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MIT student blogger Paul B. '11

Tunes of the All-Night Tool by Paul B. '11

Just a little night music from me.

Finishing up those last problem sets you’ve been working on all weekend can be lonely.

Fortunately, music can help. Which is why I’m taking 20 minutes off from working on genetics and thermodynamics to show you a few of the top hits on my playlist right now. Some of these are old favorites, others are recent recommendations by my friends. But they’re all pretty good for helping me stay up. :)


REM: King of Birds

Stars: Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Coldplay: Viva La Vida

Snow Patrol: Run

Linkin Park: Numb

Goo Goo Dolls: Iris

Dragonforce: Through the Fire and the Flames

Mokoma: Takatalvi (Liz ’11)

VNV Nation: Chrome (Kevin ’10)

Venetian Snares: Szamár Madár (Cody Daniel ’11)

23 responses to “Tunes of the All-Night Tool”

  1. cristen says:

    re: dragonforce: YES

  2. Keri says:

    “When there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.”


  3. Keri says:

    Also, you should listen to the new Venetian Snares album. It’s fantastic.

  4. FrancesO says:

    Ah Venetian Snares, brilliant stuff. I used to listen to them years and years ago when I was into the whole noise for music thing, then I heard the album that’s off and couldn’t believe it was the same band. Always nice to see musicians who don’t believe in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  5. Snively says:

    You are definitely not the only one doing thermo at four in the morning. At all.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Also, it is weird, now that I am a freshman, to actually SEE you around campus, which I do from time to time.

    -Anonymous and non-stalker freshman

  7. Gerry says:

    And I thought I was the only one studying thermo at 4am. I like the music, was actually listening to rem when you posted. Good luck!

  8. Vaibhav says:

    However,(i.e.according to me)The starting songs felt like they were designed to promote sleeping instead of helping you stay awake but the Takatalwi thing was crazy!!

    So you listen to this stuff through an mp3 player or the PC? – how can you concentrate on your work?!
    And a random thing: The topics available through OCW are they in order or something??

  9. Evan '10 says:

    Haha. I’m going to say here the same thing that I told Paul when I said that I study to Dragonforce:

    Dragonforce is the energy drink of music. It’ll get you through the night, but you’ll feel like crap afterwards.

    Use at your own risk.

  10. Paul says:

    My study habits vary; sometimes I find it very helpful and not at all distracting to listen to music. Even loud music like Linkin Park or Dragonforc just fades into the background. At other times, I need absolute quiet.

    It really depends on my mood. smile

    @Vaibhav: Yes, the lectures and other materials available on OCW are all numbered according to how they were originally presented in that class.

  11. Livvy says:

    Awesome taste in music. I approve.
    But can you really concentrate with Linkin Park pounding in your ears??

  12. Wow, we have oddly similar taste in music.

    I’m afraid I don’t study with music; I would stop paying attention to the work and would probably end up writing down song lyrics.

  13. Brian says:

    One Republic would fit in well with your taste in music

  14. Jalpan Dave says:

    Hey Paul, what about one of your favorite songs: Final Countdown!! I absolutely love hearing that when I’m studying^__^.

  15. Carla '11 says:

    I have a playlist called “Psetting Pop”.

  16. Piper says:

    I personally bring out the showtunes. But I’m always playing showtunes. I did beat Dragonforce on Guitar Hero though.

    (On medium. :D)

  17. Ehsan says:

    Also I listen to many of these songs regularly but before a big chess tourney or even study/work time i tend to listen to classical.

    For all nighters, I still dont listen to music (because of distraction reasons). So a can of monster goes mighty fine after a long night of programming in C++. {:

  18. JWC '12 says:

    I also like to listen to really intense concertos. Those keep me awake.

  19. Ashwath says:

    amazing post! Seriously awesome. I <3 Coldplay and listen to Viva La Vida a million times a week.