an entire week free from classes!

Back in high school spring break was in the middle of April, but here it’s at the end of March. Most other colleges have spring break a week or two earlier, meaning we don’t get to see many of our high school friends when we go home. :( But, this is because they start the spring semester weeks before we do because we have IAP. So ha!

Well, this entry is a bit premature. Many people are still in class. In fact I’m in an Athena cluster right now, supposed to be working on my UROP but instead writing this.

By the way, a few weeks ago I got a UROP! I never thought I’d be joining the ~85% of the MIT population which eventually does research in a UROP, but surprise surprise. I won’t bore you with details, but my group wants to change old power plants into cogeneration plants (those output both power and heat) by channeling the waste heat into heating for surrounding buildings. Yay!

Where was I? Oh, spring vacation. I used to go home for spring break, but since I don’t really like home that much I decided to stay at my boyfriend’s home in DE. Hopefully it’ll get warm enough to walk along the beaches at least!


Before then I’m trying to clean my room, so that one day I can take pictures and write a post about my awesome room in East Campus for you. :)

Happy Spring~~~~! ^_^

14 responses to “Spring Break!”

  1. Yay! I already love the IAP idea! Happy Spring Break:)

  2. Narce says:

    Thanks to your subtitle “*frantically waves arms in the air*” I have successfully imagined you as a chibi anime character. Thanks for that ^.^

    Hahahah, and of course, nice entry XP

  3. Alireza'14 says:

    the UROP is wonderful!
    Its a great idea.

  4. weichen says:

    It’s ironic how as MIT’s spring break is beginning just when my high school’s march break is ending… :(

  5. anon says:

    Aww lucky, mine doesn’t start till mid-April D:

  6. Anonymous says:

    If I look on Google Earth, MIT only seems about three or five miles away from the sea. How easy is it to get there, and do students go often?

  7. Narce says:

    Erm, is that really Colton that keeps linking to his blog on the blogs here?

  8. Colton says:

    @Narce: I have not commented on these blogs for days. I think my last comment was on pi day or the day after. Plus I also am against acting like a troll so the comment above is not me. Finally, I do put my blog on every comment in the URL field but take note that I always put http infront of it.

    In short, that comment above was not the real Colton Provias.

  9. Narce says:

    That’s what I expected. You didn’t seem like the kind of guy to post around meaninglessly after something like that, including another person (possibly the same one as earlier in this comment section) going by “Colton ’13” who also linked to your blog, but in the most recent financial aid post. And that comment in the financial aid post didn’t seem trollish, but also didn’t make sense >.>

  10. Jolka says:

    In Poland there is no spring break ;p

    btw. nice weather wink There’s snow here. I was skiing today ;D

  11. jimmy says:

    Your boyfriend’s place lokks really cool….summer,sun and surf….lol

  12. Melody '13? says:

    Your UROP sounds really interesting. That happens to be exactly what we just did in APES too!