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MIT student blogger Chris S. '11

What Are YOU Up To This Summer?! (2010 Edition) by Chris S. '11

Happy summer! smile

AUGUST 10 Update!

I’m bumping this to the top of the page (shameless, I know – it’s ok, I have no shame :P).

Just letting you know that I have received a lot of entries from y’all (during the time when I visited 7 countries in Europe :p) but I know there might still be awesome pics out there! Don’t let go of your chance to fame and glory on the MIT Admissions page! :)

Contest closes this weekend, and the winners will be posted by next weekend! :) Stay tuned.


best mussels i’ve ever had! washington dc last weekend. :)




Redux from last year, with more excitement, a better prize, and more fame and glory!! ^_______^V

(^ my attempt at building up enthusiasm :P)

What: Send me an exciting picture of what you’re doing this summer! You don’t have to be in it, although it would definitely be preferred. :) (ie. don’t be like me and send a food picture)

Please include:

where you took the picture. (aka. captions)
affiliation with MIT (year, or year of application for potentials)
where you’re from!
anything interesting you would like to say
about yourself/what’s in the picture/your favorite haiku that doesn’t end in ‘refrigerator’/blahblah

I will post selected entries in a complete blog to come! You’ll have at least 2 weeks to send them in. :) Will post when I get enough pictures! (you can also send multiple pictures, but i only ask that you don’t make my inbox explode. :p)

Prize: Something awesome. Will not be a Giant Microbe. I ship domestically and internationally. There is no refund policy. I do not accept returns. I reserve the right to cancel the prize if there is less than 10 entries. Void where prohibited.

My email is up there in the banner – I’m curious to see what all of your summers are like! :)


lesson one: LEARN TO PEE, lesson two: LEARN TO POOP, extra credit!! LEARN TO POOP ASIAN STYLE – shanghai expo 2010

22 responses to “What Are YOU Up To This Summer?! (2010 Edition)”

  1. t^2 says:

    the food in the pic looks yummy. Where is it? Sudha and I need to go. Lol

  2. t^2 says:

    the food in the pic looks yummy. Where is it? Sudha and I need to go. Lol

  3. Piper '12 says:


  4. Steph says:

    I agree. Inception was a great film.

    Hopefully my picture is cool enough to be featured.

  5. Armin says:

    Which one is Asian style?

  6. s says:

    lol xiao bian qu, da bian qu

  7. Oasis '11 says:

    Belga Cafe, go for brunch and get their waffles! That’s the other thing they’re famous for. smile

  8. Justin says:


    Am going to catch it a second time if I get to. =) Absolutely phenomenal.

  9. acuvue oasys says:

    Now Chris, did you have to put up such a delicious picture? I’m so in the mood for mussels now! grin

  10. Banerjee says:

    I watched Inception!! – it was stupefyingly astonishing, and even that’s an understatement.

  11. Insorak says:

    INCEPTION WAS SO GOOD. Ahhhh! Philosophical discussions forever.

    /me will now bring his camera everywhere he goes. And hopefully snipe something super awesome.

  12. Vinay says:

    Inception brought back my initial interest in DMT. You guys should check out this seriously cool drug. wink

  13. Vinay says:

    I wasn’t trying to condone using DMT, nor was I implying me using it. I simply meant looking into it. tongue laugh

  14. genius ('18) says:

    “Learn to poop asian style” HAHAHAHAHA…
    Ohh…that’s PRICELESS. Anyone who’s been to Asia will know what it means.
    As for Inception,It really is one of the best movies of all time! Have Fun!

  15. Carol ('15?) says:

    Ahahaha. I love how there are separate amenities for “‰∏ÄÂè∑”(“number ones”) and “‰∫åÂè∑”(“number twos”)… raspberry
    But methinks the “best” thing about Asian signs is when some of the stuff they’re trying to say gets “lost” in translation – Engrish, anyone? xD

    *plans to send some pics soon…they just need to be shrunk down first!*

  16. Anon says:

    This is the most boring summer of my life. Seriously.

  17. '15 says:

    oops! i just realized that i should be “MIT Applicant ’15” if I’m graduating high school class of ’11. . .

  18. yes! Inception was AWESOME *-*
    and my favorite haiku ends with “hippopotamus”!!
    geez, introducing foreigners to Asia is kinda difficult, no?
    maybe I should send something from that Chinese school I’m teaching mentoring babysitting Science class at raspberry

  19. Ruslan'15? says:

    Oh! It looks like I’m jungry…

  20. Aditi says:

    The MIT Shrine photo smile

    You should put that up somewhere!

  21. Anupam Kumar says:


    I am a High School Student who just looked into the blog. Can I send my pics from Niagra falls?

  22. BenT2015 says:

    Uhhh…wanted to see Inception sooo bad, but was too busy with other things.

    Lucky people;)