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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

Tell Me Baby by Jess K. '10

..what's your story?

So you’re admitted! You’re a rockstar! So I’m bringing this post back! What did YOU do when you got into MIT?

Example: I’m Sandy, one of Jess’s favorite people ever, and I called Jess the minute I found out I got into MIT and went crazy over the phone. And Jess went crazy back, because she loves me and is really excited that I got in and is also really excited to see her next week when she comes home for spring break.

Your turn!

A much more substantial entry coming soon – but speaking of rockstars, last week I went to two very incredible shows by two of my favorite bands (not Red Hot Chili Peppers, despite the title of this entry): Of Montreal and The Shins..

So much fun. Anyway, yeah, please introduce yourself! Let me know you’re out there – we’re all really psyched to meet you! Just look:

42 responses to “Tell Me Baby”

  1. Abuuuuuu says:

    first post yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Kristen says:

    So I log on 15 minutes early and kept clicking the “Refresh” button. Finally it comes up. I finally get logged onto the page and read the first line and screamed. My mom was right there and we were jumping and screaming and everything. I was so happy I was literally shaking. So my mom called my dad. Then I get a phone call “This is MIT and we made a mistake and we will update the post at 12:15.” Oh my gosh! I was emotional that I didn’t think logically. I hung up and flipped out; I was almost crying. Then the phone rings again and it is my dad and he says “I can’t believe you believed that last phone call.” I was so mad at him. How could he do that to me? Anyway then I went back to jumping and screaming.

  3. Emily says:

    I was just finished teaching one of my violin students and I saw this big tube package on my steps- I had NO IDEA that I was accepted when I saw it- I didn’t know that was a tradition for EA, so I brought it inside just as my mom was pulling up in the driveway. I thought it was a poster or something, but then I saw confetti and started screaming at my brother- “CHARLIE- WHY IS THERE CONFETTI IN MY MAIL?!?!?!?!” just as my mom walked in. We were both jumping up and down and screaming and my mom was crying- it was the most amazing feeling!!!!! Afterwards, we called all of everyone that had asked about my application- I STILL can’t believe it!

  4. Steve says:

    I said to myself “I need to mail this letter to Sen. Martinez (a Thank You for co-sponsoring a resolution to support new peace talks in Uganda), so I’ll check and think about it as I walk to the mail box.” So I checked, read the first few lines, printed it and asked my dad to read it and see if he read the same thing. He hugged me and then went back to sleep. (We’re an emotional family as you can tell.) Then I called my mom and finally got around to mailing that letter.

    (By the way, Sen. Kerry, to my knowledge, also co-sponsored S. Con. Res. 16 so people in Massachusetts should call and or send a letter in support.)

  5. Adam S. says:

    Hey Jess! Lets see.. Here’s my story from Sat. to afternoon Mon.

    Saturday morning I went to the unofficial MIT admissions chat room to watch everyone else get their decisions and record them. I had decided to wait for my decisions in the mail. Only 3 people that were in the chat at the time (and me, but I didn’t know till later) out of around 25 people. There were so many very nice people there! It’s amazing that the admissions officers can actually make such tough decisions!

    Anyway, Sat. & Sun. went very slowly for me because I kept thinking about how I was going to be receiving my decision Mon. Finally Mon. came… It was 11:30am, and I saw the mail vehicle. It was torture watching the postman go house to house (for like 10 minutes..) but eventually he came to mine. I saw him looking through the mail.. and there was a big white envelope in the pile he chose for our house! But I saw a flash of color.. and it was white & orange.. Caltech colors! I thought that I had been accepted to Caltech and rejected from MIT.. but when the postman handed it to me, it said “MIT” (The acceptance packets have MIT written in orange, I really dunno why.

    Turns out I was rejected from Caltech (yay) but accepted to MIT! Soon as I got in the house, I tightened my vocal cords and allowed a large amount of air to pass over them. I also jumped up & down an awful lot. No one was home except for me, so I called my mom and my dad. For my dad, I tried to maintain my composure, and I told him that “I got my MIT decision.. small envelope.. Guess I’m not MIT material..” I continued bluffing for a minute, but then told him the good news! I’m lucky he didn’t have a heart attack.

    I called up all my relatives & friends and let them know right away, & updated my status on the chat room. I put the MIT t-shirt on that I couldn’t bring myself to wear before, & left for school. After school, I had a math competition.. ended up doing very well, probably because being accepted boosted my confidence tenfold. ^_^

    I wasn’t able to celebrate a huge amount because I’ve been pretty busy.. but I’m celebrating now! Can’t wait for the admitted student meeting and CPW!

    So there’s my story! I look forward to reading everyone else’s!

    MIT class of ’11.. w00t! The full magnitude of being admitted hasn’t even sunk in yet! =)

  6. Jean says:

    OMG! I am still so excited that I got into MIT! Anyway. My heart was pounding since 10:00 am that morning. Me, living in the Midwest (Minnesota) that means that I would see the decision by 11:00 am central time that day. So by 10:50 am, I logged onto my dial-up internet service, it seemed like it took forever to get online. I went to the decisions website. I typed in my username and password and hit ‘display my decision’ button. My hands were shaking so badly, for I dod not know what to expect. No one else was in the room, so they wouldn;t see me if I got rejected. Finally, I took my hands off of my eyes. I read the first line and I screamed my head off and i started crying! I was so h appy and in such a state of shock that all I coudl do was cry! I was so loud that my mom who was asleep at that time came running thinking that one of the twin babies had stopped breathing! I immediately called my dad and have been on Cloud Nine ever since!

  7. milena '11 says:

    Adam S.– Join the facebook group!!

    Congratulations!! I actually asked about you on Saturday, I wanted to know if you were in!!

  8. Keri says:


    And that show was so so so so great (No, I could not resist saying that again)

    With that said, let the prefrosh profiles resume.

  9. Teresa says:

    I had a Science Olympiad competition Saturday morning, and my first event was at 9:00 (12:00 EST). I turn on a computer at about 8:30 and see… a login screen! Aaaarrrgh! Nooooooo! Me, two teammates, my coach, and my older brother (a computer science major on spring break) all try to hack in without a username or password and fail. Miserably. The time flies by as we try guessing passwords, unplugging cables, restarting, trying a guest account, everything. Nothing works. I have to go compete in Experimental Design without knowing. The moment it finishes, I RUN outside and down the street two blocks to the public library. All alone, I enter moments after it opens and get on a computer… no internet. I was on a catalog computer. I find the internet computers, log in, and bring up the page. A heartbeat later my eyes find that wonderful “it is my pleasure to offer you admission” line! After scanning it four or five times to make sure it was real, I calmly walk outside. And then I take off down the sidewalk, laughing and grinning and sprinting like a maniac. This guy at a bus stop gave me a look like I was completely psycho, but when I reached the competetion and told everyone they were ecstatic. I called my parents and gave them the news, then spent the next twenty minutes lying on the floor, dancing around, and running through the halls… happiness

  10. Stephan says:

    I had woken up at 6 that morning (Jamaican time) to get ready for class. I had a Chemistry lab and a Physics class to stew over before decisions were out. The hours dragged on, but then Physics class started. I had forgotten that my teacher had left work but would be absent. I had decided to leave and rush home to decisons, when about ten people stopped me to help thEm with the last question. I finally rushed out and was hurrying out the school gate. Home was a 15 minute walk but I could not move. I saw my friend leaving a class room from behind the school fence and walked back to school to ask him to drop me home. Unfortunately, his calss was not up and I was forced to push myself to walk when another friend was sitting by herself, so naturally I decided to keep her compAny. She left and it was 11 (12 in the US) I decided to go by the Chem lab where my first friend had class and looked in the physics classroom to see my note book lying on a desk. I was so relieved to not have left school without it. My friend left class and i went home with him. I bursts through the door, reved up the computer and had my friend, Cookie on the phone as the page loaded. The writing was long and I did not understand the first paragraph until I read it again. I screamed “OH MY GOD, I GOT INTO MIT”. Cookie screamed just as loud. I called everyone I knew immediately, and continued jumping until Cookie decided to take me out to Emancipation Park that night. I did not leave until 12 (1am in the US). Overall, best day I have had in 17 years!!

  11. jinjin says:

    I was going to be somewhere else at 12:00, the day the decisions got released. I’d given my friend, who’d gotten into MIT EA, my account info and told her that she could check for me if she was unbearably curious. But, I told her not to call me and tell me my decision(I really, really didn’t want to know if I was rejected…haha.)
    When she found out I’d been accepted, she couldn’t contain herself and called me. My phone was at home, so I didn’t get the call, but I still have the voicemail. It is hysterical. It starts out with her casually asking if I’d heard from anyone else about MIT, and wondering when I’d be home, and then moves on to musing about how she’s not supposed to tell me my decision…
    and then it just bursts out of her: “you were accepted! …sorry, I wasn’t supposed to tell you! but Aaaah! I’m so excited! Oh my god!” etc.

    I’d checked the decision myself before getting that message. I was in a library, so when I found out I’d gotten in I couldn’t make a single estatic noise! I ended up just sauntering out of there with this ridiculously huge grin on my face and my heart hammering away in my chest.

    and the next day, like Adam S., I wore my MIT t-shirt, which I hadn’t been able to bring myself to wear since I’d been deferred.

    I’m still can’t quite believe I was actually admitted!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone at CPW

  12. Fei says:

    I woke up on Saturday at 9 AM. My plan was to finish my AP Physics homework because there was a test on Monday. But for some reason, I wandered around the house, wasting time and cooking for lunch! After that, it was 10 AM. Time wasn’t passing too fast. Then my Mom suggested that I do my Chinese homework for AP Chinese. Before I knew it, it was 11:30 AM already! Time always flies when I write Chinese essays. Then I called everyone down to eat lunch, and the time was 11:50AM after we finished eating. Next, I went upstairs to brush my teeth, preparing for my final 10 minutes. My twin sister, who was roaming on Collegeconfidential in the MIT RD thread while I was in the bathroom, ran into the the bathroom and shouted “the decisions are up.” It was 11:55 AM. My heart skipped a beat when she said that. So I rushed to my laptop and logged in. We read the first sentence together, and I jumped up and down, screaming on top of my lungs. My mom came in my room and gave a bright smile. We were all so happy. Immediately at 11:57 AM, I called my Dad, wh was in China for a business trip. He didn’t expect the decisions to come out that early! Basically I was only three minutes early. He planned to call me at exactly noon.

    I told my teachers and counselors who helped me through this process on Monday. Everyone was excited and happy for me.

  13. Maia says:

    It was a few minutes past noon, and I was trying to play it cool, picking at what was left of my lunch and reading the newspaper, and my mom actually logged in and yelled to me from the other room, “Maia, you’re not going to believe this, but you got into MIT!” I thought she was messing with me (but she’s not really that mean) so I kind of sauntered over. I had to read the letter maybe ten times before I understood what I had just read, and even then I was waiting for it to be a mistake–that sort of thing happens to me all the time. But it hasn’t been so far, so I think it’s safe to assume that I can stop worrying that I will soon get a phone call telling me that everything’s an awful joke…..

    Remembering this has made me so excited again! Every time I feel down, I just think, “Wait a minute, MIT picked YOU to attend! Why are you sad?!!!” And then I run around screaming a little bit.


  14. Christina says:

    I was at a business program at UCLA that fateful Saturday in December! Luckily, before the class started, my teacher let me check my decision on the computer. I signed on, entered username and password and clicked the decision button WAY TOO FAST! Breathing faster than I ever had in my life, I scanned the article fast and saw the words “offer you admission”!! I had to read it over about 10 times to make sure it didn’t say defer instead of offer…and then I went WILD!! Jumping up and down, doing little happy dances hahaha…I must say it was one of the happiest moments of my life. CPW is going to rock!!!

  15. Daniel says:

    My ship is on deployment in the Arabian Gulf, and on that day we were inport Abu Dhabi (UAE). I was on duty (couldn’t leave the ship) and thankfully the internet connection was functioning. I opened up the decision web site, logged in, and opened Facebook in another tab. I saw an anti-climactic message in the title bar and thought I had been rejected, but when I opened the tab and read the first sentence (about 5 times) I realized I had been accepted! I ran to the flight deck (on the other side of the ship) and used my cell phone for the first time in months to call my girlfriend and my Dad and tell them the news. I didn’t have an MIT t-shirt, but I started looking online for a ball cap… Unfortunately the only kind I found was ridiculously expensive and mostly white in color. Someone fix this please?

  16. Alyssa says:

    So Long Island had the first miniblizzard of the winter the day before St. Pattys day and lucky me, I had a 5k to run that morning. Running, or rather slidding, through the slush probably was the most unpleseant experience of my life. When I got home I was in the worst mood ever and convinced there was no way I would ever get into MIT. I decided I’d check once to see if they posted the decisions a little early, and if not, well I was going to be rejected anyway so it wouldn’t really matter if I found out before or after my shower. Turns out, the decisions were up by 11:54 apparently. I had to read the first line about 5 times before I comprehended it didn’t say I was rejected. Once I realized I got in I jumped up, screamed and practically fell down my stairs. I’m still in shock that I’m in…and I cant wait for next year smile

  17. Shawn W. says:

    I had to get up at 8 that morning for a SECME (science and engineering) competition, and I wasn’t expecting to get back until 1–the thought of having to wait an extra hour to get my decision killed me. I brought my Rubik’s cube to the competition to keep me distracted so I would not think about decisions, and it seemed to work for the most part. But then the competition ended up running an hour longer than expected and so by 1 I had started worrying about the decision.

    I was 99% sure I would get rejected (maybe even a “haha” attached to my letter). Making things worse, my friends began calling me (since I told them I would be home by 1) during the award ceremony, while I was standing on stage to get an award. I looked at my vibrating phone and thought “No way am I answering this. I don’t want to know. Not yet”.

    However, on the car ride home I gave in and called to see how my friends did. All but a few got rejected–most of whom I thought were a million times more likely to get in than I was–so I assumed there was no way I’d get in. I prepared myself for failure, already starting to cope for a depressing letter, trying to keep my nerves down as much as possible.

    When I got home, I went straight to the room to turn my computer on, but then began looking for every distraction possible to delay my predicted rejection. To make matters worse, my mom entered the room when the computer had finally finished loading. I didn’t want her to be there with me, because I didn’t want to be rejected in front of her, so I tried to delay checking even more (I started checking my mail, reading blogs and webcomics, all that good stuff), hoping she would get the point. But she responded by stalling in my room just as much (cleaning my snake’s cage, cleaning my desk…).

    Eventually I gave in and decided to check. I assumed that if I got in there’d be a big “Congratulations!” on the screen, or something telling like that. But when the page finished loading, I felt my heart sank–I saw nothing but small text. “Figures,” I thought, “I didn’t get in…” But then I decided to read the first sentence, just because I didn’t want to leave my mom standing there with an ambiguous decision pending over. My first reaction upon reading that sentence was “are they trying to politely reject me?” I just sat there for a few seconds, and the sentence slowly began to sink in. I had to read it over and over again to make sure I hadn’t misread or misinterpreted the meaning. I then started reading the letter aloud, my voice steadily getting louder and louder the further into the letter I got, although I had barely gotten past the first paragraph when my mom had gone running through the house screaming, calling everyone she knows (and I did the same) and buying tickets for CPW.

    The first person I called was my older brother who goes to MIT (East Campus, ’09). Keeping a calm and casual (maybe even slightly worried/disappointed) voice, I said “Hey…Andrew? I have a question… you, do you need a roommate for next year?”
    To which he responded, “Uh no, why? Oh, you got in? Yeah, congrats…”

    I then preceded to call everyone I knew, until my phone died and I was forced to resort to AIM instead. :-D

    I still can’t believe I got in, though. Part of me is expecting to find out they made a mistake and posted the wrong letter.

    Oh, and I wore a different MIT shirt to school every day this week. :-D

  18. Oasis says:

    Haha – so I hung out with my girlfriend the entire Saturday afternoon (as I live in Taiwan, my decisions aren’t out till 00:00 on Sunday). I completely forgot that MIT was releasing decisions until she reminded me when I was about to leave, “Uh, don’t MIT decisions come out today at night?” I was kind of like, uh oh. *sinking feeling in heart* (Okay, at this point I have to point out that my girlfriend was admitted to BU ED, and everyone knows how close BU is from MIT…wink)

    Alright – back to the story. So we were like really excited (fearful?) of the decisions that will come out like 7 hours later. Before I had to leave for dinner with my parents, she squeezed my hand and said, “You can make it!”

    I had a great dinner with my parents at a Japanese restaurant…I ate a lot, as usual, until I remembered the decision that would come out 3 hours later, so I got that nasty epinephrine rush…haha.

    When I got home, I resolved not to check until the VERY LAST MOMENT. I spent the time in the bathroom, taking a very long bath (on purpose), and then watching TV (whilst trying very hard not to look at the clock; somehow I still found my eyes wandering over every 10 minutes – or more like 2, as midnight drew near).

    At 11:53 PM, Saturday night, my mom cleared her throat and was like, “Uhmmm…you know about the uhmmmcough.” I was like, yeah, okay, okay, I’ll go online and get it over with. I went on the site, saw a bunch of text, was too nervous to read any of it – entered my username, password, and took a deep breath.

    I never got past the first sentence. At the sight of “…pleasure to offer you admission…”, I went (faux Bond coolness), “I’m in.” — before bursting out laughing. My mom jumped out of the couch and ran over (literally, I haven’t seen her move so fast in awhile) – knocking the TV remote and several books on the table over. She then proceeded to hug me and call my dad down (who was already asleep – he came down, glanced at the ruckus, grunted, and went back to sleep).

    It was until 3:54 AM that night that I actually read the acceptance letter through completely. smile

  19. Nina says:

    I love you, Jess. <3

    Also, nice job on those pics. I totally Noise Ninja’ed a few of the Shins ones for fun (because I heart Photoshop and not doing work), but apparently you did something too, because they look great here. Or maybe your camera is just better than Quann’s. Unless you have the same camera, in which case we should all try and remember that I got three hours of sleep last night and then gently let it go.

  20. nadia says:

    I’m extremely jealous of you.
    The Shins are amazing.
    I’m glad people at MIT go to concerts.
    I’m going to be doing a lot of that.

    |music = life|

    [story, excitement and shock coming later.]

  21. Lucas says:

    So, being EA, I figured I’d get the news on December 15, like every other school. I had no idea that they came out the previous Saturday.

    So, I’m sitting in first period on Monday, checking my email on my laptop (the school gave us all free laptops… a horrendous waste of money, but that’s a story for another time), and I get an email from my crew coach, an MIT alum. I had asked him for a letter of recommendation to various other schools, so the subject line, “Re: Letter” was not particularly surprising. When I click on it, it says “Congrats on your admit, do you still need the letter?”

    It doesn’t quite hit me at the time… I quickly respond back “uhh.. do you know something that I don’t?” I then check the my MIT portal, and there was that letter of admittance. My coach wrote back within a minute or two and confirmed it, and I’m still sitting in first period, trying not to cry. That was one of the better days of my life.

  22. rachel kim says:

    hi! jessica,
    I am your cousine rachel. i am visiting your mom and dad..
    I miss you!
    Love you!


  23. Vytautas says:

    Congrats everyone, who got admitted. I is really enjoying to read your stories. I hope I’ll have a purpose to write one myself next year. Congrats again and have a good time at the CPW.

  24. Hey i am a sophomore. i’m really happy for all those who where accepted into mit. one thing it would like to ask is if some people would post their credentials they had when they applied to mit. i.e. class rank, gpa, sat, act. thanks.

  25. Awet says:

    I had just come home from volunteering at Henry Ford Hospital. I immediately went to MIT’s website, and went to the decisions link. After I typed in my username and password, I turned off the screen. I was so nervous that I couldn’t even look at the computer. Finally, after 30 minutes, I took a deep breath, and turned on the screen. I read the first line, and let out a scream of excitement. The next thing I knew, I was jumping all over my house. I couldn’t believe it!!! I was going to MIT!!!
    Can’t wait until CPW!!

  26. Kevin says:

    I had to get off the plane from Spring Break in Colorado skiing with my best friend and his family knowing that decisions were posted. BUT my phone is the worst and can check my email but not the MIT decisions website. I had to wait forever for my bags to come down the little chute deal, but my mom finally drove me straight home which is like another 45 minutes. I hadn’t eaten since waking up at 4:30 AM to catch the plane but it didn’t matter. I tried to chill and tell my mom about the trip and soon enough we were home. I didn’t even check the mail. I went straight in and pulled up the site. With my mom, who totally helped me fill out the billions of college forms, watching, I logged in and read the first line. I couldn’t believe it. I, Kevin Rustagi, who had been deferred was ACCEPTED. MIT is totally my 1st Choice, and I can’t wait. Hopefully I’ll see you guys at CPW. If we almost get to state, I’ll have a theatre competition, but If we lose then I get to go to CPW. Kind of a Catch-23 (The opposite of a Catch-22). It’s still sinking in and I’m still feeling like Super-Me the soon to be MIT Undergrad student.

  27. Saman says:

    I just want to say “happy persian new year”, “happy Noruz”. And also congratulation to all the admitted students.

  28. I couldn’t go to my job at my lab that Saturday because the snowplows had come through and dumped a big pile of snow in our driveway which froze. My mom let me sleep in.

    When I got up around 9:30, I felt terrible. I had a 99.7 degree fever and an awful sore throat. I was trying to kill time, and I thought, “What can I do now to prove I’m worthy of MIT.” I looked up the mean female body temperature and the standard deviation and ran a z-test with the data. It turned out my fever was a significant deviation (p=.04). I was delighted.

    As I neared the home stretch (11:30), I knew I’d drive myself crazy if I just kept refreshing, so I opened up YouTube and only checked the website when a video finished. The last thing I saw before my letter was a great fight scene between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her rival, Faith.

  29. GOD says:

    You mean all this happened at MIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. JR says:

    I woke up late, and was still on MIT’s site from the previous night. I logged in to see if my name had been changed from “Sigdfkl” and then shuffled over to the decisions website.

    I read the letter, opened up Civ 4, and didn’t tell my parents about it until they got the letter this last Tuesday.

    They laughed at me for keeping it secret so long.

  31. James says:

    The Shins are good. But no one is as good as Regina Spektor.

  32. Oasis says:

    Dhaval – hahahaha I love your obsession w/ squid. My (Chinese) parents are as much obsessed with it as you are.

    I just got the admission package – it’s a big folder with official letters of congratulations and finaid info. I think the confetti was for the tube they sent out with EA kids.

    Anyways, I don’t think it’s too hard to guess your location, as I think you’re the only admit from an African island nation smile

  33. Drew H says:

    Congratulations to all of you! Since I’m a junior (in high school) this year, I’m hoping to get a chance to experience next year what you all are feeling now. MIT looks awesome.

  34. Arthur says:

    I turned my comptuer on, opened IE.

    Logged in.

    Saw this: “The Admissions Committee has completed its review of your application, and I am so sorry to tell you that we are unable to offer you admission to MIT.”

    and this: “I am very sorry to bring you such disappointing news when you have worked so hard. You are a terrific student, and I do wish you the very best as you continue with your education.”

    and sighed and thought about the things I should have said in the interview, the additional studying I could have done for the SATs, and the essays I could have refined more.

    But then I remembered that my EC said the decision also had to do with luck, on top of the qualifications MIT Admissions receives. and the international admit rate was ~5%. and the ~2000 that apply were already mostly best of the best, around the world.

    Good luck to all that were admitted! Have fun and productive years at MIT!


  35. Dhaval says:

    yeah baby lemme tell you! raspberry

    so i’m an admitted students from… any guess?? hehe, its a tiny island in the indian ocean! (1st hint) very small and with tropical beaches n all!! one trillion (coconuts not $ raspberry ) to the person who answers correctly!! wink

    so admission decisions would be out at 8pm my time (2nd hint, now ya need only the latitude… raspberry) and i had spent the whole day doing community service… since it was dinner time, i had planned to have a great (last?) dinner before reading my decisions – i knew i wouldn’t be able to eat after knowing my decisions either way! (in fact there was delicious squid for dinner n yeah i didn’t eat any :( …) lol.

    unfortunately MIT being MIT, i wasn’t able to wait and i decided to check. it was still 7 55 pm but i logged in. once again MIT being MIT i should have laughed whle reading the stuff about “take a deep breath” and “there are no ‘are you sure? interim'” but this only told me: boy the decisions are out… GLOUPSSSSS!!

    so i logged in.. i dont remember wat the first line ever was, i was just scanning for the word “admitted” or not. AND HERE IT WASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! i screamed to my mom (she was busy with the squid dinner) who rushed to the computer and started crying. my father then came (he was busy doing somehing else. you only need to know it wasn’t any squid bizness! raspberry ) and here we were all jumping and crying (nahhhh I DIDNT CRY!!!! HAHA) and for the rest of the weekend my only words were MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM IIIIIIIIIIIIIII TTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!

    i still dont believe it but wow, thats a dream come true!! especially for a boy from a coconut ladden island (3rd hint. hehe)

    btw could anyone tell me if international students should have already received their postal mail. and is it true there’s confetti in it???? MIT being MIT that could be true… any squid in the package too coz i didnt have dinner that day?? :(

    lol.. no really, when should the package arrive in the southern hemisphere? (hint 4! no more hints now, u’re MIT people, set the cogs working!!)

    see ya


    btw errr where d’you all found MIT t shirts??

  36. Lola says:

    JAW DROP. Boston has the coolest concerts ! If not for the science, I’m definitely going to MIT for the amazing music venues. JAMES MERCER, I LOVE YOU.

  37. Al '13 says:

    Congrats to everyone, I am still 15 i will apply for MIT in 2009 I am looking forward to writing my story in a similiar post, Im an international student so its going to be tough, Wish me Luck!!!

    Anyway congrats again to everyone who made it.

  38. Tung Shen says:

    I woke up eagerly awaiting something other than my MIT decision – I’d smashed my chin doing a stupid dance trick the week before and the stitches were finally ready for removal. So out they went, and guess what, the whole shizbang started bleeding again.

    The day ends with me cradling a bandaged chin in front of the computer, reading Matt McGann’s blog entry on how only 12% got in this year. Then midnight strikes and I check – I’m in. I tell my mother; she freaks. My dad? He freaks. His phone flips open and he’s calling everyone, and suddenly my brother and sister and every extended family member are freaking from continents away. I e-mail my interviewer, jump onto the MIT blogs and stay up for ages grin

    On a sidenote, I love Of Montreal!! As Mercers go, though, I prefer Carey to James.

  39. Sandy says:


    Congratulations, everyone!

  40. The day the Early Action decisions came out, I was at WSU (Wichita State University) studying for Science Olympiad with two other team members. I knew that decisions would come out at eleven, but I was thinking: “just look at the rocks. Don’t even think about it.” At around twelve, one of my teammates left to go home. It was just me and Dylan, my best friend. He was like, “don’t you want to see?” I still wanted to wait, so we went and had lunch. Finally, at 1:00, we started to take the walk-of-doom to Ablah Library. As we marched in silence, I thought, “MIT is the school I most want to go to, but what will I do if they don’t accept me?” It seemed like we were walking off a cliff instead of to a library, because I had no clue what would happen next in my life. Finally, I made my way to a computer, ready to face anything. I typed my username and password, read the decision, then calmly walked out of the library. It was a few days later when I actually got excited to be accepted; I guess it took a while for the news to actually sink in. Later, for the first time in my life, I noticed that MIT is actually in my name: McInTyre! Then we had to celebrate.

  41. Audrey H. says:

    So I’m sittin on my bed in front of my laptop, right, and it’s about 10 (central time). I’m pretty twitchy so I try to devise ways to amuse my ever wavering attention span. I was pretty scared about acceptance too, because the day before I received an email telling me I won a National Gold Award in the Scholastic Art Awards for this Pen Drawing I drew. That terrified me. I used up my “win.” I have never received two important, happy pieces of news two days in a row. But I digress.
    Anyways, now its like 10:15 and the page is still just to check your password. So I’m like, Youtube. I watch an ep of ATHF when one of my good friends log on to MSN. All week she’s been “OMG MIT!!” and “go to MIT audrey” and “why arent you accepted yet.” After 20 min of her and Frylock, i check the site and there’s this lil box. i decide to just get on with it so i typed in my SN and slashed Enter. “you need a password to log in.” Stupid windows not remembering my password.
    The letter finished loading. i saw and read sentence 1. It didn’t register. Then it did, and i let out the highest pitched “OMG” you’d ever want earplugs for. My mom rushed in and said “SERIOUSLY?!?!” and I’m nodding my head profusely. I fall back and almost cry.
    After a weekend of phone calls and celebratory Italian Beefs, I straightened my hair and wore my MIT shirt proudly to school on Monday. What a fine thing to brag about.