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MIT student blogger Rachel D. '16

The Newest Member of Our Family by Rachel D. '16

What could possibly be more exciting than prefrosh?

What could possibly be more exciting than prefrosh?


I did not get one (although I was very tempted to do so), but Kayla E. ’15 drove Kerry N. ’14, Jes P. ’15 and I to the animal rescue place in Boston today to help her pick out a little companion for the new semester.  The shelter was so nice!! Every little kitten was getting adopted when we were there, as well as many older cats and dogs.  Every little kitten except for little Brittany!

Kayla hasn’t decided on a name yet (they called her Brittany at the shelter), but I really like Arya, like in Game of Thrones. The little kitten is so cute! She jumps all around and climbs on cages and pokes her head through small holes and is so curious and adorable. Her brother got adopted by a guy right before Kayla adopted her kitty, and when the two siblings were together in the cage she jumped all over him and tried to chew him and clean him, even though she was about half his size. She weighs 1.72 pounds!

Meanwhile, everyone is outside building a fort.

And I painted my door! And I painted a chalkboard on my wall! My door is currently bright pink.

I’m back at MIT, and there is a new little kitten hopping about. Everything is pretty awesome.