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MIT student blogger Rachel D. '16

Summary of the Semester by Rachel D. '16

I'm a senior and it's super weird.

I’m a senior! And it’s November of my senior year at MIT! Crazyyyyy.

So many crazy things. So much has changed.

So where did it go? What’s been going on?

I Moved Off-Campus

Me – once the frosh obsessed with my living group and my hall and everything surrounding MIT culture, now lives an eight minute bike ride north of MIT. Well, a little longer than that since I sprained my ankle(s). But about eight minutes.

I love it. My cat is happier than ever, and I’m with my good friend, Dan S. ’17, who just got back from a year on leave from MIT. I live right near work, and a great taco place.

When I got my first utility bill, I got super excited to be a real person. Like a real person who pays bills. But then I paid the bills, and I wasn’t happy anymore.

I (Still) Have An Amazing Cat

Do you want to see a picture of my cat? Of course you do!


I’ve been spending A LOT of time with Rory.

I’ve grown a little cat crazy.

Okay, I’ve always been cat crazy.

I Work at an Awesome Place

I have a job! At Formlabs!

I play with liquid photopolymers for about 12 hours each week!

And we make pretty resin!

Here’s a video:

Also, we just announced a new printer – the Form 2. All super exciting! I really like working part-time at Formlabs. I’ve been working part-time or full-time as an intern since this past January, and I’ve enjoyed all my time there.

Also, my team got me this shirt!

Best job ever working with the best people ever :)

Cool Classes that I Genuinely Enjoy

I actually enjoy all of my classes. I’m taking poetry, journalism, experimental writing, and biomaterials: tissue engineering. I really like all of the professors and classmates and discussions and lectures, and I think this is a really great semester class-wise. I hope I can get three of these classes to count towards my major requirements. Fingers crossed!!!

I Got a Hamster

Her name is Princess Leia!!

She’s a princess. She lives in a castle I plan on expanding. I want to buy her a crown.

Making Time for Playing Games

Twenty-Four Formlings (People who work at Formlabs) started a game of Neptune’s Pride a couple of weeks ago, and we have been taking over the universe one star planet thingy at a time. It has gotten violent, with people cursing, offering drinks (someone from Hungary is getting me a chocolate martini when he comes to the states!), and forming alliances and strict enemies. It’s really intense.




Well, that’s mostly it right now, besides actively looking for a full-time job for next year. Ahhhhh the stress!!!!!!

To end this post in style, here is a picture of Rory.