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MIT staff blogger Dave McOwen

the Colbert Bump by Dave McOwen

MIT's Riley Crane talks DARPA Challenge on ''The Colbert Report''

Remember when MIT beat out teams from around the world to be the first to find all 10 hidden red balloons in DARPA’s balloon challenge? Well Dr. Riley Crane, the team leader, was interviewed on “The Colbert Report” this week. Let’s hope the famous Colbert Bump helps us find those pesky other 89 red balloons.

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Riley Crane
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14 responses to “the Colbert Bump”

  1. parav says:

    I like his strategy. I wonder if it was original.

  2. @Clay
    O.K you are the first one. I am the second! What difference does it make! lols

  3. parav says:

    @Protoform X Y

    That was some coincidence!

  4. LOLOL!! Is mit still around? I though non-accredited schools wern’t allowed to operate anymore? O well.
    Those national university IQ scores are in (testing each university by intelligence)…GOOD NEWS! YOU FINALLY DIDNT GET LAST! well, ok, 2nd last, behindthe wyoming school for cattle ranching.
    your average IQ was 84, nice, thats 15 above mentally handicapped…im impressed
    anyway, just saying hey from the best math/science/technology/engineering school in the world.

  5. MIT>all says:

    I find it a bit surprising that a self proclaimed “math god” from Caltech would spend his Saturdays roaming the MIT admissions website. Perhaps he is simply glimpsing at what could have been…if he hadn’t been rejected…oh well, I guess we can’t be TOO surprised. I mean, we ARE awesome.

    Anyway…nice job on the DARPA challenge, MIT!!!

  6. Oasis '11 says:

    Ponzi scheme….hahaha touche.

  7. Anonymous says:

    89!!!!! OMG! Well, let’s see if your solution for the 8 are scaleable…LOL!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    My Uncle is the Facilities Manager for The Colbert Report. =D This was awesome by the way!! GO TEAM DARPA!!

  9. @parav
    ooooo000! that was a nice coincidence. I wonder if it implies any future common event!

  10. Quinton says:

    Wow. That was fun(ny) Dave. Now I am energized to look for those problem solving students who are looking to change the world as I begin a day of reading. Cheerio