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Thanks by Mitra L. '07

What is your fantasy class? Vote yet again.

Thanks for all of the advice on my previous entry. I have decided to take 11.025J D-Lab: Development, since I have studied “issues of international development” from an economic perspective in previous courses, and want to see it differently this time. Also, the opportunity to travel during Independent Activities Period (IAP) is pretty hard to resist.

It’s always nice to see the median voter theorem in action.

What courses would you take if pre-requisite classes weren’t an issue? Browse here.

I would take

CMS.410 Popular Culture in the Age of Media Convergence
Examines recent shifts in the structure and operation of the American media industries. Shows the social and cultural impact of contemporary popular culture and explains how it is produced, distributed, and consumed. Topics include consolidation, convergence, digitization, and globalization.


9.04 Neural Basis of Vision and Audition
Examines the neural bases of visual and auditory processing for perception and sensorimotor control. Focuses on physiological and anatomical studies of the mammalian nervous system as well as behavioral studies of animals and humans. Studies visual pattern, color and depth perception, auditory responses and speech coding, and spatial localization.

4 responses to “Thanks”

  1. Mollie says:

    Hey, I took 9.04! And Jessie’s taking it this fall, I think.

    I would take STS.004J Thinking about Life: Philosophical Problems in Evolution and Development. Or basically any other STS class.

  2. thekeri says:

    9.04! 9.04! 9.04!

    Then again, I’m a (hopeful) course 9…

    No, really, though – I’d take that or 21M.734: Lighting Design for the Theater. Drama is my god, and I’ve been getting into lighting design over the past year.

  3. Dee says:

    Although both sound equally interesting, I would definitely go for 410 based on my own experience at a conference last summer about globalization. Based on the topic outlines of both, the second sounds more interesting… BUT, learning about the things mentioned in the first course myself does make me biased, BUT I believe they are topics pertinent to anyone in my generation. haha, that sounds so funny “my generation”

  4. Ruth '07 says:

    Welcome to Course 11 smile