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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

The Class of 2010 Ring Delivery by Jess K. '10

I think Abba said it best when they sang, "Ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?" (Okay, that was terrible. Cut me a break - I'm rusty.)

[I know this is WAY overdue, since Ring Delivery was a while ago, but I blogged Ring Premiere and it would just seem unfair, wrong even, to leave it alone without its partner Ring Delivery. And seeing as the Brass Rat is one of MIT’s most famous tradition, I figure better late than never, right? Anyway, I know I also keep promising that I’m “back“, and then falling off the face of the Earth (I’m telling you, it’s flat, I swear) for eight years at a time, but finals were busy, and summer came and that’s been busy too, and, well.. it’s not you, it’s me. Honest. From now on, I’ll have to stop promising to come back regularly – you’ll just have to trust me that these sporadic blog entries will come back to a steady stream (especially since we no longer have Rock Band in our room). Now get off my back, Mom. Uh, I mean.. now on to our regularly scheduled (although seriously late, they should start fining me like a library book) blog entry.]

For more information about Ring Delivery, check out:
The 2010 Ring Delivery Website
Article in The Tech about the 2010 Ring Delivery
Mollie’s 2007 Brass Rat Entry
Melis’s 2008 Ring Delivery Entry (which was also delayed. Seriously, Mom, chill out; I posted, didn’t I??)
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14 responses to “The Class of 2010 Ring Delivery”

  1. Steven '12 says:

    Can’t wait until I get mine!

  2. Ilyanep says:

    The traditions at MIT are the reason I’m so in love with the school and want to go there so much.

    Sounds like a fun party. And dude…a bar for potatoes? That’s quite amazing.

  3. Piper says:


    Ah, I can’t wait to get my ring! So excited! (Too bad I have to wait an extra year – bleh ^.^)

  4. Omar '12 says:

    Haha ABBA ow my gawd… You are a dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen!

    But seriously, that’s cool. Only two years to go i guess grin

  5. Aditi says:

    Piper, its worth the wait :D
    It’ll be newer, shinier and fabulous(er), just like us :D

    Maybe you could fly in the rings. That would make for the grandest entry ever. :D

    and wow thats a lot of potatoes!

    (ugh, smiley overdose)

  6. Melis says:

    Jess, my entry was delayed by two days…I was just being a nerd smile But I’m glad you posted this entry, I was wondering what the courthouse looked like from the inside.

  7. Piper says:

    Lol, I wonder what type of plane would be needed for tons of heavy rings. My magnitude-brain-function fails at that sort of thing.

  8. haha says:

    aditi, you wish!

  9. Nicole '10 says:

    Hey, I’m sort of in one of those pictures… almost. I was on the bus in the first picture, and that persons head in the way back of the bus, the one you can’t really see because its in between a bunch of other people’s heads, that just *might* be me. I hope this isn’t my 15 minutes of fame, lol. ^_^

  10. The caption on your second picture here puzzles me…
    are YOU thinking that you’re old, or are you saying that the old man working there thinks HE’S old?
    haha, nonetheless.

  11. I’ll be a senior in high school this fall. I hope to attend MIT next year. I love the traditions at MIT (especially the brass rat). Btw, how much does the ring cost? (I understand you have to be a student at MIT).

  12. pot8o LVR says:

    Seriously. Those potatoes made me so happy.

    I guess the ring is cool too.

    p.s. look at all the characteristic faces on Matt, Kyle, and Liz.