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MIT staff blogger Beatriz Valdez

Real, live MIT students * IN HD* by Beatriz Valdez

A look inside the world of MIT Admissions Interns

Hey you! Yes, you, the one reading this sentence right now! How would you like to have a glimpse into the life of current, MIT students and learn more about their roles as Admissions Interns? If the answer is yes, check out their Tumblr page where you will find out:

  • Who are the 2012-2013 Admissions Interns
  • What role they play in the office
  • Why they are interested in working at the Admissions Office
  • Randomness

Seriously, though, check out the page. They work on a lot of great projects in the office, such as outreach, conducting information sessions, how to be ninjas and buy cakes for their unsuspecting supervisors (you guys are the best!), and they document a lot of their work through pictures and blog posts.

Happy tumbling!