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MIT blogger Elizabeth C. '13

This…Is…BLODGEBALL! by Elizabeth C. '13

Everything and anything you ever wanted to know about us.

Note: I’ll be doing a Q&A video with our very own Dean of Admissions, Stu Schmill, but we need your questions! Send anything and everything you’ve been dying to ask our head honcho to elizabizzle at mit dot edu.

Not going to lie, folks. Being an admissions blogger is the bomb-dot-com – I get to make silly videos, draw doodles, write my opinions and then have my self-esteem bolstered when pre-frosh recognize me at CPW and then ask to give me hugs (side note: I love hugs and freely dole them out). And on top of all of that I make dat cash moneyz. So, you know, it’s an awesome gig.

Now I’m going to be even more self-absorbed and obnoxiously braggy and say that on top of all of that stuff, I even like some of the other bloggers and sometimes we get together and have blogger fun. The best kind of fun. And so when Snively suggested that our annual beginning-of-the-year blogger get-together be held at SkyZone (i.e. playing dodgeball on a court made of trampolines), I was all:

Yep. Bloggers + Dodgeball = Blodgeball (credit to Emad). And far be it for me to deny an opportunity to violently throw balls at my co-workers, while jumping up and down like a 4-year-old.
I realize that I could write a whole entry on how our team-building activity made me realize how each blogger brings a unique perspective to the site, how we are one diverse group whose members come together thanks to this one, unifying love of MIT, that no matter how different we are that’s what makes us a great team, etc.
Are you bored yet? Thought so. So I made a video instead. As we hopped into our respective car pool groups, I had my FlipCam a-rollin’ to document that sometimes it’s okay to go off the well-planned path (though not exactly in the way Jenny was describing). Here’s for all you folks who’ve ever wondered what the bloggers are like in real life…
Feel free to hit me up with MIT questions as always (elizabizzle at mit dot edu), home-fries.

12 responses to “This…Is…BLODGEBALL!”

  1. Adarsh Rao says:

    …LoL!…Nice video!

    But, the photograph, the link is broken I think. I’m not able to view it.

  2. Chris S. '11 says:

    Maybe they should spotlight this as the feature video on MIT’s homepage now, hahahaha.

    Kate’s hair is SO AWESOME.

    You all are so awesome <33

  3. Piper '13 says:

    I promise I’m actually a nice person!

  4. @Adarsh: It’s a gif – it works fine in Safari, so it may just be your browser.
    @Chris S.: WE MISS YOU, SU!
    @Piper: Yes. Piper is positively precious. And I told her to hit me, but I was not expecting it at the time she actually hit me. The things I do for the sake of blogging…

  5. I really hope screaming and curling up in a ball is not my unique perspective. =p

    The video is fantastic. This was so much fun.

  6. Amazing! Gives all the prospective students a taste of what life at MIT actually is! And the .gif has the potential to freak out many people!

    Keep up the awesome videos Elizabeth!! smile

    P.S. I have mailed you a question for Stu!

  7. Chris M. '12 says:

    center your gifs! What are you? 12?!

  8. Emad T. '14 says:

    Yesssss, credit to me indeed >:D

    I am the alpha-wordsmither.

  9. rfong'12 says:


    awesome video. i only wish we had a picture of you taking it while dodgeballs and bloggers careened all around you

  10. Elizabeth C. '13 says:

    I love how all the comments are from the other bloggers.
    You guys are neat-o.

  11. Siddharth says:

    I just can’t tell how much I have reading these blogs. You guys really lead a very awesome life. The Blodgeball looked insanely cool =)

    BTW you blodgeball every year?

  12. Jabba the Hutt says:

    I have a question for Stu.

    Does mit accept people who are very committed and passionate but have low gpa?