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MIT student blogger Mollie B. '06

Sue me, I’m a multicellular organism snob by Mollie B. '06

So, I’m from Columbus, Ohio, home of Jungle Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo. I managed to make my annual trip to the zoo last summer, but since I won’t be home at all this summer, I’m stuck getting piecemeal animal experiences this summer. Although this approach obviously has its disadvantages, it’s worked pretty well in the past week or so.

Friday night, Adam withheld dinner from me until I agreed to go to the movies. Being wily and sly, I managed to both pick the restaurant (California Pizza Kitchen!) and pick the movie — March of the Penguins. It was awesome, although I think it would suck to be a penguin… I’m not so much a fan of the -80 degree temps they regularly weather. But the baby penguins were cute little triangular furballs, and watching them waddle around made me happy.

On Sunday, Adam and I headed to the Museum of Science — MIT students get in free! The museum, besides being a great place to immerse oneself in biology and/or aerospace engineering (both Adam and I have sort of one-track minds), had two exhibits to thrill the animal geek in me: a new baby monkey and a butterfly garden. I watched the baby tamarin for about 15 minutes longer than Adam would have liked (I can’t help it, I have a soft spot for primates), and lingered in the butterfly garden’s 100-degree heat for as long as I was allowed.

Needless to say, it was a good weekend for the bio girl.

2 responses to “Sue me, I’m a multicellular organism snob”

  1. Mitra says:

    When I was in 4th or 5th grade, I got one of those kits that teaches you how to raise butterflies. Needless to say, the experience was the highlight of my childhood.

  2. i kind of agree with your blog heading biology is life, yea indeed it is, but there are lot of misery around most organisms existence. am a prospective student of MIT and will like to know more on what u think on biology. perphaps be a friend my addr is ; [email protected]