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Beatriz Valdez

Apr 2 2013

QuestBridge, CPW, and YOU!

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In just a couple of days, MIT will be hosting the Campus Preview Weekend (CPW)! Over a thousand students will be on campus and there will be hundreds of activities going on throughout your stay. There is one activity, however, that we hope you will join us for: MIT QuestBridge Reception to be held on April 12, 2013 from 6:30pm-8:00pm in W20-301.

Current MIT students will be joining us for the event and they are excited to be meeting you! In fact, they are so excited to meet you that we would like to introduce you to a couple of them here. Enjoy!

Quynh Nguyen '15   

Hello readers of the MIT blogosphere and all admitted MIT Quest Scholars, 

My name is Quynh Nguyen and I’ve always wanted to be an admissions blogger. Unfortunately, I forgot about the application deadline my freshman year (let this be a lesson to all of you – use your Google calendars!) and thus missed out on the opportunity. However, Bea has given me a chance to guest blog and I’m thrilled to share my... read the post »


Dec 12 2012

On Tortillas and Community

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Hello! One of the first things I wrote about as a staff blogger was my transition from pueblerina to big city girl. A year and a half has passed since that blog post and I’d like to give you an update.

When I last checked in, I was just settling into my new life in Cambridge, MA. As a proud, first generation, Mexican-American woman, I found that there were a couple of things that I needed to ensure my happiness, sense of belonging, and community. I had already found the perfect coffee-shop, but there were still a couple of things missing from my list. Ahem:

Tortillas. These round slices of heaven are revered in Mexican cuisine; for instance, a tortilla can either make or break a meal: corn tortillas bring out the flavors in tacos al pastor or enchiladas, while flour tortillas are better suited for burritos or just eating them by themselves with a bit of butter. With this in mind, I set out to find a tortilleria or in the very least, good quality tortillas in a super market. Not... read the post »


Oct 23 2012

Info for MIT QuestBridge Finalists

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This is a blog entry specifically for finalists in the QuestBridge National College Match. If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry! You can ask questions for MIT Early Action and Regular Action at this blog entry

So, if you’ve made it this far – congratulations! We’re excited to have you applying to MIT through QuestBridge.

Here are some FAQs that QuestBridge applicants often have at this stage:


Q: I am taking my tests in November/December/January. Am I still eligible for the Match?
A: If you have not completed all the testing requirements by the October test dates, you will not qualify for the Match. If you have not completed your testing by October, do not worry; you do not have to remove MIT from your rank list because if you do not match with any school on November 30th, we will simply email you instructions with how to roll over into our Early Action process. We will accept up to... read the post »


Sep 21 2012

Real, live MIT students * IN HD*

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Hey you! Yes, you, the one reading this sentence right now! How would you like to have a glimpse into the life of current, MIT students and learn more about their roles as Admissions Interns? If the answer is yes, check out their Tumblr page where you will find out:

  • Who are the 2012-2013 Admissions Interns
  • What role they play in the office
  • Why they are interested in working at the Admissions Office
  • Randomness

Seriously, though, check out the page. They work on a lot of great projects in the office, such as outreach, conducting information sessions, how to be ninjas and buy cakes for their unsuspecting supervisors (you guys are the best!), and they document a lot of their work through pictures and blog posts. 

Happy tumbling!



Aug 20 2012

An MIT Adventure

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I have been at MIT for the past year, and it has been nothing short of an adventure. For instance, I came here straight from the country: had never seen a taxi, had never been on a subway (except for the one at Denver International Airport), and definitely had never met so many people from so many different places. Upon my arrival at MIT, I was almost immediately sent to NYC to conduct some school visits. I was so nervous riding the subway for the first time, but getting to meet the students at the schools definitely made up for my lack of city smarts. When I conduct information sessions, I am always amazed at the number of international visitors MIT receives; it’s not uncommon to have folks from Russia, India, China, Ireland, England, and Australia all in the same room! We’re practically the UN :-).

I think the best part about my adventure, though, has been working with MIT students in the admissions office. Now here’s where I really get a sneak peek at the life of an MIT... read the post »