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Jul 25 2011

The 12 Step Plan

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For a lot of you (maybe not all), interning over the summer will be your first experience test-driving real life. I say test-driving because you get to pretend to be an adult for a couple months before returning to the "freedoms" of college life.  As exciting as these summer opportunities may be, they are also a bit scary because you are tossed into a random new city (or country) sometimes alone. This probably won't help much if you have any real problems but at least your summer will be in order. The great thing is, these tips can be applied to IAP adventures as well as post-graduation fun. 

Of course you will have a supervisor to ask questions and plenty resources on campus to help you figure out the details of your adventure but I think this 12 step plan will do you some good too. 

  1. Find something to do.
    Generally speaking, your options are to intern, volunteer, or do research. Some options (at MIT) to help find companies/things to do, are the Global Education &... read the post »

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Jul 8 2011


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I discovered it was rather impossible to make any logical connection between all the things I wanted to share about the last couple weeks.

I gave up. Which means you get no logic, sorry. Just think of this post as a meat tray at a party. You grab a couple slices of each kind, a few chunks of cheese, and a handful of crackers and call it a day.

Firstly, I’ve been attacking people at grocery stores and farmer’s markets around the island to get their opinions on what it means to them to buy locally. As with any survey, some people are way more receptive than others at sitting for more than 2 minutes. But those who could stand to talk to me for an entire 5 minutes usually had pretty strong opinions about the whole concept of supporting local businesses, artists, and farmers. My all-time favorite answers were:

[Q: What is your race?]
“I guess I’m Caucasian. I wish I could check African American too. Ya’ know, I had a dream once that my granddad was African American and I was... read the post »

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Jun 18 2011

Let the good times roll

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Here's the skinny on my summer.

I got a fellowship from the MIT Public Service Center to intern with a non-profit in Hawaii on the Big Island (Hawai’i County)*.

I will be here (in Hilo, HI) for 2 months (June and July).

Now, for the meat-n-bread of what I’m doing, check out this gchat conversation**:

Question: What’s the name of the organization you’re working with again/the thing you’re putting together the marketing campaign for?

Answer: My supervisor is Andrea Dean, CEO of Sustainable Initiatives, LLC. Andrea, along with a committee of community members, acquired a grant from the county to create a "Think Local First" campaign^^ for this island. I’m working closest with Tom DeWitt, a marketing professor (also on the committee) at the University of Hawaii - Hilo to develop the marketing plan for this campaign.

Question: So what kinds of tasks must be carried out under this campaign?... read the post »

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Apr 2 2011

Week(end) [Read: New York] Adventures Parts 2-4

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To continue on my series of Weekend Adventures, this blog will cover a couple different trips over the past few months. And since 90% of these getaways have happened in the Big Apple, “Weekend Adventures Parts 2, 3, and 4” shall hereby be dubbed, “New York Adventures”. As a special added bonus, I have also included the diary of my #springbreak2011 Adventures to keep your taste buds tingling with excitement.

Enjoy your meal!

Appetizer (consider it the house sampler plate):

Friday, January 21, 2011 was definitely a GREAT day to start a weekend adventure. I woke up to the second blizzard of the year (which conveniently arrived about 9 days after the first one) and I was thus assured that taking a trip to New York was the smartest decision I could have made.

So I finished packing and headed to work ready to jump on the first bus after 5. The rest was history…


6:03 pm – Lucky Star bus to NYC, NY

10:16 pm – A train express into Brooklyn

11:04 pm – waited for host to... read the post »

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Mar 17 2011

Guest Blog: Math. by Joy ‘13

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I’m not a complete nerd…but I am convinced that math is a language. And it’s the only language that all of us in the world understand. it’s key elements are one of my favorite things–numbers. Having that knowledge…we are almost like the people of Babylon. We are able to communicate successfully through this world using what we all know.

Even though we have different “names” in our respective languages for our numbers…all around the world, we understand what it means, when that certain set of 10 digits is written out: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. And from this we can form different combinations using these digits to express a manner of things.

For one, all this course 6 stuff is making me realize just how important binary relations are. It’s the way that our computers can interpret what we are trying to convey. In a sense, making it possible for us to make any word compressed down to numbers. Not only that, but numbers are very important to our form of communication. The web... read the post »

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