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MIT staff blogger Mikey Yang '05

Too Good to Just Tweet About by Mikey Yang '05

Hello blogosphere! Yes, I'm still alive and tweeting (@MikeyMIT)...

Hello blogosphere! Yes, I’m still alive and tweeting (@MikeyMIT). The reading and selection period has been intense as ever this year, but I promise as we approach mid-March, I hope to have some more blog updates.

Just saw this article/video on CNN of Prof. Cynthia Breazeal, who works at the Media Lab here at MIT. She gave a talk at the TEDWomen conference on personal robots – some pretty amazing stuff here! It’s so amazing, I couldn’t just tweet about it – I had to post it on the blog, too.

Maybe one day personal robots will deliver valentines to our doors… (that was my uber-clever way of saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!”)

7 responses to “Too Good to Just Tweet About”

  1. Valart says:

    Very inspirational. I will send a link of this to my son’s robotics team.

  2. Shahriar says:

    Woah …….really, this video made that future filled with robots fantasy of mine feel really close……….simply awesome and inspirational !

  3. Vivek says:

    Aside from the general awesomeness of the video, I’m wondering if this qualifies for the “Shortest MIT Admissions Blog Post of the Year”award…

  4. Wow!

    I recently decided I wanted to study Artificial Intelligence at a post-secondary institution. This inspired me even more. I want to walk around the MIT Media Lab one day and just see people at work. Great post! Happy Valentines Day!

    Also, I followed you on Twitter. Hope to see more interesting updates such as this one smile

  5. Mikey says:

    @Vivek: It’s like a twitterblog. smile

    @leethebard: me too! that one looks awesome!

  6. Gaurav says:

    “For me! Robots are all About People”…………
    That was really touching! I loved it!!!!!
    Get me one…….. ☺

  7. leethebard says:

    Fascinating…I need the robot that helps with diets!!!!!