MIT Admissions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Freshman Applicants

Portfolios & Additional Material

Artists, makers, and musicians may send in portfolios for review by MIT staff or faculty through Slideroom.
Portfolios must be submitted by November 1 for Early Action or January 1 for Regular Action.

If you have conducted research, you may send us an additional letter of evaluation from your research mentor. You may also include an abstract in layman's terms in the Optional section at the end of Part 2. Do not send in your research paper.

Advanced musicians who are interested in continuing their music activity at MIT are encouraged to submit a music supplement via Slideroom for review by MIT music faculty. If you play two instruments equally well, submit a separate supplement for each instrument.

For performers:
-MP3 recordings of two pieces of contrasting styles, of about 10 minutes total duration. They may be solo or with accompaniment, but not in an ensemble.
-A one-page Music Resume in PDF format.
-One letter of recommendation will be requested from a Music teacher.

-For composers:
-One recent composition score in PDF format.
-A one-page Music Resume in PDF format
-One letter of recommendation will be requested from a Music teacher.

Visual Art and Architecture
Artists who are interested in continuing their architecture or art activities at MIT are welcome to submit a portfolio via Slideroom for review by faculty and staff of the MIT Art Committee.

We encourage all types of visual art, including photography, sculpture and architectural work. You may submit a portfolio of up to 10 images of your work for review. Include the title, medium, brief description, and date each piece was completed.

Makers who are interested in submitting information about their projects are welcome to submit a portfolio via Slideroom for review by the MIT Engineering Advisory Board. Many different projects would fit the bill, for example: new origami designs, a chainmail suit, a potato cannon, a knitted fractal, or a computer program/app. We love creative people who enjoy making things!

The Maker Portfolio is a description of one project completed outside of school, internships, work, or extracurricular activities. We want to see how you learn, create, and problem-solve in an unstructured environment. In addition to answering questions about your project, you may upload up to four images or a video about your project. In total, all video elements must be less than 3 minutes in runtime.

If you are an accomplished athlete and you plan to participate at the varsity level in college, we encourage you to contact the MIT coach for your sport.