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MIT student blogger Paul B. '11

What’s on my mind by Paul B. '11

*insert witty caption here*

It’s been a busy week, and I’ve still got a lot on my mind. As long as I can remember, I’ve found that writing things down is one of my ways of decompressing – imposing order on chaos, as it were. So I figured I’d share my thoughts with you.

Things I am excited about:

  • my new UROP investigating the genetics of tuberculosis at the Broad Institute
  • the freshmen in my fraternity
  • the Class of 2012 in general
  • Independent Activities Period! Only two months away!
  • picking my classes for spring semester
  • learning more Python and more LaTeX
  • showing off my Brass Rat in the spring
  • this upcoming summer :)
  • this weekend!

Plans for this weekend:

  • studying for the upcoming 20.110 (thermodynamics) test
  • getting a head start on my 18.700 (linear algebra) problem set
  • 18.02 grading
  • shopping at the Garment District for my Halloween costume
  • transcribing the minutes from my fraternity’s recent house meetings
  • working on the MURJ website
  • updating the Medlinks website
  • sleeping lots
  • blogging :)

Blog entries I want to write:

  • recap of the Medlinks retreat
  • thoughts about Fraternity Rush
  • all the photos and events from last year I never had time to post :)
  • a look at MIT’s tunnels
  • advice and thoughts about the application process
  • more about some of my student groups (Assassins’ Guild, MURJ, Medlinks)
  • a look into my previous UROPs at the Langer Lab and the Amon Lab
  • whatever you want me to talk about! Let me know what you want to hear!

15 responses to “What’s on my mind”

  1. erik says:

    OH! The tunnels! Blog about the tunnels! PLEEASE!!

  2. Enas'12 says:

    Like you really have enough time at MiT to do all that in a weekend!!! ;P

    Good luck… It’s doable if you don’t sleep lol…

    Also, Class of 2012 are awesome. And the clueless-ness of new-comers is amazing (yes, I was like that a couple of months ago) so seeing the new prefrosh should be lots of fun too…

    Ok random reply I know sorry lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    oooh, I’d really like to hear about the tunnels!! with pictures too!

  4. deng says:

    blog about your interview experience?
    mine’s next week O_O

  5. mohit says:

    Good luck! And could you please write that Blog entry about the application process soon?

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Upol says:

    *death (for the time being), and afterlife in MIT of heaven or hell (doesn’t matter really)*

  8. Anthony says:

    Wow, one of my blog entries from freshman year! And here I thought I was entirely forgotten… smile

  9. Anonymous says:

    it’d be better, if u got ur essay posted here. PLEASE!!!

  10. LH says:

    oh man, i pass by the broad institute every time i go to 7/11. (okay, less glamorous than a urop there, but oh well.) anywho, you should stop by the haus at some point because it is so darn close to that urop of yours…

  11. Bobbi says:

    independent activities period…i’d like to hear about this