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MIT student blogger Becca H. '12

The Remnants of Four Years by Becca H. '12

What happens when you have to start packing

So one of the unfortunate parts of graduating is that you actually have to pack up your life from the past four years.  No more of this, “I’ll deal with it later and just throw everything in a box”. Graduating means getting serious and deciding what to keep.  It also means unearthing things that you have accumulated over the past four years and may have forgotten about.  Free t-shirts seem to be for everything at MIT; classes, departments, career fairs, sports, living groups and everything in between.

As a member of the rowing team, I have had the same locker at the Pierce Boathouse for the past four years.  And this means that clothes just piled up.  I tended to wear three different sets of rowing clothes, throw them on a laundry loop and get them back and continue the cycle.  So when I had to finally empty out my locker for the first time in four years, it was like looking back through history, in t-shirts.  I’ve decided to give a preview of my four years at MIT in the artistic form of my choosing: a selection of t-shirts, shot in the ever wonderful medium of the iPhone.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year


Junior Year



Senior Year



There it is.  A brief summary of my time at MIT.  Someday maybe I’ll make a t-shirt quilt or something, but that may take more creative juices (and to be honest, skills) than I have.  But for now the memories are getting folded neatly and packed away.