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MIT student blogger Chris S. '11

We All Need A Little Encouragement by Chris S. '11


From a bottle of Honest Tea, purchased from MIT’s Student Center

14 responses to “We All Need A Little Encouragement”

  1. Jen Kang Hsu says:

    Hi Chris! Did you attend Morrison in Taichung?
    By the way, thanks for the encouragement.
    Came at a great time. Especially with decisions coming!

    But just like Vivek said! Please don’t overwork yourself!

  2. Shahriar says:

    Awesome post Chris … may be the smallest post yet , but this sure has a lot of substance in those few words……
    Thanks a lot smile

  3. Bhaskar says:

    @vivek He is not from the Office of Admissions.He is a student of the Class of 2011.These things are pretty usual while working during lat night.I can do understand how much tea/coffee is needed at that time.Sometimes I do make Maggie-noodles at 03:00 or 04:00 AM.sounds crazy..haha.Lets cheers for a great cup of tea..cheerrss guys..Keep working without worrying for results.Do it with heart and soul,involving urself and the outcome would be fine.

  4. rfong'12 says:

    @chris: @chris: <3 HONEST TEA!

    @vivek: I hate to break it to you, but 2am is pretty early

  5. rfong'12 says:

    oops I broke html with the pointy bracket from my heart. let’s try again.

    @chris: *heart* honest tea! did you know you can buy it in bulk on amazon?

  6. Vivek says:

    Six words. Can say. A lot.

    And Chris, what on earth are you doing up at this ungodly hour. Its 2:15 AM! We don’t mind waiting a couple of extra days for the decisions! (At least I don’t)

  7. Vivek says:

    WHUPS! Wrong Chris. Omit the last sentence.

  8. Vivek says:

    @Bhaskar – I realised my mistake exactly 4.2 milliseconds after the page loaded after I clicked ‘Post’. I posted a corrigendum in a flash. smile
    @rfong – Aye, I know that. But no harm in berating a college student for a messed up sleep cycle is there? Personally, I’ve got a strict 11PM-5AM thing going for a while now. wink

  9. Vivek says:

    “You asians and your drama-filled lives…” – lulz

  10. Matt '13 says:

    You asians and your drama-filled lives…

  11. The Beaver says:

    Dear Vivek, how about catching on some sleep?
    And that’s a funny photograph smile

  12. k.w. says:

    Thanks, Chris. Though I’m still waiting to hear if I will be admitted to MIT for next fall, this post still means a lot if I don’t get in.

  13. Hi Chris. You think MIT will keep it’s date with pi day this year too.? Hope the suspense ends sooner than later.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have a learning disability and I’m waiting for my decision this Pi Day.