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Kim Hunter '86

Nov 11 2014

But What Are They Really Looking For?

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Last week I started working at the MIT Alumni Association. It was difficult to leave my job in admissions since I have really enjoyed working with my admissions colleagues and the incredible alumni who interview our prospective students. The transition happened quickly and I didn’t have time to think about all the things I would miss about my old job but now those things are becoming clear to me.

This time of year my life has long been full of finding out about the lives of those who are applying to MIT and it has been absolutely fascinating. It was also very fulfilling when I got to see applicants admitted and then watch them become a part of our community as students. My new office is far off the infinite corridor so while I don’t have to navigate the crush of people during passing time I also don’t get to randomly see students I know in the hall. I also miss walking up the steps to Lobby 7 every morning. That was a habit that started for me when I was a freshman and when I came... read the post »


Oct 19 2014

Interview Tips from an MIT Educational Counselor

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I was an interviewer myself for many years before leading the Educational Council but think it would be helpful for you to hear some advice from a current interviewer named Nikki Springer. Here are some suggestions she has for you as you prepare for your interview:

I can’t believe I graduated from MIT 10 years ago! Each time I am lucky enough to be back on campus it immediately feels like home, and I remember my own interview like it was yesterday. I’ve been an EC for six years and have interviewed 50+ applicants in the places work and life have taken me: Bentonville, Arkansas, Springfield, Missouri, Seattle, Shanghai, and New Haven, CT. I’m currently working on a joint MBA/PhD in Environmental Management at Yale and have been the Regional Coordinator for the New Haven, CT area for the past three years.

Like most ECs, I LOVE interviewing applicants. It’s a unique and amazing way to stay connected to MIT and the students I meet are inspiring in so many different ways. Everyone at... read the post »


Apr 9 2014

CPW 2014…The Parent Edition

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One would think that after seven years in this office I would not be as excited about the start of Campus Preview Weekend (CPW). Yet, after all this time, I never cease to be thrilled to get to finally meet all of our admitted students and those parents who are on campus as well. 

The first question I often hear from parents is, "what events should I attend with my child?" In truth, there won't be very many of them if you are each doing what interests you the most. With hundreds of options over the next few days, there are lots of things to choose from and parents will probably not want answers to the same questions that students will. That said, it's important to check in occasionally so I'd suggest you pick an event where you can meet up with your student each day (perhaps the CPW Welcome/Faculty Speaker event on Friday morning and the Closing Variety Show on Saturday evening) but mostly I hope you will encourage them “do their own thing” and know that it's good for you to do... read the post »


Mar 20 2014

Class of 2018 Spring Welcome Events Come to Your Area

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I hope you’re all getting excited for Campus Preview Weekend coming up in April (sign up now)! Since I know you just can’t wait to meet other new MIT admits I want to let you know about some exciting opportunities for Admitted Students coming up in cities around the globe within the next few days. We’ve been working with our fantastic Educational Counselors and other great alumni to put together admitted student gatherings to help welcome you to MIT. Beginning this Saturday, MIT alumni from around the world will host parties in their hometowns for students admitted to the class of 2018. If there’s an event in your area, you should check it out – they’re a great opportunity to meet some potential future classmates, as well as MIT students and alumni. I still remember the one I attended in the Bay Area of California in the spring after I was admitted to MIT!

Here are a few highlighted events this coming week; see your MyMIT portal for the locations and times of these events, and for... read the post »


Jul 12 2013

“There is No Place Like Home”

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This is the time of year where goodbye posts are pretty common on these blogs. While I am not leaving the Admissions Office I too have a goodbye post to share with you…

When I was an undergraduate at MIT I spent four years living in Baker House and I loved it there. When I returned to campus six years ago I took every opportunity to talk with current students about their lives here and I read all the admissions blogs too but I wasn’t sure if I knew the whole story. Understanding how life might be different for today’s students was critically important to me since I would be admitting our students.

I had at times been a bit jealous of my friends and my younger brother who lived in fraternities and independent living groups when I was in college but sororities such as the six whose members are nearly one-third of our undergraduate female population at MIT now were just getting started on our campus in those days. Now the option for women to belong and live for a time in a... read the post »