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MIT student blogger Mollie B. '06

Trouble staying focused by Mollie B. '06

Finals. And about a zillion questions.

Ohhhh, finals week. This year, I have the distinct pleasure to only have two finals — but they’re almost maximally temporally separated, since I had one on Friday afternoon and the other is Thursday morning.

You would sort of think that kind of time would inspire me to study 5.60 in depth, doing zillions of practice problems and perfecting my already gorgeous formula sheet. Instead, I have been struggling with my inner calendar, which says that it’s five days until Christmas and I deserve to be taking catnaps and eating cookies. I’ve managed to get a few experiments in at the lab (I’m like the USPS — neither snow, nor sleet, nor final examination week will keep me from my appointed duties in the lab), but studying hasn’t been going so well.

Luckily, after I take this exam I won’t have any class until February 7. Whoever invented IAP gets a big kiss from me!

5 responses to “Trouble staying focused”

  1. s says:


    First-time poster on your blog.

    I really dislike physics too (I’m more of a biology person). You and I have a lot in Except I’d NEVER do laundry for my boyfriend. wink

    Merry Christmas!

  2. justine says:

    What do you love most about biology?

    I know I absolutely love math but I can’t really figure out where my passion lies in science. I’ve taken a year of biology, a year of chemistry, and 2 years of physics, but high school courses cover more breadth than depth. I’m looking into engineering as a major, but I don’t know which field would be best for me. Civil, biomedical, aerospace and some others all sound interesting. Maybe hearing your reasons for biology will help me figure out what I want to go. thanks smile

    I realize I don’t have to declare a major right away, but I figured I’d look into my interests while I wait the three months for notification, since I was deferred. Hopefully I’ll get good news in the spring, MIT would be a dream come true – but whatever college I end up at, I want to be happy in my major.

  3. Laura says:

    Heehee. Choosing a major. I need to do that. Eventually.

  4. Hey Justine, I got deferred too! :( oh well, I guess my SAT’s weren’t that good, but I am looking forward to RA!

    and MOllie, I definitely have to tell you once more that I LOVE how you answer questions! it’s awesome, it’s practical and … whatever, the thing is that I love it!

    “I’m like the USPS — neither now, nor sleet, nor final examination week will keep me from my appointed duties in the lab”

    lol, That was great

  5. Dan says:

    I like how you said that many very bright people are perfectionists. It seems like in the past 2 years, I have become more and more organized (Now, I’m a little too organized). It seems that throughout that time I have gotten better at math, understanding statistics, writing skills, and more. On PSAT writing I went from a 48 to 65 in one year (57th%tile to 90th), and I consider the writing section to correlate with organization skills, don’t ya think?