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MIT student blogger Nisha D. '21

the sun sets on another summer by Nisha D. '21

only one left yikes

i’m writing this post while sitting at an LAX waiting to board my flight to boston.

this summer went by weirdly fast but in a way that i can’t quite describe. i feel like i’ve been in LA forever, but i also feel like i left boston to start my internship about 3 seconds ago. i talked to a friend who’s an LA native about this feeling and he said that it’s because time doesn’t really pass in LA – every day looks exactly the same and it’s like you’re caught in a time loop. i don’t know if i like that. i like seasons which show you the passage of time.

there are some things i’ll miss and some things i won’t. i’ll miss the lovely people and studio culture of santa monica studio. the people who make the games that inspire me are just as inspiring themselves. i won’t miss being coming to work on a tuesday to bash my head on the same bug i’ve been bashing my head on since last thursday. i’ll miss the satisfaction of getting my code to work. i won’t miss my long morning commute and getting around LA without a car. i’ll miss playing smash every lunch break. i won’t miss being too tired to function properly after getting home from work. i’ll miss the nice sea breeze around playa vista. i won’t miss the air pollution that prohibited me from running, which in turn prohibited me from actually getting any exercise this summer.

i don’t think i’d want to live in LA. it has everything i want in theory but there’s something about it that is lonely.

i have more thoughts but not very much time to write them down cause i’m boarding soon. i’ll have an entire flight to stew on my summer though.

here’s some pictures of some sunsets. LA is terribly air polluted but it does make for some great sunsets.