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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Welcome MIT Class of 2015 by Matt McGann '00

This week, the new freshmen arrive on campus!

This week, the new MIT freshman class begins arriving for orientation programs. (Classes will begin September 7)

This year’s incoming MIT class is amazing. The students are awesome! Let me tell you more about them…

The class includes students from Kansas and from Kenya.

The class includes students from Alexandria, Virgina and Alexandria, Egypt.

The class includes students who have served in the armed forces and students who have spent the last year in religious service.

The class includes students who did the AP currciulum, who did the IB curriculum, whose schools had no advanced classes at all, who were homeschooled, and who did A Levels (but none who did OWLs and NEWTs).

The class includes two students who were the number #1 overall winner of international Olympiad competitions, and many hundreds more who have never heard of international Olympiad competitions (I was one of the latter, back in the day).

The class includes students whose graduating class size was in the single digits, and students whose graduating class size was in the quadruple digits.

The class includes more than 1100 students who are all excellent matches for the MIT mission and culture.

Below, find a statistical snapshot of the Class of 2015, from the Freshman Class Profile:

The MIT Class of 2015


Male 55%
Female 45%

Citizenship & Ethnicity

US Citizens & Permanent Residents
Number of US states represented: 46
African-American 9%
Asian-American 28%
Caucasian 37%
Hispanic 15%
Native-American 1%
Other/No Response 1%
International Citizens
Number of countries represented: 59


New England 12%
Mid-Atlantic 19%
South & Puerto Rico 15%
Midwest & Plains States 12%
Southwest & Mountain 10%
West Coast, Alaska, & Hawaii 20%
Abroad 13%


Public School 67%
Private School 17%
Religious School 8%
Foreign School 7%
Home School 1%
Number of different high schools represented: 862

Just For Fun

Most Popular Boy’s Name Alexander
Most Popular Girl’s Name Sarah
Greatest Distance Traveled Melbourne AUS
Least Distance Traveled Cambridge MA
Most Represented US State California


15 responses to “Welcome MIT Class of 2015”

  1. WOW! Seriously, The MIT Class of 2015 is just amazing!

  2. Justin says:

    only 17% private schools? oh boy… X.x

  3. Welcome Class of 2015 and thanks to the excellent Admissions department for such a well-balanced and diverse class! For all the Freshmen who aspire to engineering leadership and want to learn practical skills that will help you land a job in industry, we invite you to check out UPOP (the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, and the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program (

  4. Matt McGann '00 says:

    @Nishith, @Bruce: Thanks!

    @m_quinn: You’re right — Chris’s post was very similar and probably better. Folks can check it out at Also, we did admit students from all 50 states, but we don’t have all 50 represented in our enrolling class this year.

  5. m_quinn says:


    Remarkably similar to Chris P’s posting a while back, but we’ll take it. Why no info on the US states that were snubbed by MIT admissions? I’m sure everybody would be interested in seeing which US states could not produce a single “MIT worthy” applicant. Also, what about SES stats? I’s really, really like to see SES stats for the class of 2015.

  6. m_quinn says:


    Thanks for the clarification; however , the question remains: which US states have no students in the MIT class of 2015?

    Can’t wait to see the SES stats for the class of 2015 …

  7. Waleed says:

    I’m an international student need to apply as an undergraduate for 2012 entry.Though I applied to MIT last year but I couldn’t get in.So I need to apply again.I also have MyMIT account.What should I do to apply again?

  8. Bhaskar says:

    @Waleed Yes you need to apply again.The application will be available on your MyMIT account by in a couple of weeks I guess.Rest the process goes same.

  9. Joshua B says:

    I love these blogs – you guys are the coolest! pretty much convinced me to apply ..too bad my names not Alexander hahaa smile

  10. Mike says:

    cool. What is acceptance rate for public school students vs private school students?

  11. Joshua B says:

    @Mike I think if you multiply MITs acceptance rate for last year by the acceptance rate for public school/private school students, you’ll get your answer.

  12. Observer says:

    So …. how MANY members of the Class of 2015 are there? All I’ve seen is a “more than 1,000” estimate. Surely we know the exact number by now.

  13. Akshay says:

    Hi Matt, I am a student from India , my school does not offer AP curriculum here,I wanted to ask if you have admitted students without AP s this year.

  14. Oren Katzen says:

    In response to your previous entry about recommendations:
    I live in Israel and the recommendations I will be getting from my teachers will be in Hebrew. I understand that it is my responsibility to get them translated. What is the best way to go about this? An official translator? Can I translate them myself since I’m attaching the originals?

  15. ranabir says:

    hi,matt.this is ranabir from a international applicant my first problem is cost.i want to know about scholarships and please guide me to avail them.i have mymit account.please send email as required.i ‘ll apply this year.