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MIT student blogger Erick P. '17

Why I’m Leaving the MIT Admissions Blogs by Erick P. '17

it's been a good run.

yeah right!

Happy April Fool’s Day :)

No seriously it was like 2am when, after working on a serious blog post for a few hours, I realized what day it was. Smugness crept onto my face as I began thinking of what comical post I could come up with. Credit where credit’s due, the idea for this came from my friend and fellow blogger Vincent’s My Final Blogpost. He got me with it and I knew I would use it one day. Soooo worth the 365 day wait.


*static—commercial break*

Be the life of your Admitted Student Gathering with a nonexistent limited edition 1930 brass rat squirt ring (UPDATE: SOLD OUT!)

Brass Rat Squirt Ring

If one of you makes this, I want ten.


*static—-we’re back!*

MIT Hacks are a staple of MIT culture. Some are serious, like the Phoebe Wang Memorial or Collier’s Cranes. Others are more comical, like Snowhenge or the Walter White Alchemist.

While I don’t have spelunking or car-lifting skills, I do have Photoshop, which is all I needed to “make” a few hacks of my own. Enjoy!

Groucho Tim Groucho AlchemistGroucho Dome

Groucho Engineers Groucho ErickGroucho Stata

What was the best April Fool’s Day prank you’ve pulled? Love to hear in the comments below.