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MIT student blogger Snively '11

Vroom Vroom! by Snively '11

Hey! I know him!

I have a friend named Charles Guan ’11. He was my lab partner in 2.004 and I’ve worked with him on a variety of other projects. He’s always building something scary that does something awesome and it’s fun to see his final projects. Lately, I’ve been seeing some interesting status updates in his Facebook profile that led me to believe something big was going on. Updates like

it works it works it works it works it works it works it works it works it works it works it works

First kart road test, N52 to Pika. Epic win.

Total miles today: 5.65.

These amused me, but I never really looked into what they meant. . .

There are a variety of websites that I check every day. They are, in no particular order,

shirt woot

Today, while exploring Gizmodo, I came upon an article entitled MIT Students Build a Speedy Go-Kart Out of a Shopping Cart. Surely, no, it couldn’t be. I had seen Charles pushing around a Circuit City cart before I headed home for the summer, and his status updates had hinted . . .

Yep. It was Charles. Good old Charles.

29 responses to “Vroom Vroom!”

  1. Chris says:

    That just made my night. Thank you Charles.

  2. Sheila ('13) says:

    omg..amazing! just watching this video makes me excited to go to MIT all over again!!!!

  3. charles says:

    lolriokart will be available for Rush for your enjoyment, albeit /severely neutered/. no 40mph frosh.

  4. Check out Charles’ blog, where he shows the fabrication of the differential:

    The mechanical precision and robustness are really astounding, and they make for an interesting contrast with the electrical hackery going on.

    Also, Gizmodo got its facts mixed up. Charles apparently switched the brushless motor out for a brushed DC motor (4/6/09).

  5. Yan says:

    Coincidence: I just met Charles and the lolriokart at MITERS about 50 minutes ago. Way to blog.

    Also, the cart is sort of drool-worthy in real life.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please wear a helmet!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The LOLrioKart was also featured on

    Look at all the thumbs-ups it got!

  8. uhbygv says:

    He could use a suspension setup; otherwise, it looks fun.

  9. cHaRlEs says:

    Alot of the interblags have wrong details mostly due to the fact that I never kept the project page up to date.

    If you can’t tell from the pictures on the site, I’m Course 2 4lyfedawg. My course 6 experience is limited to covering my eyes and plugging it in.

  10. arpit says:

    hey this is sme as the ATV -all terrain vehicle that a group of students from iit made

  11. Shiv says:

    So not true, the ATV was a petrol engine and it barely needs a turning mechanism… basically like a go cart with a bike kind of turning mech. which looked like an ATV….

    But this thing… nicely done Charles!!!

  12. Kimberly '13 says:

    Really cool, Charles. Would love to have a drive when I come up in August.

    Kimberly ’13

  13. Oasis '11 says:

    OMG. i’m honored to go to school with these people. o____o

  14. Anonymous says:

    HOLY CRAP! I saw that go kart the other day!

  15. Mom out west says:

    Thank you for not just shining your spotlight on yourself, but sharing it with others so generously.

  16. that a NO NO says:

    wheres his safety belt?

  17. Anonymous says:

    MAN that looks FUN

  18. Helena says:

    …That is the coolest thing ever

  19. Dillon says:

    This just makes me want to do my grad studies at MIT even more than I already do. Awesome cart! =D

  20. Cam says:

    What’s this about a drag race? Nah, we wouldn’t do that.

  21. Dimitris says:

    man, this is amazing. that’s why i want to go to MIT. i will create a rocket car.

  22. charles says:

    under no circumstances would i ever operate an electrically faulty brakeless homebuilt unregistered and uninsured vehicle on public streets in the commonwealth of massachusetts.

  23. Rock on, Charles G.

  24. jdk says:

    This is the kind of thing that totally stokes me. I find it awesome that there are people out there who not only think of this sort of stuff, but goes ahead and builds it. Without these people the world would be a boring place. Kudos!

  25. JB '13 says:

    Snively, thank you for posting this. Charles, this is incredible. Do you think it might be possible to duplicate this feat and have a pair of carts (and a pair of helmets) come Rush? One cart or two, I am totally looking forward to being a frosh.

  26. Awesome job, and congrats on all the publicity! It is certainly an honor to know you smile

    …and I really envy your resources, lol.
    Hope to be joining you in future years!

  27. Anna '13 says:

    That’s really awesome! Watching it makes me glad that I chose MIT =)

  28. Ehsan says:

    Love the name

  29. Ziaullah says:


    charls roks
    Laugh Out Loud Ride It On “kart”

    Nice one