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MIT student blogger Rachel F. '12

Will the pie be bitter or sweet? by Rachel F. '12

Hint: it's a trick question.

While I may lack Ben‘s ability to speak to the heart, Matt‘s wisdom, Yan‘s vocabulous wit, and Anna‘s inspirational eloquence, I can offer you a byte (or a few) from my bottomless cache of labyrinthine analogies, inappropriately timed humor, and meme pictures.

There will ultimately be a binary outcome to the decision you receive from MIT, and the odds are heavily weighted against one.

I don’t know which envelope you’ll find in the mailbox on Monday. But I can tell you that it won’t change who you are. Regardless of whether you go to MIT or elsewhere, your intrinsic drive and talent are the real players at work. To borrow Barney Stinson’s catchphrase, the ability to make the impossible possimpible lies within you.

source: encyclopedia dramatica

So don’t ever let anything get you down enough to stop riffing on that quadruple-necked guitar, analyzing brainwaves, building fuel cells, pushing gastronomy to new heights, designing bridges, or whatever it is you do. There’s a whole new world full of opportunities about to open up to you, wherever you end up. Best of luck to you all — in admissions, yes, but more importantly, in life.

38 responses to “Will the pie be bitter or sweet?”

  1. lolz @ the alt-text for the images.

  2. there had been an error in data uploading.

    those who might check on monday,might get wrong decisions!

    our advice?better wait..


  3. @straight from the horse’s mouth
    So when will it be best to check?

  4. Banerjee says:

    Thank you Rachel smile And that was very appropriately timed Barney Stinson humor.

  5. Yup! MIT or not, I’m gonna be King of the Pirates!

  6. lol so many memes bundled into a semi-coherent blog. super like.. :D

  7. rfong'12 says:

    ahhh what happened while I was gone

    @Jordan: no, I’m just so old I forgot how admissions works. sorry. online is still the way to go.

  8. Some will get in, some won’t.

  9. lol why are all the bloggers being so equivocal in their blogs regd decisions ! “Mit will change your life” and “it wont make a difference in life” raspberry

  10. I am in possession of an animal of the equestrian variety.

  11. *tickle* *tickle* *tickle* and he goes “neighhhh! neighhh! neighhh!” (I swear he enjoys it). Everyone needs a tickle once in a while

  12. rfong'12 says:

    guys, I don’t mind, but just FYI, the fact that my posts reference a lot of memes does not mean that we’re now on 4chan

  13. OMG BITTERSWEET SCHARFFEN BERGER’S (although I’m sure other brands are just as great) CHOCOLATE IS AWESOME. Also dark chocolate. Can a pie be bittersweet?

  14. Jordan says:

    So there are envelopes coming Monday?…Does this mean that most of us will know our fate before the online 9:26 pm posting?

  15. Best of luck to everyone here!

  16. I am horse says:

    Hey admin, please remove Jordan comment ! It doesn’t follow the horse sequence :(


  17. Shahriar says:

    Thanks Rachel, your post was just what I needed : a straightforward one .
    And wow , that beaver (or some other animal) is so cute !

  18. there ‘s an error in data uploading?!!!! oops
    when will it be best to check ?

  19. +1 for I am Horse..

  20. I eat horse says:

    A+ for I train a Horse.

    With love, I eat a horse.

  21. Hey MIT, don’t worry, we are not gonna die if we don’t get in…..btw, thanks!

  22. I lick horse says:

    Thanks for the sympathy MIT.

    Yeah, I usually lick. wink

  23. On and on, reckless abandon
    something’s wrong
    this is gonna shock them
    nothing to hold on to
    we’ll use this song
    to lead you on

  24. the alternate text for the images is hilarious……. i guess they are preparing us all for rejection with these posts….smile hoping for the best on pi day.

  25. Best of luck to all of you.

    I will find you.

  26. Steph says:

    Best of luck to all the freshmen applicants. I really hope I get transfer acceptance this April. Fingers crossed!

  27. Michael Vian says:

    The calculation of pie doesn’t have a taste!!

  28. The alternative text is hilarious! Satire FTW! :p

  29. @ Steelblade

    It totally looks like you’re riding a horse in that video. Just sayin’.

  30. LMAO ! reading the comments, I have forgotten that decisions are near smile

  31. Lets see !! hmmm

    Mit decisions or monday nigh RAW!
    MIT or Raw
    Matt or The Rock (Sorry Matt)

    F*** this man !! I am watching RAW…..

  32. So, MIT… ever wonder what I do while awaiting my application decision?

  33. sungylim says:

    haha reading the post and the comments helped me keep my mind off the pi-day for a while smile

  34. Emily '14 says:

    Thanks for the great post! It’s true!

  35. horsemania says:


    Can’t sleep!