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MIT student blogger Snively '11

Strike! Strike! Strike! by Snively '11

I. H. T. F. P.

Ok, I’m breaking my “Only blog every other day” rule, but only because I don’t really count the liveblog yesterday as an entry so much as a fun activity.

CPW is right around the corner guys, excited? I am, probably more than you realize (ooooo, cryptic). Burton-Conner has all of its activities planned, our new shirts just got here (3 boxes containing several hundred shirts are sitting in my room), and I’ve begun to realize that my classes are being toned down so that we can enjoy CPW. This is all very good news and puts me in a good mood, even though I’m studying physics right now.

Last year there was an 8.02 (Physics, E&M) test during CPW, meaning any host in 8.02 just completely ignored their prefrosh for the first day of CPW so they could study. Luckily our test is this coming Thursday this year, completely avoiding CPW. My next math test isn’t until late April, Toy Design doesn’t have tests, and UROP is just fun. Overall, I’m in really good shape to enjoy CPW . . . well . . . I thought I was. Then I checked my 2.001 schedule and almost cried like a baby.

My last 2.001 (Mechanics and Materials) test went over like a bag of rocks. Technically, I guess it’s called a “Quiz,” but they just call it that to lure us into a false sense of security. I ended up getting class average, but it certainly didn’t feel like that while taking the test. I felt worse coming out of that quiz than any test I’d ever taken. I spotted the admissions crew (Ben, Nance, and Stu) in the student center after the test and had a “What am I doing here, I suck at MIT, I’m going to fail, I hate life, tell me that I’ll be ok!” moment. They were all awesome about it, assuring me that I would survive, that it was only one test, and that mechanical engineering isn’t about how good at written tests you are, it’s about building things, so once I got the paper portion of Course 2 out of the way I’d be fine. That made me feel moderately better, but it took a good 4 hours of Brawl to settle me down. It was rough. Boo for 2.001 quizzes. Luckily, we only have three (well, two tests and a final) so I don’t have to take them that often. Anyway, back to talking about my CPW schedule. This is what my calendar looks like:

Dude. No. That just ain’t right.

So, I’d like to predict what a future blog entry may be about (specifically, the blog entry right after CPW).

Title: “Why CPW Rocked and Sucked Really Hard at the Same Time!”

Content: It was so awesome, I was sleep deprived, ate far too much food/sugar, and hung out with a ton of people. Unfortunately, I’m now on anti-depressants because I think I just got a 5% on my 2.001 test. I love you guys, it was great hanging out with you, but I’d like to blame all of you for my failing 2.001. Go ahead, feel guilty now.

Looking forward to that entry? Yeah, I know you are. Can’t say I’m looking forward to writing it, but that doesn’t really matter.

Enjoy CPW, it better be worth making me fail my 2.001 test ( not trying to make you feel guilty or anything ).



Guilt guilt guilt guilt

38 responses to “Strike! Strike! Strike!”

  1. Snively says:

    Alright, congratulations, the blog entry has been up for an hour and a half. If you’re bragging about a post now then you’re a n00b that doesn’t spend enough time on the internet/doesn’t have an RSS reader.

    Sorry all, that’s the truth behind it.

  2. Natasha says:

    I can’t make it to CPW.
    I guess, I’m not going to be one of the guilty-party. =D

    So far, that is the ONLY bright side of not being able to attend.

  3. Isshak says:

    I hope you FIRST POST people get a power cut…

  4. Judy H. says:

    5% on a test vs. CPW

    hmm, I’d go w/ CPW

  5. Bassil `12 says:

    We’re going to make CPW so absolutely, ridiculously fun, that the endorphins your body produces will last through out your 2.001 quiz, and you’ll miraculously get an A :D

  6. |Lex! says:

    Judy, slight miscalculation, “>5% on test & no CPW” vs. “Judy, slight miscalculation, “>5% on test & no CPW” vs. “<=5% on test & CPW”. I’d say since we can’t guarantee that Snively would get too much above the 5% without CPW, we shouldn’t feel bad. Kinda not sorry for stealing your guilt mongering :D.

  7. Julie P. says:

    11th!!!!! first time im in the top 15. is it impossible to be “first!” from Japan??

  8. edan '12 says:

    snively ur blogs are awesome. I guess its that witty MIT humor that gets me.what’s it like being a pre-frosh’s celebrity.

  9. Davorama says:

    I am super excited for CPW – I actually have a countdown on my phone [12 days].

    You could take sunday off to study and sleep…unless you have to spend that time cleaning up from the awesomeness of the past few days.

    I will be one of the guilty party – but I won’t feel guilty. =P

  10. abc123 says:

    its your 2nd cpw, right?
    no need to spend all of your time doing prefrosh stuff…

    secondly, you also have mastering physics sunday night.

  11. Chris says:

    ho dang that sucks. I’m due to fly back into Houston at midnight, and I’ve got a Calc test over convergence in infinite series. =) oh well! counter-guilt!

  12. Anonymous says:

    @ “…this year we admitted just one out of nine.”

    I’ll just copy a snippet of what I wrote in Matt’s “Snapshot Statshot”:

    “I must add one more thing about the admit rate: the 1-in-9 is a bit misleading.

    – For US students, the admit rate was 13.9% (under 1 in 7 by less than a hair).
    – For international students the admit rate was 3.9% (very slightly above 1 in 26).”

    It was very disappointing to hear (from an alleged EC, Alice ’78) that the reason for your quota is:

    “MIT knows what the historic financial need is for the 8% internationals—a not insignificant number of them require 100% aid. Because international students do not qualify for the primary sources of undergrad financial aid (which are US federal programs), international students have to be paid for out of MIT’s endowment.”

    From what I’ve read/heard, MIT in supposed to be need-blind for all applicants, including internationals.

    From Wikipedia’s Need-blind admission page:

    “There are only eight colleges that are need blind for all applicants, including international students. These are …, MIT, …”

    So now, besides still being extremely disappointed with myself for not being admitted, I’m also quite upset (and I take longer than most to “let go” of things that make me upset, as is evident from my replying on these blogs two weeks after being rejected). Was my application given less consideration just because my family can’t afford to pay almost $50k a year for college?

    I would like to know, once and for all, if the quota is based on financial need or not.

    If it’s isn’t, then why is it there? Even if it IS there, why is it so low? Why aren’t international students (paying the same application fee and working hard to meet testing requirements even when these are sometimes not easily available in your area and are using a different curriculum) given the same opportunities?

    Is MIT afraid that the American students will become a minority?
    Is MIT afraid that after completing studies, most international students will go back to their own countries, leaving less MIT graduates in the US?
    Or is it just that American students are, in general, better qualified for MIT?

    Bleh. Mahalo.

    Jay “

    what is this man???

  13. yiwen says:

    Haha I have AP finals (my school has a weird scheduling system) the two days I come back…so, like Chris, *counter-guilts you* :D.

    Ahhhh I can’t wait for this weekend!

  14. Omar '12 says:

    Yeah that’s not fair at all. Am I going to get to see you freak out about it?

  15. MIT Alum says:

    To Annonymous re: int’l admit rate

    I understand your dissapointment about not getting admitted, but you shouldnt be “dissapointed with yourself” as the process at a place like MIT is extremely competitive and many great applicants don’t get the chance to come to MIT.

    That said, your argument is flawed for 2 reasons:

    1- “Need blind” means you don’t compare applicant X vs. applicant Y based on financial need. i.e. whether your parents could afford to pay $50,000 or $50 billion for your schooling is insiginificant to your admissions decision. So, yes MIT is 100% need blind.

    2- I think Alice’s reasoning behind the int’l quota is incorrect. MIT, like its U.S. peers, is a predominantly U.S. institution. Like other high ed institutions, its mandate is to engage in research that progresses mankind. Much of this research is funded by the U.S. gov’t which stipulates that federal funding be used predominantly on U.S. students. While that may be “unfair”, top tier universities rely on federal funding to retain professors and engage in top-tier research projects.

    I hope you don’t take this decision too hardly, as I am sure you will end up going somewhere great where you can fulfill your dreams.

  16. Rachel'12 says:

    T-shirts? T-shirts for US?????

  17. Dahvid says:

    lolz snively at yer comment
    remember me =D ?__?

    anyway, i h t f p…
    … just guessing.. does f=first and p rhyme with host? =D

  18. Celena '12 says:

    Is there any chance CPWers will come home with loads of t-shirts? :D :D :D

  19. Paul says:

    Actually, yes – there are several free T-shirts to be had at CPW! I ended up with one from Underground Capture the Flag (it was used to determine sides – I was on the Red Team, go red!), plus a “Go Greek” shirt from the [url=”” rel=”nofollow”]Interfraternity Council. A few events involve making T-shirts, as well.

    If that’s not enough, I assure you that you’ll end up with even more free T-shirts during Orientation. smile[/url]

  20. Vivi '12 says:

    Either way, I’ve feel guilty for missing CPW, so it’s a lose-lose situation for me either way =/

  21. Celena '12 says:

    In that case, w/ all the MIT gear I’m going to buy and the t-shirts, I better bring an extra suitcase…

  22. Snively says:

    Sorry, just to avoid confusion, the shirts are for Burton-Conner residents to wear (we all bought them). Yes, there will be opportunities for free t-shirts, just not these ones.

  23. Libin Daniel says:

    Say no to ozonolysis whenever possible. Remember??
    Sigh…I am not admitted.

  24. Anon9 says:



    If anyone knows how to be in four places at once, I would be mucho relieved to know smile

  25. CPW+T-shirts+Free Food+Boston-stress (Heh, yeah right!) – sleep =
    Off to compare airline prices!

  26. N. Bourbaki says:

    Might I suggest trying to teach the material to whatever pre-frosh you encounter? Being able to explain a concept to someone else – especially someone that may have a limited background in the area – will help to reinforce the ideas in your own mind. The ability to teach is the true measure of understanding.

  27. Aditi says:

    Snively you’ll do great anyway.
    I wont be part of the ‘guilty party’ either, Natasha :(

    So when exactly is orientation? I want to go for CPW =(

    Aaaarrgh! Why do i live a million miles away =(

  28. Bassil `12 says:

    Actually, Hermione figured out how to do it with Dumbledore’s help, but it isn’t entirely possible yet, because MIT didn’t invent a time-turner yet.

  29. I can totally relate; last year I had to host students at Brown for ADOCH and I had an exam the next day. I felt sooo lame having to leave them for the library.

    –Andy and ScholarsForStudents

  30. Anonymous says:

    I was in your shoes four years ago. importance of CPW >> importance of 2.001 [but do what you can to study]

  31. Snively says:

    For anybody who is still reading comments on this entry, it turns out that our professor took pity on us and has decided to push the test back to Wednesday. smile

  32. Pamela '12 says:

    Heck yes!!
    That’s awesome smile

  33. Davorama says:

    10 days left

    So, Snively. It’s been two days. I think you were due for a post.

    I can forgive you, thought, because of that extra one on saturday.

  34. Davorama says:

    I mean friday.