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MIT student blogger Mollie B. '06

Tofu corndogs and low-fat ice cream by Mollie B. '06

Today marks the tenth day of my ill-conceived diet, and all I want right now is to eat something. A huge something. (Actually, that’s not strictly true. Today should be day 11 of my diet, but on day 2 I feasted on pizza and bourbon chicken from the mall, so day 2 doesn’t count.)

In my glorious pre-turning-20 days, I never worried about my weight, except if it was too low. Even now, I don’t worry about my weight during term, because I go to cheerleading practice and throw people around and get muscly. (Can you pick me out in that picture? Let’s play Where’s Mollie!) I also lost about 5 pounds last term on what I like to call the “75 Unit Diet”. But it’s summer now, and, after walking a mile to lab, I mostly sit and pipet all day. And then I come home at night and watch Law and Order: SVU.

Plus, my boyfriend is some ridiculously elite freestyle skiier, so he has to stay in shape so that when he careens down a mountain on glare ice and breaks every bone in his body, he can look damn sexy doing it. Since I live with him and we cook together, him going on a diet = me going on a diet.

It’s actually going pretty well, despite my lamentations. There’s actually quite a wealth of yummy, low-cal/fat food out there. My favorite discovery so far has been the 150 calorie meatless corndogs from Trader Joe’s — they taste exactly like normal corndogs, just slightly less greasy. We also found some great low-fat ice cream sandwiches at the grocery store. Instead of chocolate, I’ve been gnawing on blueberries and low-fat Cool Whip to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I am lucky for two things. First, we have the ability to cook for ourselves, and that gives us a lot of flexibility in making food that tastes good but is also healthy. (I came up with an idea to make manicotti with half cheese and half spinach. It sounds pretty good. Keep your fingers crossed.)

Second, Macgregor Convenience is closed for the summer. If I want cookies, I have to purposely stop by LaVerde’s or Star Market and get them myself, rather than taking a quick elevator trip to the junk food of my wildest dreams. The laziness factor is keeping me in low-cal chips and salsa.

I just ate a slice of bread and some low-fat cheese, so I think it might be time to call my mother. She misses me or something.

8 responses to “Tofu corndogs and low-fat ice cream”

  1. Mitra says:

    I like KooKoo (coocoo?) — a Persian dish that’s not too hard to make. I think you can make it pretty healthy.

    See you in a few weeks!

  2. Meder says:


    i’m reading ur blog for the first time and… i like it smile

    FAQ post is uber cool!!! and i love the pic of the Killian.

    Is campus dining that bad? u know, here in Kyrgyzstan, college students are meant to be thin and hungry, because they have no time and no money.

    my parents are really scared about the food in the USA. most probably, i’ll live in the Simmons and eat at the Simmons dining. do u think that next summer i’ll come home and my parent are going to be able to find my perimeter by the [p = 2 (pi) r] where the r is in feet?

  3. Meder says:

    forgot to say: thank u for the simmons’ 10th floor plan smile

  4. ibrahim says:


    my names ibrahim i study in yarmouk unversity

    in jordan engg.comm

    i make some formes to produce electric power

    so that i need you helping

  5. nabulsi85 says:

    i hate bilogy & who love biology

  6. nabulsi85 says:

    Physics is Life the rest is nothing

  7. confuzzled? says:

    I am so confused! Tell me I’m not the only one!

    Mollie, I have decided to LOSE the freshman 15 before I get to MIT… that way it’ll all even out because when I’m stressed I eat a lot especially before large tests and stuff!

    Ah yes, nabulsi, Biology is everything, or else you would be nothing!

  8. Emma says:

    This post caught my eye because last week while working a lemonade/corndog stand at the Ionia Free Fair here in Michigan, I actually made and consumed a meatless corn-dog. (I dont like meat,so I stay away from it) It actually wasnt too bad. Also, today, I ate a bowl of fresh blueberries with lowfat coolwhip… specifically because I couldnt find any chocolate… weeeeird.