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MIT student blogger Becca H. '12

MIT Crew Florida Takeover by Becca H. '12

My last trip to play with the dolphins

So usually in the beginning of January, Boston is under a solid layer of snow and the crew team is stuck inside the boathouse while our beloved river is frozen over. While this year that isn’t exactly the case (global warming must be playing its part), we still trekked down to Florida this year to take advantage of their always warm weather, and most importantly, the chance to play with dolphins.

For me, Florida was a bit of shock, mostly because the past few months have been filled mostly with running and lunges, with the occasional game of Gaelic football or ultimate Frisbee thrown in. But basically, a little different than the two-a-day, six hours of practice with a 5 mile run thrown in, and an hour and a half of video review. But what better way to come back than on beautiful water, with beautiful weather, and my amazing team?

Photo: Colleen Irby

What, you thought rowing involved sitting?  No, no, no.

Photo: Colleen Irby

Photo: Grace L. ’12


Photo: Colleen Irby

Watch out for manatees!

Photo: Colleen Irby

Photo: Colleen Irby

Photo: Aaron Benson

For now, we are back in the boathouse at MIT, erging, lifting and preparing for the spring season.  Hopefully the river will continue to cooperate and we can get back on the water well in advance of spring break, and then our first race, the Beanpot Regatta on March 24th.



7 responses to “MIT Crew Florida Takeover”

  1. Jvalin Tejpal says:

    “What, you thought rowing involved sitting? No, no, no.”
    Hahah :3

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun! I must say that the photographs by Colleen and Aaron look beautiful smile

  2. Guilherme L Wanderley says:

    I must say that sky picture by Colleen is just phenomenal. Amazing! What a place and a nice moment caught!

  3. barb says:

    How did you get involved in crew? My 8th grade daughter is has an interest but living in Minnesota and going to a small independent school there is no high school team. Did you join a team outside of your high school?

  4. Edward Haines says:

    A great sport. Starting early helps but many do not start until college. In the meantime, getting well fit through swimming and track would be good prep. Our 47 year old son never heard of crew until starting the Coast Guard Academy. Now he is still rowing on a club, his daughter has earned a scholarship and the whole family row in the summer.

  5. Becca H. '12 says:

    Barb, Edward gave some great comments about rowing in high school. I started rowing my sophomore year of high school, after having been involved in swimming and various other sports my whole life. I am from Colorado, and had never heard of the sport until I started. Many high school rowing teams are club, so perhaps try doing a search online for the district or region you live in. Alternatively, many universities offer youth summer rowing camps which can be fun and a good introduction. But like Edward said, a very large number of collegiate rowers don’t start rowing until college so in the meantime, help her find some other sports as well!

  6. Edward Haines says:

    I should have mentioned that U MInn has a very strong crew program with excellent facilities. They were one of the schools that recruited our granddaughter. You might wish to contact them.

  7. The Mighty Quinn says:

    It must have been great to be back out on the water! My high school crew team (Maritime/New Canaan, CT) leaves this weekend for our Spring Training iweek n Florida. I went last year and it was absolutely wonderful to get back out in the boats. And I don’t even have to worry about new blisters as I am “pre-callused” from rowing in the Yale tanks this winter too, lol. I can’t wait to see your boathouse, watch your team and meet your coaches in April!