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MIT student blogger Yuliya K. '18

Themed Online Distractors (for EA Decision Day) by Yuliya K. '18

to the 2020 MIT Protofrosh

Dear 2020 MIT Protofrosh, 

Today or tomorrow, depending on your timezone, you will access a special message on You’re probably nervous, which is normal. No one is certain they’ll get in. That’s a fact.

I hope you can find the best environment to await and process the admissions decision. Surround yourself with friends and family or sugary treats and good music. Find your own best way to cope with tension. If you’ve been following the MIT blogs, recall the number of times we wrote that you needn’t worry. Your personal worth and success are not defined by the admissions decision. That’s a fact also.

In the publishing industry, they say that rejections are required for a successful career. Another fact. The first Harry Potter novel was rejected by 12 different publishers before becoming history’s fastest selling book. C.S. Lewis landed a publishing deal for Chronicles of Narnia after 2 years of trying and failing. Chicken Soup for the Soul authors received 140 rejections before selling their 125 mln volumes. (More best-selling rejections here.)

But it’s probably hard to think coolly today. Instead, distract yourself. To help with that, here is a list of Themed Online Distractors for MIT Decision Day:

Pre-Decision Day Posts from MIT Bloggers:







List crowdsourced at MIT. Add your own resources and tips for coping on Decision Day in the comments below!

Make this day a happy one.

with love and hope from mit