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MIT student blogger Snively '11

Telethon Live Blog by Snively '11

Where we call you --

7:17 pm
Tonight is the EA admit telethon, wherein we spend all night calling all 522 admitted freshmen and saying things like “HI! OMG OMG OMG YOU’RE A PREFROSH AND WE’RE SUPER EXCITED TO TALK TO YOU AND I WANT TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING ABOUT MIT AND AND AND AND” while you sit there and roll your eyes at us.

In all actuality, I am really excited to call you guys, but the phones are kind of all busy right now so I have to wait a little bit. I’ve decided to do a liveblog and chronicle this experience (waiting and calling). Random pictures may appear and I’ll answer questions online. Stand by the phones guys, we’re callin’ everybody!

7:18 pm
Matt McGann has just arrived! He’s dressed very nicely for a telethon, maybe he’s trying to make a good impression? More to come!

8:45 pm
Just got off the phone with Marta from OR (represent!) and had a great conversation with pretty much every aspect of freshman life at MIT. I love this school and all the people that get in!

9:00 pm
Successfully called Marc R. after digging around through bunches of paper. Score one for blog comments being useful!

9:10 pm
So now this is Jon, Snively’s roommate, er… the blanket guy, semi-guest-blogging on his computer because I’m bored and have a relatively long streak of getting automated answers! So the telethon seems to be going well at this point, all of the phones are still filled, and we’re calling people like you, prefrosh! Prefroshes? What’s the plural? Who knows. So anyway, I miss being a prefrosh because CPW was the best thing EVAR. It also reminds me of the first time I actually met Snively, where his first statement to me was “I believe I owe you this” whilst handing me a Bawls soda. Good times. Moral of the story: go to CPW. It’s the best thing since not just sliced bread, but any kind of bread whatsoever. Ok, there’s dessert now. Goodbai whorld!


9:37 pm
Called Hawkins, success number two! We’ll dig for more names.

11:14 pm
Alright, I’m back in my dorm and ready to start finishing my physics PSET. Man I’m tired of these! Anywho, here’s a quick wrap-up of the telethon.

@Carmen/Jing Jing
As for who called who, they had all the EA admits sorted by state so we just grabbed whichever state we wanted. Most of us went for our home state first (Oregon, represent!)

@dan p
Goosebumps of joy eh? Hm, I’ve never actually been told that before. I assure you, I’m just a person, and sometimes a pretty boring one at that. I’m flattered though, thanks.

@Sam/Hawkins/Marc R.
After you commented we looked around and found your forms to call again. Hope you all had nice chats.

I looked really hard for your paper but I couldn’t find it! I hope you got a phone call, I’m assuming that somebody else had your sheet, I tried though!

43 responses to “Telethon Live Blog”

  1. Tong says:

    Yay, I got the call during my Linear Algebra class. I stared at the number for a few seconds wondering where 617 is and another few seconds getting out of the room. Then the ring ended. I tried calling back but it wouldn’t go through. Fortunately for me, MIT called me back again!!

  2. archimedes says:

    but…but…I won’t be home tonight!

  3. Hyun Jin says:


    Hmm completely forgot about Skype
    Maybe it really is viable then raspberry

    And I agree, a situation like that would be hilarious. Not only would the hypothetical int’l prefrosh mom be confused, but whoever calling would be too.

  4. Any chance of you nice blogger folk ringing up a jolly ol’ Penn Stater?

    *wink wink nudge nudge* :D

    (I would post my phone number, if it didn’t strike me as being such a bad idea, this being the interwebs and all. Actually, it’s probably still on file somewhere in the admissions office…*wink wink*)


  5. Fausto says:

    I got my phone call two nights ago … ? Am I getting another one? I wouldn’t mind hearing as much about MIT as I can but … maybe I’m confused. I’ll be quiet now. smile

  6. Marc R. says:

    Paul called me but I wasn’t home. Am I supposed to call back only if I have questions, or should I call either way?

  7. PS says:

    The usual question: may you share a photo for MITBlogs people? =)

    BTW, is there a Telethon for RA students?

  8. Snively says:

    Paul is calling you right now Marc

  9. Marc R. says:

    Snively must have ESP. I just spoke to Paul on the phone.

    Or maybe you’re in the same room. Who knows.

    Either way, the telethon is a great idea, thanks for the call.

  10. Hyun Jin says:

    @ PS
    It would be cool if there was a telethon for RA students too… though that would probably take infinitely more time and effort… not to mention the sheer amount of not-so-cheap long distance calls that have to be made.

  11. KelseyK says:

    Yea Oregon!

    Do you guys do a “telethon” for regular action?

  12. @PS says:

    @Hyun Jin:

    Voice on IP (starting with Skype) is your friend *grin*.

    I laugh just thinking what would happen if an Intl’ prefrosh mom (who doesn’t speak English) answers the phone that night/week =P

    (Argh, the “Remember Me?” option doesn’t work!)

  13. Christina says:

    YES! There is definitely a telethon for RA students, and it’s even more fun. smile

  14. Lauren says:

    Oh darn! Haha, looks like I only put my cell phone number on my application… and my cell phone is currently out of commission :-( Ah well, maybe next time?

  15. Piper says:

    Haha, I remember my call from last year. I believe it was a Samantha, and I was extremely confused =P

  16. Sam says:

    Oh man. I was gone and MIT called my house twice. And now, fifteen minutes later, I’m home. Gah.

  17. Hawkins says:

    Yaaaay, thanks for the call, guys! I was watching a movie (I didn’t actually expect a call), but I got the message afterwards – hilarious! I can’t wait to hang out with you guys this fall. =)

  18. Raina says:

    Just received a call from Grace. Thank you! What a welcome distraction from studying for a chem test. You guys are all so awesome for calling us one by one smile

  19. carmen says:

    wow…i received a call from esther (sp? sorry if i spelled it wrong/ just completely wrong) in the middle of dinner, and i was like… calls the telephone number is actually something they REALLY need. thanks!! mit admissions people are pretty awesome! i m excited for the food at mit now. =)

    btw: do they just randomly give out our names to you guys to call, or do they match you up? (’cause i talked about food (*yummy*) during my interview and coincidentally esther is also very passionate about it too).

  20. Morgan '12? says:

    Awww this sounds like so much fun! I’m so jealous. Can’t wait for RA decisions/telethon!!!!

  21. Chris B. '12 says:

    You all are the sweetest people. I go to boarding school, and not only did you call me at school, you called my house and spoke to my mom. Score for MIT!

  22. Jing Jing says:


    Did you guys just call everyone by their last names, alphabetically, or by state?

  23. dan p says:

    dear mr. snively,
    hearing your voice over the phone will surely give me goose bumps of joy.

    calling ra admits must take days locked up in the telethon room
    march 15th is so far away :(

  24. Viva says:

    haha sorry for being so overexcited when you called :D
    it was nice talking to you!

  25. Jess says:


  26. Sivakami '11 says:

    Hey! I didn’t realize you were a blogger! WOW, we had two bloggers calling in the telethon yesterday, pretty sweet! smile P.S. I’m the person who you heard the fence story about, remember, lol!

  27. Rachel'12 says:

    Aww…I was at robotics reallyreallylatemakingcoolthingssss and I probably won’t be home before midnight EST for the next four weeks :'(

  28. Akshay says:

    Maybe they’ll assign students representing the respective countries for the telethon so that no phone call ends up in a confusion.

  29. I should find this “Marta.”
    Nah that’s weird. Cool that some[an] Oregon kids[kid] already got in. I heard from my interviewer that he had interviewed 3 kids for ea. Poor me I’m such a slacker. Took the SAT October, then subject tests in November and December.
    Far too much information about me in that so I’ll leave it at that.

    Hope some more people from Oregon will be representing next year (specifically me and also KelseyK).

  30. First?

    Paul called me .. he was like Hi this is Paul! and I was like .. Hey Paul! .. its a good story, the end.

    After I hung up, I felt like I should have talked to him/you (if you read this) longer, but I also know that you all have lots of people to call.. so … good luck


  31. do you call us alphabetically by last name?
    (please say yes?)

  32. Snively says:


    Where do you live/what’s your name? I’ll try to call you

  33. Mairead Daniels
    i lives in New York

  34. Marta says:

    @Stephen Rigsby

    Hey! According to the guestbook for admitted students, there are two people from OR so far, me from Sisters OR (dinky town in Central Oregon… heard of it? smile) and Courage Cooper from Portland OR. I hope more (especially you and Kelsey) people from OR get in! Good luck!

  35. Snively says:

    There’s another OR from Gresham. . .

  36. Hah
    Yeah I’ve heard of Sisters. I live in Redmond. My mom works in Sisters (Bronco Billy’s).

    Hopefully they haven’t exceeded their Oregon quota (I know there is no quota it is just a poorly delivered joke.)

    Congrats to everybody that did get in.
    And Marta I’ll probably bump into you while walking around Central Oregon.

  37. Shamarah says:

    Is there any hope for people who missed their calls?

  38. Hawkins says:

    Wow, spam AND date requests in the comments. Snively is popular. =P

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    Was looking for some new blogs to add to my reader and I found yours

    Just added you to my reader, and leaving a friendly comment

    Anyway, keep the good posts up wink around the theme of <a > vibrator



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  40. GI says:

    Hi Snively, thanks for the lovely chat. I really enjoyed it. Will you accept my request on Facebook? I’m hoping we could get better in touch.

    I’m going to send you an e-mail.

    BTW is there some rule probhibiting an ’11 from an EVENTUAL date with a ’12-kiddo?

    (removed my name for privacy on the blogs)

  41. KelseyK says:

    That’s awesome that there are so many kids from Oregon that got in!

    Congrats, Marta! Sisters is an awesome town – my family went on vacation there once. At least people have heard of your hometown – no one seems to know where Willamina is.

    @ Stephen – I hope you get in! Good luck!

  42. Snively says:

    I know where Willamina is!